have you tried Yoga for shoulder andneck tension and it only helped for a few hours if you're seeking long-termrelief then keep watching because I've got just the yoga practice for you hiI'm Caren Baginski and I'm a yoga and meditation teacher for sensitiveempathic and high achieving women and one of the biggest complaints that I getfrom my clients is shoulder and neck tension although I've had a yogapractice for more than a decade I didn't experience long-term relief from chronictension until I tackled the root of the problem so this practice goes wellbeyond simple stretching even though the poses I'm about to guide you through aresimple over time you will regain greater function of your shoulders so that yourbody can experience more ease of alignment your pain does not have to behere forever so here are the three key yoga poses you can practice in just 10minutes a day to help you experience long-term relief sooner than latergrab a yoga bolster and if you don't have this you can use a pillow insteadand meet me on your mat to begin sit on your right hip and have your bolster infront of you then stack your legs together so that your knees are stackedyour hips are stacked and notice that there's 90 degree angles from the hipsto the knees and from the knees to the feet from there lift the top leg placethe bolster underneath and then recreate that stack gently squeezing at the kneesso that your legs never move and your hips remain stacked the whole time as wemove in this practice the setup is really important because it affectseverything that follows so take your time to create this posture so that youcan find the most benefit and I'll take your arm in front and stack your lefthand on top relax your head to the groundnotice how your shoulders are also straight in line withyour hips so if you notice you're on a diagonal walk yourself back into thesame line now five times we will inhale lift the left palm follow with your eyeslook at your hand exhale and let the arm reach behind you then inhale lift upnice and slow following the fingertips with your eyes and exhale forward sohalf of the breath comes in to the peak point and then the breath moves out allthe way reaching as far as you can comfortably just continue nice and slowfollowing your fingertips with your eyes the body learns through slow purposefulbreath and slow movement so you'll experience a deeper result if you slowthis down rather than going fast and rushing this is our last round lift upexhale and reach and now stay even if the hand doesn't touch the floor justallow their shoulder to be lifted if it's lifted it likely will be slowlyglide your left shoulder blade down and just let it soften let everything softenhere deep breath in the belly now let's inhale take the arm all theway back exhale and reach the hand down pause for a moment let your side bodysoften hug the bolster in between your legs pull your arms in roll on to yourback squeeze the bolster the whole time so that you're protecting your sacrumthen once you make it to your back let's turn to the other side and do the exactsame thing stack of the legs arms down and leanthan to start as well as stalked through the palmstaking your gaze in the direction of your knees to follow your right handwith your eyes as you inhale lift it up and then exhale keep going toward theground behind you inhale lift up exhale lower four more times slowly mindfully release any judgment that might come uphere about the fact that your sides are different or maybe you feel like youshould be doing this one way however this is showing up for you as long asthere is no sharp pain that is right for right now it's often youras you breathe and here is our last round on an inhale lift up through thearm on the exhale reach the arm behind and gaze maybe the hand doesn't come tothe floor that's okay maybe the shoulder doesn't touch that'sokay soften through your breath squeezing atyour knees trying not to let them move and let your top hip dip back now slideyour shoulder your right shoulder blade down and in and just rest there for afew breaths find your inhale andchin and your hand until you exhale and come back over onto your side now removethe bolster from your legs press into your hands and come up to tabletop sofrom table you'll have your hands wide and spread through all your fingershands wide to the edges of your mat stacking your shoulders right over yourwrists then the knees come under the hips and the feet are flat take yourright hand to the back of your head the palm faces down that elbows out to theside strengthen through your left arm so that it remains straight relativelystraight the whole time now take your next inhale and glide your right elbowdownward toward the left hand then exhale and lift that elbow and thescapula slide the right scapula down and in that's the shoulder blade inhale andlower finding a twist opening and broadeningacross the shoulder blade then exhale hug that shoulder blade down and incontinue for three more rounds feeling the rotation happen at your upper bodyand keeping your hips level and steady they inhale to come down exhale to pushup and the palm that your head is just holding not pushing down or in this isthe last round here lifting up through the elbow release the hand down to theground let's do the same thing to the other side left hand to the back of thehead elbow out strong right arm inhale dip down elbow toward the handexhale lift all the way up glide the shoulder blade down and in four morerounds just following the pace of your breath and seeing how much you can openand close the shoulder blade on the back so itfeels like it comes out when you come down and then it hugs down and in whenyou lift up soft in your jaw and your throat here's the last round come allthe way up and exhale release that palm down to the ground if it's comfortablesit on your heels or grab a block to sit up on or you can sit on a chairsomething so that your hips are level and you can easily expand up throughyour side bodies so take that variation that's best for you and we'll move intoEagle arms reach your arms forward and take your right elbow underneath yourleft then lift up and if the hands don't quite touch here you can always holdonto your shoulders so hug me in wherever that feels comfortable for youstay as you are I'm going to turn to the side so you can see what's happeninghere we'll move with the breath inhale andlift your elbows toward the ceiling lift the shoulder blades exhale carve theelbows down and in curl the chin down and in and just curl your upper body soinhaling lifting up as much as you can looking up exhale hugging down and injust with the upper body last round here inhale exhale hug down it in come back into thecenter again stay as you are I'll turn to face you again so you can see as wemove into tick-tock so drop your hands over to the righthike your left shoulder up and D send your left ear then inhale to the centerexhale arms to the left right shoulder up right ear down back and forth a fewtimes if you don't have your hands in the clasp and you have your hands toyour shoulders here's what that looks like it's more so about the shoulderslifting and touching squeezing together here at the elbows let's find one moreround and come back into Center exhale release through the arms let them sway acouple shoulder rolls big breath in big breath out let's begin again on theother side arms forward left elbow comes under right and find your way into yourhand position now three times inhale lift up through the arms exhale draw theelbows down and in inhale up exhale down and in last round as you come back up into the center moveinto tick-tock this time hands to the left right ear and right shoulder try toconnect lift up exhale arms to the right left ear and left shoulder move back andforth at your own pace here's our last round come back toCenter and exhale release so the big questionis how are you feeling leave a comment and let me know whichwas your favorite yoga pose and why if you don't feel complete relief now don'tgive up practice these three simple yoga poses every single day for a whole weekand you will be amazed at what happens if you enjoyed this video subscribe tomy youtube channel also if you want more practices to release limitations in yourbody and in your life visit karen Baginski comm and sign up for my freee-letter much gratitude to you for your presence namaste.