Johnny wrote in John, he says, David WTF isNancy Polosi doing, she can't be playing politics if she is, America is losing also.

Is it possible that this anti impeachmentstuff from Pelosi is a strategy? I genuinely don't know.

Um, my, my instinct is that Nancy Pelosi justdoesn't think that trying to impeach Trump is a good idea.

I think that that's genuinely her belief.

Let me, I think that she's wrong.

I think that the Democratic Party would benefitsignificantly from immediately starting an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump gettingthe content of the Mueller report out in front of the House of Representatives, informingthe American people who mostly have not read the molar report, informing some of the FoxNews audience, piercing the Echo Chamber of some of the Fox News audience so that theyrealize that William bars, no collusion, no obstruction, uh, nonsense is simply nonsenseand not actually found anywhere in the actual Mueller report.

I think that would be really good.

So if Nancy Polosi genuinely believes thatimpeachment inquiries in the house would not be a good idea or would not be a good strategy,I simply disagree with her.

However, if you said to me, David, is thereany way in which Nancy Pelosi might be executing some kind of really great strategy aroundthe idea of not impeaching Donald Trump not starting an impeachment inquiry.

Now the best, the steel manning, the bestpossible steel manning I can do of Nancy Pelosi's position is that she has calculated that it'stoo early to launch an impeachment inquiry and that it would be more damaging to Trumpto do it in a few months, in six months or something like that.

In terms of the 2020 election, would she beright? If that was her perspective? I don't know.

Um, I, I actually think that there would bea strong cumulative effect of starting the impeachment inquiry now, I think an impeachmentinquiry that starts now and exposes a lot of really damaging possibly criminal activityby Donald Trump, which is what is in the Mueller report.

Remember, might entice more republicans tojoin the primary and run against Trump in addition to just former Libertarian WilliamWeld, who now is running as a Republican challenger to Donald Trump.

If you bring in more strong Republican challengersto Donald Trump, it will cause Donald Trump to have to expend resources and politicalcapital.

And there will be media time devoted to thefact that Republicans are challenging Trump that will damage Donald Trump in a way thatcould be really good for Democrats.

So I don't think that Nancy Pelosi has somebroader strategy of delaying impeachment inquiries until such time that they're more damagingto Donald Trump.

I also disagree that weighting would be moredamaging to Donald Trump impeachment inquiries.

And impeachment in general is a big, slow,uh, muddied up process that can take a long time and it has many parts and I think thatthere would not be an advantage to waiting.

So if that's what she's doing, I disagreewith her, but I genuinely think that Nancy Pelosi just doesn't think that impeachmentinquiries or actual articles of impeachment are a good idea.

I have no reason to think that she's playingcoy or trying to affect some broader strategy.