Magicians have an inborn charisma to surpriseand shock all of us with their jaw-dropping but real magic tricks.

So be it Dynamo’s famous Fountain Ice trick, or the classic Rabbit from Hat trick, Smoothini’s amazing Dollar trick or JamieRaven turning fire into ice.

Hello and welcome back to FactoFusion, todaywe are gonna unlock the top secrets behind the world’s greatest magic tricks of alltime.

So, let’s get started.

Dynamo, the magician beyond magic,performed the trick in which he froze the complete water fountain by defying all therules and laws of physics.

you might be even wondering as how come hewas able to do that.

The trick is very much a planned trick ofDynamo, as usual.

To begin with, he touches the water and thewater starts to freeze into ice.

But that did not happen actually, and here’sthe secret.

There was already a layer of ice at the bottomof the fountain water which was made to rise above by pulling the water downwards.

Also, to amaze the audience even more, Dynamoeven froze the fountain water source.

Well if you look closely, the ice flow isactually narrower than the stream of water, which makes this possible that the frozenstream of ice was already present and water was made to flow over it.

which was later stopped, that made it to looklike the stream of water has also frozen.

Jamie Raven moves on to amaze Alisha and audiencewith his amazing performance in which he converts the fire into ice.

During this trick, after placing the lighteron the table, Jamie gets a paper from his pocket, whichis not any usual paper but a flash paper, which is usually used in magic to create largeflash of fire, to hide the quick moments from the audience.

Also, if you look carefully after taking outthe flash paper, Jamie turns a bit towards right and using his right hand, he gets anice from his pocket.

With the ice now hidden in his hand, he coversthe flash of fire with that right hand, thus placing the ice in both his hands.

He moves on to squeeze few droplets of waterfrom the ice, showing all that he is actually performing some magic, and finally he getsthe ice in Alisha’s hands, thus turning fire into ice.

We all know Darcy Oake, the great talentedmagician in America’s Got Talent.

In his one of his many tricks, he got an eggfrom the bird and from the egg he got a bird again.

Well to begin with, if you look closely healready has an egg in his hand, which he must have got from one of his jacket pockets beforeit gets dropped in his other hand.

Also there’s no bird coming out of the egg.

It’s all coming right from Darcy’s pockets,if we take a close look, we can see that Darcy turned towards left, and hiding the positionof his left hand he gets a small bird in his left hand.

Then he covered his left hand with the otherhand which has an empty egg shell.

Here you can clearly see the tail-end of thebird, And to get the bird, he simply cracked theegg shell and dropped on the floor, which can be seen clearly in slow-motion.

Thus making the illusion of getting a birdfrom an egg.

It didn’t end here.

In the last part of his magic trick, he getsa girl out of the cage placed on the table.

Well that even is very simple to make out.

First, he covers the cage with a piece ofblack cloth and as you can see here the size of the cage seems to be very long than itactually is, when seen from the front by the audience.

Yes, you got it.

The cage placed on the table has two compartments,the first compartment had the cage that’s clearly visible and the back compartment wasthe space where the girl was hiding throughout the magic, since the start of the show.

David Blaine the magician known for his amazingjaw-breaking magic feats, this time he chose to do a simple card trick on Ellen’s show.

He first calls upon a girl from the audienceto make the trick even more interesting.

He takes a deck of cards, and asks Ellen tochoose any card at random and sign over it.

He then places the card in between the deckand shuffles it many times, and allows that to stay in between the palms of Ellen.

Then he asks that girl to say any random numberand the girl choses 13.

David then asks to check the 13th card fromthe top of the deck, and that card was supposed to be the card that Ellen signed.

But the 13th card wasn’t the card that Ellen signed, so David made the final part of the trick, he said that he folded the card and flicked that through the air under the wrist watch of Ellen.

And finally, that card was the actually onethat Ellen signed.

So now you might be thinking, how come thatcard landed under the wrist watch of Ellen.

Well if you rewind back the video and watchthe video carefully, you can easily figure out this trick.

If you look here when David placed the cardin between the palms of Ellen, he very quickly took his right hand under the wrist watch,where he had the card removed from the deck and folded under it.

He then quickly places the card under thewatch without Ellen even noticing that.

You could even see the card already foldedand fixed under Ellen’s wrist watch, And everything that David said about the cardmoving through the air under the wrist watch on Ellen, was just a misdirection.

We all know Smoothini in America’s Got Talentfor his amazing bar magic tricks.

But in this magic trick Smoothini seems toplay around with some cash, In this trick, Smoothini takes a 100 dollarbill and moves the federal seal from its original position to the other end of the bill.

And when Howie checked that dollar bill, hefound the federal seal to be real and actually being moved to a new position.

Well you might now be thinking that this manreally has got some real super natural powers.

But, that’s not totally true.

If you look at the video carefully, you willfind that the dollar bill was actually a gimmick bill, which already had the seal at the finalposition where Smoothini wanted it to be, at the end of the trick.

While showing the dollar bill to the audience,the seal can actually be seen pre-existed at that location.

But how come one-dollar bill have two sealson it? So, the answer to that is, the seal at theoriginal position is not real and is only held onto that position using a magnet behindthe bill.

And the magnet allows the seal to be easilymoved to any position on the bill, and finally when Smoothini gets that to position wherehe wanted, he quickly takes the magnet away from the bill and keeps that in his pocket,which even can be seen.

And if you noticed, while showing the sealon dollar bill before performing the trick, he actually folded the bill backwards intohalf, That was only done, to hide the previouslymarked seal on its back end, from the audience.

Most of us in our childhood must have seena magic, in which the magician brings out rabbit from their hat.

Well this trick is really simple and all themagic lies in the table above which the hat is placed to begin the magic.

The top of the hat has a flap that easilygets opened and beneath that flap, there’s a hole on the table into which the magicianreaches, where the rabbit is already placed.

He simply gets the rabbit out of the tablethrough the hat, which makes everyone believe that he actually got a rabbit out of nowhere.

Shin Lim, the unbelievable close-up magicianin America’s Got Talent, Performed a magic trick in which he askedTyra to get a card from the deck of cards, and sign her name on top of it.

That card was a Queen of spades.

She was asked to place that card in the middleof the deck.

Shin Lim in a quick moment, brings the cardfrom the middle to the top of the deck just by moving his hand over the deck.

Obviously, there’s a trick even to thismagic, let’s begin to unveil that.

If you look closely, the top card that ShinLim holds, has a crease at the center.

That’s because the top card is a gimmickcard that is foldable from the center and has a flap in the front, something like this,that makes the illusion of a deck of cards.

But the position where Shin Lim places Tyra’scard was not in the middle of the deck, but just below the first card which was a gimmickcard, and was easily folded and taken off by moving his other hand over it.

This is how Shin Lim hovers his hand overthe deck and the card gets folded and carried away in the palm of his other handAnd finally revealing the card, on which Tyra had her signature.