Oh (bleep) man.

Come on, bro.

What the (bleep)? Alright, alright, alright.



On this episode of How FarIs Tattoo Far? Stephon and his best friend Mike are here to teach each othersome life lessons.

They're extremely tight, likemake their wives jealous tight.

Our wives get jealous.

We talk to each other morethan we talk to them sometimes.

We just look at each otherin the eyes and.

feels romantic.

It's like a bromance.

Like Stephon, Mike's wifewas in the military, and well, it shows.

Your wife wasin the military too? My wife was in the military,in the same branch.


Is your wife still militant? Drop down and give me 20.

She wears the pants.

She does? I'm giving Mike this tattoobecause he needs to man up.

Mike and Stephon's wifehave something in common too, a shared secret.

When Stephon was on deploymenthis wife told me a secret about his sex life.

I want to let him know.

Okay wow, this should be good.

Let's get these tattoos started.

Oh my god, so bad.

It's terrible.

You all ready for this? It's time to seehow far these BFFs went.

How do you feel? Bra, I think I'mgoing to hate you.

We're going to both hate then.

It's terrible.

Alright Mike,you're going first.

Come on up.


Don't hate me, bro.

This is it, bro.

This is it.

Oh man.

Come on, bro.

What the.

Alright, alright, alright.




What is this, bro? It looks like a vaginer.

Oh, hell no, bro.

That's the.

Oh, what the.

Is it your wife?Okay.

Oh, why would you do thisto your friend? It's almost like a manup type of thing.

I just want him to take moreinitiative in the relationship.

Are you serious? Like, you don't have to check inwith her with everything.

I just want youto be the best you, bro.

Mike can't do anythingwithout his wife's permission.

He's not really wearingthe pants in the relationship.

This tattoo is likea wake up call for him.

Don't stretch it out so much.

Oh my god, bro.

Bro, look at this (bleep).

Sick, eww.


Oh my.

Stanky legs.

You stand here,Stephon.

Hope you're ready, bro.

I'm not ready, bro.

So I feel like I hatedMike's tattoo, but now looking at yours.

Is this one, you hate it more? I kind of love Mike's tattoo.

Alright, time has come.


It's an ass.

Oh my god, bro.

I hate you right now.

How am I supposed to explainthis to my future kids? I don't even.



Exactly, bro.

I'm really excitedto hear this story.

So, I talked to your girlone day, man.

She told me thaton her birthday she was drunkand she asked you to.

her ass, bro.

And I said no.

And you said no, yeah.


This is your lady,this is your wife, bro.

You've got to go all out.

Oh, so everybody just.


Toss the salad, we all do it,I do it.

Am I the only onethat doesn't.

ass? Yes, you are.

And it says beat it,eat it under it.

The visual wasn't enoughso you had to put words? Why did you add the 'B'? Well, if you don't donone of that.

you must have.

Your own.

[inaudible] Honestly, you've beentelling Mike to man up.

Live up to your words, bro.

I respect you on creativity.

Oh, so this is all we get now,a handshake? Yeah, we're handshakesright now, bro.

This is the most.

that we probably everwill and have done.


Good luck.