A typical construction accident myth that workers talk about, and I’m not sure exactly how they get it— it might be through rumor, innuendo just like old wives’ tales passed down from one worker to another but people say that if I bring a construction accident lawsuit in the city of New York, that case is going to get stuck in the court system for years and years and I’m never going to see money out of it and that’s just a myth, it’s really not true because in reality most cases where construction workers were seriously injured do get settled and most cases get settled at mediation, some cases get settled right when a lawsuit is filed, if the case is clear-cut and it can be presented to the insurance adjuster that they are to blame.

For example, we have a case up in the Bronx where a piece of steel was being lifted by a hoist and the hoist, the lifting mechanism,just snapped and the piece of steel fell and it struck our client in the hand and what we did in that case is we filed a lawsuit against the owner of the job site as well as the general contractors and any other subcontractors that we felt could be accountable and responsible for this accident and the insurance adjustor called us just a few short months after we filed the lawsuit and we negotiated the case and we were able to settle the case for a high six figure settlement—hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The hand was injured because of that fallen piece of steel, but the client made a recovery, the client was able to go back to work, so there wasn’t an enormous case of, you know, millions and millions of dollars— there was no permanent lasting injury because the client did make a recovery and was able to go back to work.

So, there was no need to just litigate endlessly and bang your head against the wall when you could just speak to the insurance adjustor, provide all of the medical records, provide all of the lost wage information and get the case settled quickly in just a few months.

So, the fact that every construction accident case has to be an ordeal that lasts years and years is just a myth, don’t believe the hype.