[MUSIC PLAYING] HONORS STUDENT: Honors isuplifting, Honors is engaging, Honors is research-drivenand person-driven and I wouldn't haveit any other way.

The Honors College reallyis more than just a major.

Well the Honors Collegeand was the reason that I decided tocome to Salisbury and I don't regret it one bit.

I got accepted into theHonors College, which played a big part in my decision.

And I just loved the atmosphereand the campus is beautiful.

I thought the businessschool, the Honors College, and every professoron campus was really great and connectedwith students really well.

Faculty here reallywant you to come here and they're willing to help youin any way possible, evident through the mentorshipsthat they'll provide students as wellas the great support that the Honorsprogram provides.

I want to be a face and aname when people recognize me, so I feel like with SU,that's a really great fit, and it has an amazing biologyprogram, which I absolutely adore.

So you're reallyvalued as a student here.

Versus some of the otherschools I could have gone to, have really strong academicsbut you're just a number and you get lost.

Well, I want to make a namefor myself coming out of state.

And also, I came on campus hereand I just had that connection that everyone talks about.

It also kind ofhelps that you're about 30 minutesfrom the beach here, but at the end of the day,too, I just felt that academics and also extracurriculars,it was a great balance and a great fit also withthe Division III athletics.

It is a family of uniquepeople coming together from all across the worldto pursue their academics in a way that really challengesyou and encourages you to grow.