Let's talk to our caller from the eight fivezero area code eight five zero.

What's your name? Where you calling from? Oh, Hey David.

Hey, uh, my name is James.

I'm from middle of Network Florida.

Hey James.

What's going on? Oh, wait a second.

James, are you on? Are you from the Pensacola area? Okay.



Around there? Yeah.


I love that area.

Well, it's not, it's a small town near thearea.

It's not really big.


Maybe, but Pensacola School [inaudible] no,you wouldn't.

I have a question.

I have a question.


Why aren't people marching through the streetscalling for Trump's impeachment? I mean, right.

There's a lot that as American, this is an easy one.

This is an easy one.

I, I, we, we dealt with this actually earlierin the week.

Here's the reason why.

The system that benefits from people not marchingin the streets is the same system that people from marching in the streets.

And what I mean by that is when you have stagnantwages for the bottom 50% when you have some people working two or three jobs, when youhave people who can't afford to miss a day of work or who risk getting fired, if theymiss a day of work, they can't go march in the streets.

And this is what perpetuates the system.

That makes sense.

Yeah, it's sad.

That makes a lot of sense.

It's an unfortunate bad.


I mean, but, but yeah, but you look at likeHong Kong, Russia, Puerto Rico, uh, there's like people like crowding the capitals, youknow, protesting.

No, there's not an America, there's this interesting thing where I basicallytend to disagree with the, burn it all down to build it back up.

Thing that some people agree with.

I, I'm okay with incrementalism in general,but there is a reality that when things get so bad that people don't even have a job tocling to, then all of a sudden they might be more ready to go march in the streets,which is a sad reality.

Sometimes things have to get even worse sothat people no longer feel like there's any downside to just bailing on whatever they'redoing and going to march in the streets.

We're not really there yet for the majorityof Americans because so many people, they're hanging by a thread but they are hanging on and uh, that, that's just the dynamic that's inherentto our system.

So it'll take something like another economiccrash.

It may for something like that to happen.

It May.


I don't know if that makes sense.


All right James, I appreciate the phone call.

I appreciate talking to you, man.

Have a good day.


Take care of a all right.