Hi I'm Jonny Roven and I'm a Los Angelespersonal injury attorney and today I'll be discussing with you when it would beadvisable to hire a personal injury attorney so I'm not here to sell you andsay that every single case is gonna require a personal injury attorneybecause it's just not true there are many cases that a person can simplyhandle by themselves so essentially the first type of case that a person canhandle on their own is what's called a soft tissue case a soft tissue case isessentially where a person gets into an accident and they experience like sorebacks or neck those kinds of things those are relatively more simple tohandle than the flipside which are called hard tissue cases hard tissuecases essentially have components like broken bones herniated discs injuriesthat require surgery or lots of rehabilitation for the remainder of aperson's life those a person generally wants to hire a personal injury attorneythe second thing that you want to look at in regards to whether you just wantto represent yourself is the stance on liability is the insurance companyputting you at fault or they or are they accepting 100% responsibility it's mucheasier to sell your own case when the insurance company is taking default forthe entire accident or at least on behalf of their insured if there'sdisputed liability meaning that they're putting part of the fault or all thefaults on you then you may want to think twice about settling it on your ownbecause it may be more difficult for you to get the amount that you want throughthe insurance company but if you're satisfied with the amount that theinsurance company is going to be providing for you then you can settlethe case and you won't need a personal injury attorney the third type of casewhere a person does not require a personal injury attorney is where theycan't get a personal injury attorney to take their case essentially they areforced to go and represent themselves in their personal injury matter so now I'mjust gonna go through just a few examples of where a person really shouldhave a personal injury attorney just because they are going to be beyondtheir financial or skill-wise limit and they just won'tknow what they're doing or not have the ability to do so the first type of casewhere a person should essentially hire a personal injury attorney is where theycan't afford treatment personal injury attorneys are able to negotiate withdoctors and get patients into what's called liens so essentially the patientwill give the doctor or other medical provider a contractual right to collectfrom the settlement so that they don't have to pay the doctor now they couldjust pay later through the settlement that's very beneficial and it's a verycommon practice in the personal injury world a lot of the treatment is not paidfor right away but is paid out of through the settlement the second typeof case where it's very beneficial for a person to hire a personal injuryattorney is when there are serious injuries involved so if a person doesexperience broken bones or they're going to require surgery or they're going toneed rehabilitation for the rest of their life those types of things thenit's extremely important to hire a personal injury attorney insurancecompanies do not want to part with their money and in those types of cases youessentially will be wanting to ask for a lot of money more serious injuriesthere's a lot more examinations that go onperhaps the insurance company is going to send you out for what's called anindependent it's really a defense medical examination where you go and getchecked out by the insurance companies doctor and for them to just say well youknow there's not really that much wrong with you it happens all the timein litigation where the plaintiffs attorneys hire their doctors the defensehires their doctors and they try and hash it out this happens in more seriouscases where the injuries are more severe and the insurance company wants to tryand reduce the value of your claim by hiring their own doctors to look at youand say well you're not really that injured the third type of case whereit's extremely important to hire a personal injury attorney is in medicalmalpractice cases now it's important to know that not all personal injuryattorneys do medical malpractice medical malpractice isarguably more difficult medical malpractice cases are extremelycomplicated they often require arbitration which is a private judge tomake a judgment on the case and they also are extremely expensive thesedoctor or medical provider experts cost a lot of money sometimes up into thetens of thousands of dollars sometimes up into the hundreds of thousands ofdollars to litigate these kinds of cases there's also another hurdle and medicalmalpractice which is what's known in California as Micra Micro means that youcan only get up to $250,000 for your pain and suffering although that mayseem like a lot it's really not when people pass away because of a doctor'snegligence and other types of ailments where a person can only get up to$250,000 the next type of case was extremely important to hire a personalinjury attorney is in wrongful death cases wrongful death cases are casesessentially where a person's loved one passes away these cases tend to be morecomplex and they also tend to be extremely emotionally driven it's verydifficult for someone to without litigation experience to go up againstan insurance company and essentially say that whoever you are insuring theirnegligence caused the death of my loved one and I'm going to need X dollars inorder to be compensated insurance companies do not want to part with theirmoney so easily and they will fight these claims tooth and nail oftentimesthese cases go all the way up until trial even through trial in order to geta fair resolution on the matter it's extremely difficult to prevail on thesecases and it takes a lot of work and a lot of litigation experience usually thenext type of case where you may want to consider hiring a personal injuryattorney is simply where the case falls outside the jurisdiction of small claimsso in California the small claims limit is currently $10,000 so if you have acase that has damages more than $10,000 your damages is an aggregate total ofthings like your medical expenses pain and suffering lost wagesthings like that if it's more than $10,000 then you may want to considerspeaking to a personal injury attorney so they can litigate it on your behalfin the Superior Court litigating on your own in the Superior Court may be a moredifficult task because there's a lot of motions and a lot of discovery if youproceed to trial there's gonna be a lot of objections like hearsay foundationrelevancy you may not know exactly how to navigate through all these litigationtools so you may take on more than you can – when filing in Superior Court whenyou start getting motions thrown at you and discovery and not knowing exactlyhow to navigate the process so that may be more beneficial for you so hire apersonal injury attorney in those types of situations as well another type ofsituation where you may want to hire a personal injury attorney is cases orclaims against the government suing the government is a little bit differentthan suing a private individual or business there are certain requirementsbefore just going ahead and filing a lawsuit that a person needs to followit's also a much shorter deadline than it is for just regular personal injurycases also the government has a reputation for not paying off claims soeasily the government doesn't want to part with their money so easily eitherjust like other private insurance companies so they will fight many claimstooth and nail it's usually up until the point of trial or a through trial thatthe government will finally part with their money I hope you found this videoinformative I want to hear from you I want to know what you want to see soplease leave a comment in the comment section below subscribe to the videosand I hope you are enjoying it thanks so much if you want to call meany time you can call me my number is 888 at 7 Johnny 7 8 8 8 7 Johnny 7 havea great day you.