hey what's up it's Scott and in today'sAsk Scott video session we're gonna be talking all about what is the mosteffective way to launch your product on Amazon if you don't have an email listor if you don't have any audience what is the best way it's a great questionand that's what we're going to answer here in this Ask Scott video session alright cool so this question comes infrom Seth and Seth asks it might have already been answered but what do you doif you're launching your first product and you don't have an email list what'sthe best launch strategy just aggressive pay-per-click alright cool so Before wejump in let me just remind you if you have a question that you want me toanswer on an upcoming ask out video session all you have to do drop it inthe comments down below and I'll do my best to answer it whether it's in thecomments or maybe in an upcoming Ask Scott video session alright so go ahead dropyour question in the comments all right here we go let's talk about launchingyour product without an email list without an audience now if you don'thave an audience if you don't have an email list this is why you want to haveone because I'm a huge fan of having your own audience so you can leveragethe audience to then boost your sales whether you're launching a brand newproduct or you're just maybe ran out of stock and you're relaunching a productthat's why you want the leverage of an email list or an audience alright sofirst I just want to say like if you don't have your audience of your own yetyou can always go out there and find other people that have an audience thatare building influence and then you can go out there and you can ask them orsend them your product and say hey I just want your feedback on my product Iknow that you are a huge bass fisherman and you have a great audience I wouldlove for you to let me know what you think and then they may just randomlyshow up on YouTube and do a video review of your product ok send it to themwithout a big ask and what I mean by that is don't say hey I want to send youthis thing but if I send you this thing will you will you go ahead and review myproduct will you go ahead and create a video like none of that stuff it's verysimple hey what's your address so I can send you one of my stainless steelgarlic press I really would love your feedback on itthat's it and then just get their address and mail it to him like that'sit all right if you do that to 10 15 or 20 or more different influencers you'regoing to get a few people that are gonna say yes all right and the thing is isthose few people can be massive when you're doing a launch okay so that's oneangle okay the other angle would be building your own email list okay so ifyou haven't started that then you definitely want to do that and I do havea free resource on that and I have a lot of resources here on the YouTube channelbut if you go to the amazing seller com forward slash build list and I willactually link it up in the description down below so this one here you can justclick on it and you can go there if you want to I'll also include some otherresources at the end of this video for building a list all rightso that's another way that you want to be doing it over time so this way hereit's really easy for you to launch your products but if you don't have thatstuff or maybe it's like you know what Scott I just want to launch my product Idon't want to worry about that stuff then yesusing pay-per-click sponsored Product Ads is the way to do it and the way todo it is you want a really really good listing so you want to make sure thatyour listing is fully optimized before you do any type of launch and what Imean by that is great images great title great bullets great description and makesure the back end of your listing is filled out with your keywords okay allof those things need to be done before you ever drive any traffic to thatlisting all right good now that we got that out of the way let's say that's alldone and you feel really good about it then what I would do is I would lower myprice by twenty maybe thirty percent from what my competition is selling andthen I would start to run pay-per-click but what I would do is I would go afterthe keywords that are longtail and what I mean by that is something more directthat if they were to search for that thing it would be my thing all right soa stainless steel garlic press boom if they're looking for that and they see astainless steel garlic press and mine's a stainless steel garlic press there's agood chance it's going to sell okay it's something that they want that they'researching for now a bad example would be if they're just looking for a garlicpress yes they could want mine but maybe they want a long-handled garlic press ormaybe they want a red-handled garlic press or maybe they want a square headgarlic press I don't know I'm making things up but you see them saying it'stoo broad of just going after that one thing you want to go a little bit morelongtail okay and another bad example of that is if you said okay I just want acooking accessory if you had a cooking accessory it might be a garlic press itmight be a spatula it might be something a whisk but it's not a garlic pressright so we don't care that it gets a lot of traffic we just care that it'svery very specific to what they're searching for and when they see it andthey see our image and they see our listing it's going to be like that'swhat I was looking for right if I'm looking for okay a practice amp which Ihave right here and I did just buy that if you're looking for a practice amp I'mgonna type in practice amp that means that I'm looking for a practice amp thatis small that will be able to be traveled with or that you can move thatit doesn't have to be this big huge amplifier right so practice amp butagain that might be too broad so then what I looked for because I like thename Marshall Marshall practice amp okay or small practice amp okay so that'sgetting better but it's still not as specific as you would want to go now youcould start there and then you can expand if you want to but you want toalways make sure that you are going out there and finding keywords that peopleare searching for that when they see it it's exactly what they're searching forespecially in the beginning so again long-handled stainless garlicpress and start stainless steel garlic press something like that okay maybe ifyou're going after a fishing lure instead of it being a fishing lure it'sgoing to be bass fishing lure weedless okay and then if I have that thing andI'm searching for it it's the thing right if I don't put weedless in therethey might just find mine they're like I wanted a weedless one okay then they'renot gonna buy it okay so that's why we want to make sure that our listing isfully optimized we want to want to make sure that we're going after the rightkeywords okay the longtail keywords so it's a better chance of us selling andthen we reduce our price during the launch allright so hopefully that helped you and you cango out there and launch your products any way that you want but I would useall of those ok together once you build your list once you have an influencerthat you've you've met with and that you've started to create a relationshipwith and maybe you've got three or four of those that would be wonderful andthen I would do the pay-per-click as wellI would do it all okay but you got to start somewhereall right guys so hey if you have any questions drop them in the comments downbelow I'll do my best to answer them either an upcoming video or in thecomments and then the other thing is subscribe to this channel this way hereyou get all of my new videos when I post them you'll get notified and then thisway here you'll never be left behind and I canhelp you build your brand and your business all right so go ahead subscribealright guys that's it that's gonna wrap it up as always take care and takeaction I'll see you soon.