Hey guys Alex Ryan here and welcome back to another video today’s video I’m going to reveal a pretty powerful tool if you’re looking to sell on Amazon maybe you’ve been thinking about it for awhile maybe you’re sort of unsure about what what product to sell on Amazon then I’m gonna share this very quick video one tool that I reckon everyone will not reckon I say that everyone looking to sell on Amazon need to have this in their repertoire need to have this on their phone now


I don’t notice that because some people who are Android users some people have got Apple iPhones but this is the tool right here it is the Amazon app okay the Amazon app nom you should see it on the screen right there next to me right and this is my little screen right now so guys this is one of the most powerful tools that you can have and let me show you why right this is the camera app right here I just click the camera button okay and I’ve got a book here now this is a book that I bought years ago it’s actually a really good book you know get it if you haven’t got it yet got it right so you press the start button and what it does it does it’s magic this is really cool and all find it would search Amazon for this particular product and yeah there you go it’s actually founded so the point of this video is really just to show you guys that if you see a product out and about if you see something in the markets or you see something online just zoom in take a picture of it with the with your Amazon phone using that app and locate that product actually find out is it selling on Amazon so if you go into the local markets or you go to the the the you know your local garage sale and you see something like take basically either take a photo or then in there zap it with your Amazon photo app and also and we’ll see whether or not it is selling on Amazon and when you look in the Amazon you can sort of see the reviews you can see how long they’ve been sort of you know running this theme for like the the business for how many other things have got in stock and then later on you can do your research on some of these tools that I mentioned on some of my other videos on how much you how much they’re making per month you know what’s that best seller range you can look at the reviews that they’ve got you know what daily sales are doing what monthly sales are doing all these other things you could do later on but find out whether or not is something that is on Amazon so guys use the app download if you haven’t yet got it it’s a free app I’m pretty sure it’s in the Android store but this is these are just tools guys a lot of tools in your arsenal the more stuff you have at your disposal the easier it is to actually get something started so I wish you the best on your Amazon journey guys and your importing journey and if you ever sort of stuck maybe you’re not too sure what product to get involved with maybe not too sure what niche is very profitable then check us out guys we’ve got a free video programs have actually got a free sort of Amazon FBA course on our website and we give a lot of value away we give you a hot product ideas we give you niches to jump on to and this is a hundred percent free no credit cards or anything so check us out the link is on this page somewhere and on this video so check us out guys and by the way I have been doing this for awhile for many year I’ve been doing importing now for about ten years buying and selling stuff and I’ve also an author of how to import from China and make a fortune I have been doing this for a while I’ve been a professional product finder for my clients as well so that’s what I specialize in in finding hard products that people actually are searching for that people actually want to buy and that’s usually the biggest hurdle most people have before getting involved with Amazon or getting involved with selling online is that us don’tknow what niche is profitable so guys I hope you’re with that that’s my specialty I work with clients for two years and we not only find the hot product that’s usually done in the first two weeks of me working with them allright we now at least ten too hot product ideas usually within a day or maybe 20 or 48 hours of working with me right now we spend the next two weeks we work on other stuff like contacting suppliers and basically getting the best price and then getting negotiating and the negotiating skills happening andthen we launch it on Amazon I actually helped you launch it on Amazon alright so if you’re looking to find out more information give us a give us a bell call us at the office and give us a call at the office or visit our website below and subscribe to that free video program we’ve also got a free webinar guys my name is Alex Ryan I’m gonna thank you again for watching this video and toyour Amazon and importing success bye bye for now have an awesome day bye bye the number one factor for success on Amazon comes down to your product that that’s essentially it it comes down toyour product if you don’t have an awesome product it’s not gonna sell nomatter how good your marketing is it’s just not gonna sell so most people godown the shotgun the shotgun strategy which is they have a shotgun they trylike 20 different products and fingers-crossed hope that it works rightbut that’s no way to build a successful Amazon business right so you need tomake sure that the product that you’re selling is gonna be a killer it’s gonnabe a winning product that’s how you make money on Amazon you know some people saythey don’t have the time they don’t have the money they don’t have the experiencetheir husband won’t let them they’re their wife won’t let them that pet rockwon’t let them and listen you’ve got two choices right you either make excuses or you make money you can’t do both all right you have to do one or the other now personally I would rather make money I don’t know about you right but that’s something you gotta commit to are you ready to make money are you committing to success are you ready to start your business on Amazon good question for youare you ready to find your hot product are you ready to launch your Amazon Empire.