Hi, I'm Caleb McInnes.

Podiatrist, athlete,barefoot training specialist, and co-director ofFreedom Sports Medicine.

I also have a degreein biomedical science, majoring in humanbiology and biomechanics.

I first got introducedto the Naboso Technology through Dr.

Emily Splichal, at one of the barefoot trainingspecialist courses I did in 2017.


Emily is a founder of the Evidence Based Fitness Academy, and inventor of Naboso Technology.

When it comes to pain, anddynamic movement dysfunction, it's not just biomechanical, there's also a neuromuscular component.

Correcting alignment andbiomechanics is not enough.

Massive pyelo pain duringmovement and locomotion is the body telling us something.

What it is telling us is therate at which we stabilize, and the rate at whichwe interpret information and process it, is too slow.

To change this, we need tostimulate the nervous system through sensory stimulation,which has an effect on what we call our mechanoreceptors.

There are a number ofdifferent types of these.

One of the most importantplaces to stimulate these, is the skin on the sole of the foot.

This science is so powerful and now, with Naboso Technology insoles, there is now a better way to help treat pain andmovement dysfunction through the stimulation of the small nerve proprioceptorsin the sole of the foot.

As an athlete, Naboso can also be used as a performance enhancement tool.

The more efficient you can move, the faster you canstabilize, and the faster you can interpret the information you receive when you contact the ground,the faster you can respond.

Through sensory stimulation,Naboso will help you move more efficiently, react faster, and perform at your best.

Plantar fascitis andother foot pathologies all have a neuromuscular component.

Treating this component is often missed, and Naboso insoles are a great adjunct to your treatment plan.

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