how's it going guys now what exactly isaffiliate marketing okay welcome back this video is just on the very basics ofaffiliate marketing now to find out if a company that you're interested in offersan affiliate program or what's sometimes called a partner program you just simplygo to their website and if you scroll right to the bottomyou will find all their company details and usually unless they're promoting ithigher up in on their page you can see here affiliates now this company vid IQfor YouTube if you can click on that their affiliates sign up to be one oftheirs and they would give you a unique link and then your job as an affiliateis to basically introduce people to that product or service through your uniquelink and and then if if those customers purchase a product or service you'recredited with the Commission now that the Commission's obviously unique foreach company and yeah it could be a one-off Commission for a one-off productor what's even better which we'll get into in a minute is recurringcommissions for services where the the customers pain like a monthly fee forlike a email autoresponder or something like that so yeah so affiliate marketingis not a scam it's not a dodgy setup it's not a get-rich-quick scheme that'snot a pyramid scheme there are lots and lotsof companies that do this and they affiliates you know our goldmine forthem because this basically this army of affiliates goes out and drums upbusiness for them and they they don't have to do anything and and then yeahsmall percentage of customers you know slip through the net without goingthrough an affiliate who's done all the work and you know maybe even buys aproduct or service and that company doesn't have to pay a commission for itas well so another one to show you which you'll recognize this Amazon which hasthe biggest affiliate program in the world apparently so you score right tothe bottom and you can see here look make money with them and there we becomean affiliate you know the difference with Amazon or another company such asactivecampaign is Amazon just pays a one-off percentage because the thecustomers just buying one you know our product they're not they're not paying arecurring monthly bill and unfortunately the the Commission's are quite low and alot of companies use cookies to track who the affiliates were who sent thecustomer to them but also there's sort of maybe a time limit on the the cookieso Amazon I think it's only 24 hours so if you do all this promotion and someoneuses your link to go to Amazon and you sure if they buy a few productsor an expensive item you could get a decent Commission but if yeah if if theythink about that purchase for a couple of days and then go to Amazon youprobably won't get the commission so there's a lot a lot of other companiesthat are better to go with and number one favorite is this one click funnelsand likewise scroll rights at the bottom and yeah and down here affiliates but we'll go into all the perks and theCommission's to do with click funnels a bit later probably in another video butthey one of the best companies to be an affiliate for they really look aftertheir affiliates and they pay recurring commissions so when someone is signed upto click funnels then as an affiliate you can get a recurring monthly paymentsfor as long as that customer is is with the with the company just to show youagain so you know that this is not all a scam here we goactive campaign one of the biggest and best email providers out there and yeahyou can find their details for becoming a partner as they call it here partnerprogram and click on there and you will be on your way to becomingan affiliate called partner for for this company if that's if that's who youchoose yeah so there are businesses out there that are quite picky with who theyallow to be an affiliate for them and you might need to go through like aninterview process or a screening process and they usually companies like thatwill only choose affiliates who already have a large following through socialmedia or have a large network or email list or something like that it'sdifficult for someone who's just starting off in affiliate marketing toget accepted with those companies but these ones that you've seen herefantastic and they're yeah they're supportive and and great with taking onbrand new affiliates so yeah I hope that's helpful if you're interested inin a free four day training from one of clickfunnelstop affiliates Franklin Hatchett you'll find a link in the description of thisvideo where you can access is four day free training it will be sent to youremail and you get a video every day for four days and it will explain to you thefiner points of affiliate marketing and you get a whole heap of cool bonuseslike email swipes and the actual funnel itself which is fantastic when you'rethen trying to promote click funnels or – yeah pass it on to other people ortrain other people or you can just edit a few thingsand you change the whole look of it but yeah that so those four days of trainingwill be fantastic for anyone who's here trying to understand a bit more aboutaffiliate marketing or even if you do know a little bit and you want to getsome extra tips or tricks so yeah thanks very much for watching and see you inthe next video.