People always ask me in my law practice atthe Law Office of Howard Silver what is lemon law? Lemon law means, it's evolved into a genericterm.

It can be any product that you buy, whetherit's a truck or a car or a motorhome or even a computer and it's not working in the wayyou hoped it would when you bought it.

And we all know when you buy something; perhapsit's not perfect, it doesn't work exactly the way that you hoped it would work but ithas to meet a certain minimum standard so that you're able to enjoy what you boughtand you're able to get the pleasure and the use out of it that you intended.

Now, if it doesn't work, if you're askingme for a more specific test it's, let's say, you bought this product if you use a motorvehicle for example, and you brought it in five times or six times and the transmissiondoesn't work or it stalls on the freeway or the computer keeps shutting off on you, youmay have a lemon.

If you have a question about the lemon lawin California, you're not sure if the product you bought qualifies under the Californialaw, please call me, I'm Howard Silver, you can reach me at area code 818-597-2610.

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