Hello all you sonsy folks and welcome to my channel if you are new and you like what you see then go ahead and tap that- That sounds so dodgy let's just take that back If you are new and you enjoy my content then please hit the subscribe button Yeah that sounded a lot more PG friendly I am doing one d/Deaf related video every day for Deaf Awareness Month That's this month in case you didn't know And for today's video I am going to talk about what happens at an audiology appointment {Intro music just a quick disclaimer.

This is what happens at an audiology appointment within the UK I have no experience with audiologists outside of UK, so I can't comment on that Let me start by saying that all appointments will differ depending on what you are going in for So it could be your first hearing test, you could be getting fitted for your seventh hearing aid You could be getting new molds, etc, etc I am just going to tell you the standard things that you can expect So if you have an appointment set up or if you are waiting on an appointment coming through Then keep watching this video for more information First timers will most likely be referred by their GP and if you can you might like to keep doing this for future appointments because most audiologists require for you to phone them Yes really I did an entire video on that and I will link it somewhere on the screen and also in the description box below But for now, let's continue with this video After your referral it may take up to a couple of months for an appointment to come through Audiologist do busy people? Okay.

There is more deaf and hard-of-hearing people out there than you would think video on that coming soon I'll see myself out When you arrive for your appointment you will do the usual things Spend 20 minutes looking for the audiology Department Take the left to the wrong floor twice, take about seven wrong turns and then collapse in a chair in the waiting room Just as the audiologist calls your name No? Just me? You will then be taken into a soundproof room with a computer and a bunch of cables or Or It may be two separate rooms with a glass panel separating them And in the other room there may be these controls that kind of look like a DJ's mix board {club music plays} Now I am treating this as though it is your first visit, but you will probably also do the following things on repeat visits first up the audiologist will usually take a small microscope And check the inside of your ears for wax buildup Because there's no point in doing a hearing test if your ears are blocked with wax So pro tip for you all make sure you get your ears cleaned before you do a hearing test I just called myself a pro {laughs} Assuming that your ears are clear you will then move on to the hearing test portion of the appointment Which is usually done in steps you will probably be given over the ear headphones and And a little button to hold that kind of looks like something that you would use to detonate a bomb {explosion} You will then hear a variety of sounds in different volumes, pitches and tones etc.

And when you hear a sound you push the button and blow up the audiologist I'm just kidding but you do push the button when you hear a sound All the tests are usually done one ear at a time Because you may have more hearing in one of your ears than in the other For example, I have more hearing in my right ear than in my left Following that test you will probably be given headphones that go behind the ears Which heads up are not the comfiest things on the planet They kind of rest on the bone behind your ear and they have this strange habit of sliding all over the place So I'm not entirely sure how the audiologists get a proper reading from them but apparently they do Now they may or may not do other tests, but these are the main ones They might do a test where they say a word and you have to repeat it back to them Which sounds pretty straightforward Until they do this bag Car hat Yeah, that test kind of sucks.

Our ability to read lips is taken away from us.

So, naturally we panic, but don't worry because that is the whole point.

They need to test your hearing Not your badass lip-reading skills If, after all of that you are diagnosed as d/Deaf or hard of hearing then your audiologist will probably recommend hearing aids Now there are several steps towards getting your first pair of hearing aids And only one of them can be done there and then Fitting your molds The molds are the part that go inside your ear.

I shall insert a diagram somewhere here to show you And getting fitted for your molds is, in my opinion, one of the funnest parts of an audiology appointment Molds are custom-made to fit your ears So the audiologist will have to take a cast of your ears And they do this using this play-doh like substance that comes ready-made in a syringe To take the cast they will put a tiny little Earbud in your ear with a little bit of string attached to it This part is not entirely pleasant because to get the cast properly They have to put the earbud quite far into your ear It kind of feels like when you insert a cotton but too far into your ear You can almost feel it in your throat So a bit unpleasant, but not painful then they squirt the mixture into your ear leave it to set and pull it out using the little string and And hey will send your molds off to get made For the next part of getting your hearing aids You will probably be given another appointment for a time after your molds are ready And you will come back and you will get the tubes in your hearing aid I shall insert another image somewhere Cut to length and then You will go about setting up the hearing aids These days.

It's all done on computers So if something sounds off or if things don't sound loud enough or clear enough Then don't be shy to tell your audiologist there are and then because it can be fixed straight away And that is pretty much what goes down at an audiologist appointment You show up Push a button when you hear some sounds, get some play-doh shoved in your ears Go away and then come back and get a little device that helps you hear.