Volunteers of America is alwayscontinually looking to understand what are the needs of the community and whatis going on with those who are in need of services? We currently offer socialdetox programming, substance use treatment programming, mental healthtreatment, homeless services both for adults and for youth, as well as domesticviolence treatment.

It was like a bunch of resources from like housing to likefood to food stamps and computer groups.

You can find jobs and stuff like that.

Ihad heard about it from my bus driver back when I was in high school and hetold me well if you're ever homeless you know go to Salt Lake City.

If you hearthe VOA Utah then go there.

To help me to do this go through this and find anapartment and like find a job and like I have two jobs now and I'm reallyproud of myself and I'm really thankfu.

L At our Youth Resource Center, everysingle meal this past year maybe with the exception of a few were covered byvolunteers.

breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

That's an incrediblecommitment of this community to the success of our new building.

We got foodhere that's on standby like there's so many resources here atthe YRC.


Volunteers come in they provide a warm meal for ourclients.

They help us with doing the laundry so that our youth have cleansheets to sleep on at night and they help run the front desk or deliveroutreach items to people who are homeless and out in the community.

VOA UT is so vital for our community here because Salt Lake is increasinglyexperiencing an epidemic of homelessness.

I work there every Sunday at the YouthResource Center working the front desk and then I also do an LGBTQ supportgroup there on Sundays which has been really awesome and really successful fora lot of the clients there.

Stevie and I are a therapy dog team with TherapyAnimals of Utah.

Coming into detox, I think we just we provide a nice breakfor the guys and the women who are there.

It's rough what they're going throughand Stevie just he's always happy.

He bounds in therewith a lot of energy.

People seem to really react to him and enjoy him.

Theservices VOA is providing is really getting people off the streets and intotheir own housing and that doesn't just help those individuals but it helps theentire community as well.

They're making this Salt Lake City a better city.

AndI'm really thankful because like we have dinners every time.

Volunteers come and like if not them we would have no food.

It's really important for us what theydo.

It really is because if not them thanwho? We are so fortunate at Volunteers of America to have amazing and long-termcommunity partners.

My experience with Volunteers of America has beenabsolutely amazing.

When we came to serve food, we were sitting at tables with theclients here.

We were talking with them.

We were hearing their stories.

We wererealizing that they're amazing people and I think that in itself is what mostof the employees took away just how positive of a place it is here.

If theVOA wasn't here, our community would suffer.

Who's doing good in yourcommunity? Who deserves my time? The first organization that I would say would beabsolutely the Volunteers of America.

The help of the community is immenselyimportant in everything we do.

They are the backbone of our agency and theability to provide services.

Our organization contributes to Volunteers of America especially in Utah in several different ways.

We've been here to servefood and to provide lunch for the people here, and we also each year for the pastthree years, we have donated $100,000.

If anybody were toying with the idea ofsupporting Volunteers of America, I would say stop, roll up your sleeves, get downto the YRC.

You'll see firsthand that the work that you would be doing on behalfof the VOA is truly making a difference in the lives of others.

Seeing a clientout in the community and having them come up to you and say I wouldn't bewhere I was today without Volunteers of America and that's a really amazingfeeling to know that you're a part of an organization that inspires hope.