Volunteers of America, Utah plays animportant role in our community.

We are out there on the ground every dayhelping those who are in the most need.

The person that you pass by on thestreet who's carrying every belonging that they own on their back.

Volunteersof America is always the charity that steps forward to help them and to helpthose who are in the most need.

When I was homeless from the start and from now, people always tell me they're like wow you're so confident.

You've got a glowabout you like even though I'm homeless I see it as an opportunity to build myselfrather than just let myself go.

No matter how hard life gets you, how hard lifeknocks you down, you can always stand on your two feet and get back up and keep moving forward.

This place is essential to bettering ourlives going on through this tough time that we're going through right now.

They're really good people here and they're like they just understand you andthey don't want to put you down.

They want to bring you up.

I think that Volunteersof America has become more and more important to the Utah communities as wegrow and as we establish new projects that reach more people.

The classes and the programs that they have here are very helpful.

Like they help you getyour ID.

If you need your birth certificate or social, they could work withyou help you with that.

People are doing a lot better.

There's success that's happening every day.

Those are the things that really keepyou going.

They keep you in the work because it really does make a difference.

I work at a staffing agency doing construction but my main goal is tobecome my therapist or like a psychologist because some of the youthhere have very bad depression and I know how thatfeels because I go through that most throughout my day but I cope with itbetter and that's why I want to do.

It's that I want to help people.

I'm currently working over at the library at the salon.

I'm doing apprenticeship so I'm doing it's a two-year program so she's gonna teach me how to do hair, nails, cosmetics, allthe fun stuff.

This place is able to help other peopleaccomplish their dreams because cosmetology is a dream of mine.

I haveone job.

It's Kneaders Bakery.

I'm in the back and I bake pastries.

My goals rightnow is really to focus on college.

I have two jobs right now but I don't thinkit's my career.

Immediate goals are one to get an apartment and find a job justhaving a house and maybe doing something great with my life.

My goals are tobasically get an apartment and you know take care of my girl and kid, go tocollege, take a trade school, a little good house, and great job for both of us and the kids.

Life being good.

Just a normal life.

A lot more people are looking atVolunteers of America now as an organization that can take on complexproblems and really bring creative and excellent service as solutions.

Thisplace gives people shelter and it gives people hope that everything that's notlost, that everything can still be better, that everything can still go good.

To allthe contributors, thank you for what everything you're doing right now.

If youwere able to come down here you would be amazed at the progress we are makingright now.

It's it's a beautiful thing.