the family motel is a very uniqueprogram the city the residents of the City and County of Denver are very luckyto have that program the Department of Human Services provides rooms ascontract basis and their voucher there it's a 40 bed hotel motel and itprovides 24-hour site supervision it provides breakfast in the morning andthen also the permanent Human Services provides a case manager on site is acase worker that assist the guests with housing the system with benefitattainment food stamps those type of things it's an amazing program in thatany family who is on the street can pink it into it I went to the Sheriff'sDepartment like they're on colfax and they gave me a voucher for the familymotel a lot of our facilities have increased levels of people becominghomelessness call mustering me and during the summer months and that isbecause families are either exiting their place where they're saying they'rerunning out of money that they may have saved from taxes and it's just anamazing thing to see how the int numbers increased during the summertime I haveto say that very grateful for this facility I I was shattered when I firstgot here I have no direction what I was going to do with the help and support ofour being of this residence I've been able to achieve a lot of goals you.