Should you go outside? Lets see what science and yoga have to say.

(How does Science and Yoga view spending time in nature?) Many humans see themselves as separate fromnature.

We have developed a disconnect from the restof life on this planet in many ways, especially when living in cities.

But does spending time in nature on a regularbasis have an impact on us? Let’s look at this from both a Yogic aspectas well as a Scientific one.

From a yogic perspective… If you’ve ever had the privilege to spendsome time in a pristine forest where very few humans have gone, you might notice somethingdifferent when comparing to a city park, for example.

In such a place, everything is fully alive.

From the microbes and worms in the soil, tothe trees, birds and bees, everything is striving to somehow become more than what it currentlyis.

Every worm wants to become a fully fledgedworm, and every tree a fully fledged tree.

When you spend time in such a place and dropyour intentions of becoming something, and simply be, the intention of nature, of life,will become clear.

As you spend more time in the womb of naturelike this, the very way you feel things begins to change.

This is why Yogis always retreated to theforests, mountains, and caves; because just by sitting here, the very intention of naturebecomes crystal clear.

The main thing is to grow beyond all limitationsholding you back right now.

And that intention is being expressed by everygrain of soil.

If you can be in such a place and drop yourown intentions, the intention of life can flow through you.

And once you become in sync with that, youcan more easily flow in that direction.

So if that sounds to abstract, lets look atit a bit more logically.

When people are in a natural serene environment,their brains settle into what scientists call the default mode network, or DMN.

DMN is a complex circuit of coordinated communicationbetween parts of the brain and is essential to mental processes that develop our understandingof human behavior, instill an internal code of ethics, and help us realize our identities.

So basically, being in natural environmentsfor periods of time allows us to have the time & space to gain perspective on our lives.

Science, in a way, is simply the act of payingattention and perceiving what is already there.

The systems of yoga are largely aimed at creatingdistance between what is you and what is the rest of existence, including your own thoughtsand emotions, so that you can enhance your perception of life.

Creating the right ambiance and giving yourmind time to go into this DMN state can help you do this.

And this is just one small aspect, let’slook at the body as a whole.

In yoga, they look at the body like this: Look at your body, your limbs, Hands & fingers-everything that you consider as you.

What is it all made of? It’s just topsoil, just mud in differentforms and levels of complexity.

And that soil has been millions and millionsof bodies before it became your body.

The same soil that makes up your body todaywas once a snake, a cow, a tree.

This isn’t Evolution, just simply the physicalprocess of life.

Every few years almost every cell in yourbody is replaced and the old soil goes on to become something new.

Every breath you take, each molecule of oxygenwill go on to become millions of more things in this world.

What you exhale the trees inhale and whatthey exhale you will inhale.

The trees are half of your respiratory system.

You are just a piece of life on this planet,and any feeling that you are separate is an illusion created in your mind.

If you learn about biology, you can clearlyknow this from an intellectual perspective.

And if you learn about micro biology, youcan discover a whole dimension of microscopic organisms which make up a large percentageof our bodies.

There are Trillions of bacteria and otherorganisms in and on us, and because of them we are able to function properly.

So if you spend time in nature, you can maintaina healthy population of harmless bacteria that will help your body regulate serotonin,a neurotransmitter which affects your mood, appetite, memory, social behavior and otherprocesses.

Simply walking barefoot in the grass and puttingyour hands in the soil for a few minutes each day can do this, and taking a walk in a forestor tending a garden is an easy way.

So if the presence of these bacteria can havea positive impact on your mood, what else can they do? There is research happening right now exploringthe connection between the bacteria in your gut and your brain.

Simply having different bacteria present inthe chemical soup that is your body could greatly affect your mood, thoughts, and otheraspects of how you are functioning.

So it’s not just limited to touching soil,it’s the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, every aspect has an impacton the body.

Food can impact the gut bacteria, energy levels,focus, so many things.

You need only go to a polluted area of a cityand breathe, then hike a mountain to take a breath of fresh air and you know from directexperience how the air impacts your system.

In yoga they say, if you want to live well,you must develop a sense of reverence toward the planet you walk upon, the air you breathe,the water you drink, the food you eat, and the people you come into contact with.

This Earth has an enormous sense of memoryand intelligence within it.

Even if you live in a concrete jungle, it’simportant that you come into contact with it.

Our soles and palms, particularly bare handsand feet, are very sensitive.

If you can spend some time each day beingin contact with the earth, it can have a huge impact, harmonizing and reorganizing the system.

Getting at least 15 mins of sunlight on yourskin can help your body produce Vitamin D and setting aside your phone and walking througha forest can help your mind unwind and relax.

There are so many reasons, but the main thingis just spend a few minutes a day in the garden, walking in the park, sitting on the groundin a cross legged posture.

Touch the trees and plants and walk barefootin the grass because the earth is the basis of your life and this is a simple way to getin contact with that.

And science says it’s good for you, so gooutside and play! But first, like this video and share it witha friend so they come out and play with you! And when you get back leave a comment andsay what you enjoy doing outside.