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Kochi [vehicles honking] [indistinctive voices] -Excuse me.

-Huh? -Here is the money.


Mom, looks like the day started well.

Spare me 50 Rupees for games.

The association wants 1000 rupees forerecting Babji's cutout And I'm fallingshort by 400 Rupees If I don't pay by evening, then Iwon't be able to run the shop here And you won't haveanything to eat! To hell with your game.

Get lost!Go, do something useful Stop! You cheeky thief! I do everything for you and yetyou behave like your father! -How dare you! Will you repeat it?-Mom.


-Will you do robbery again.

-Don't hit me mom.

Do you want to be athief like your father? Don't call yourself my son! Get lost! I regret having a son like you! You will end up in prison just like yourfather! It hurts me to see you like this! Useless fellow!Wonder when he'll learn! Tortures me! [indistinctive voices] -Hello, Jaya.

-Huh? Pretend as if you're talking inphone and confess your love for me.

-What's with the look?-He thinks he is a heartthrob.

My friends are making fun of mesaying that this is a one sided love.

I must prove them wrongand throw them a party today.

Just wait and watch.

-Say something.

-Wait, I'll speak.

-Hello, Daddy.

-Tell me dear? The guy with handkerchief wrappedaround his palms.

That's the guy! [gasps] Uncle please forgive me! I'll catch yourlegs, uncle please leave me! I beg you.

Why did you spare his inner?[sobbing] Remove that too and he'll learn a lesson Uncle, are you going to remove it?Shall I record it? -Go ahead-Right away How dare you follow our girl?[phone rings] -Rascal!-Uncle.

-Call for you-Who is it? -Chief Babji.

-Huh? Chief Babji! Stop yelling! Give it to me Yes, chief Babji Yes, chief.

Tell me Yes chief.

No problem You don't have to troubleyourself calling me I am nothing.

I mean.

I'mjust a dummy compared to you I'm the councilorbecause of your mercy You are the boss, chief Tell me where are you andI'll be right away Ok.

okay Chief [vehicle honking] Thanks to chief Babji'scall, I'm letting you go Else, I would havestripped off your inner too Let's go.

Get the vehicle Move! Move! Venkat! Oh my God! Venkat! Told you to stop going behindcouncilor's daughter.

What happened? Dad![sobbing] Go, bust up the councilor andget my pant and shirt! Do it now! Only that will save me from theembarrassment I'll face at school! We can't live peacefully hereif we mess with the councilor So, you won't? -I'll do it, someday! Wait and watch!-Come, let's go home and talk -Hey!-One day I'll show him what I'm capable of Hey, kids you too listen.

[dog barking][crow caws] [infant crying] You guys said you'll be at the gamecenter.

What are you doing here? My mom insulted me infront of the public She won't spare 50rupees for games But she is paying 1000 rupeesto erect chief Babji's cutout Damn! He is the man! His mom's better.

My dad is a useless fellow If not for chief Babji's call,they would've stripped me naked yesterday I would've beenembarrassed in front of Jaya Everyone must fear us like how his momand that councilor fears chief Babji We both are planning to workunder him.

What about you? Now, what kind ofquestion is that? I am your friend.

I am alwayswith you guys, where ever you go Now, that's morelike it, buddy! Give me a high five! WARANGAL[temple bell rings] [infants laughing] The reason I amrunning so hard.

is my elder brother, Kumaraswamy! Looks like he understood the value ofeducation after our parents passed away Since he wasn't fit.

he could only land a constablejob in police force Only if I am fit,I can be an S.

I He makes me slog like I dog.

To hell with him! He doesn't care whetherI like it or not! Because he is.

an arrogant fellow! You idiot! Dare you speak like thatabout his mom for his mistake.

Brainless fellow! God,saying brainless is also an abuse word? [alarm rings] -Did I make it on time today?-No, Ravi.

This isn't enough for state level How about one more round? We'll have some juiceand run one last round I can't anymore! You made me run on a Diwalifestival day, at early morning I have only one day off in a week.

You put me in NCC and spoiled that too I swear I can't take it anymore Study well, become successful and everydaywill be a celebration like Diwali.

Get it? How will an uneducated knowthe value of education? What are you mumbling? I have completed my 12th grade! But gone are those days! Today there's State Board, CentralBoard, NEET and many more An exam before admission and one after.

It's miserable It was easy back thenand you completed it Try now and you'llknow how hard it is Everything is easy ifwe understand and learn -Why are you getting upset?-What do you mean? You think it's easy? Then, join an evening college.

and finish onesemester without any backlogs.

See, you aren't sure.

You can never ever do it! He is telling that he will study it seems.

And what if I study andcomplete it successfully? Will you study well? Let me see howwell are you going to study USHIRAN ( An Arrogant Fellow) 'Arrogance is his middle name' 'An arrogant fellow' 'Arrogance is his middle name' 'Loves to be honest.

Reliesonly on his hardwork' 'Doesn't sleep until he achieves his aim.

Never rests until the goal is reached' 'He doesn't budge.

He is incorruptible' 'Pain cannot stop him.

A volcano that erupts in anger' 'An arrogant fellow' 'Arrogance is his middle name' 'An arrogant fellow' 'Arrogance is his middle name' 'He never fakespraises about anyone' 'He doesn't make friendswith anyone who are fake' 'Doesn't speak much butspeaks only the truth' 'He never holds back himselfin doing good deeds' 'Only one who dares, wins' 'He is the epitome of dare' 'A timid can never be successful' 'He is the Lord of Death forthe people who scares others' 'An arrogant fellow' 'Arrogance is his middle name' 'An arrogant fellow' 'Arrogance is his middle name' 'Loves to be honest.

Reliesonly on his hardwork' 'Doesn't sleep until he achieves his aim.

Never rests until the goal is reached' 'He doesn't budge.

He is incorruptible' 'Pain cannot stop him.

A volcano that erupts in anger' Ravi! Ravi! Ravi! -Oh no! He came.

-Ravi! Your brother passed! I did it! Here, have the sweet.

Sister, I cleared my exams Ammu, I passed the exam I wouldn't have studied and cleared theexam if my brother hadn't challenged me Thanks to my brother Ravi! [Phone rings] Hello? -Sir, Kamala teacher speaking.

-Yes, teacher.

What did you request me incase your brother misbehaves? If he misbehaves.

I requested you topunish him for his welfare What happened? Yesterday in my class, I caught himwatching adult content in mobile phone And I punished him In return, he drew a vulgar imageof a woman at the school restroom And he captionedit with my name! It's so embarrassing for me! The head master has asked you tocome tomorrow and collect his TC Teacher.

It's me.

Ravi's brother, Kumaraswamy I am responsible for his mistake I was focused on studyingin order to compete with him Hence, I couldn'tconcentrate on him I couldn't sleep thinking of it I feel very guilty Please punish me if you want,for his mistake Please don't punish him What punishment will I give you, that willcompensate for your brother's mistake? [indistinctive voices]DAISY TEACHER [children laugh] Ravi, look.

Your brother is painting the toilet walls.

He embarrassed me in the school! [phone rings] Hello It's me, Ravi Tell me I was embarrassedbecause of you at school.

I hate you and your attitude.

Your level of arrogance is too much! You torture me with the lessons our mother taught us about honesty and justice.

Hence,I'm bidding goodbye to you and this place Ravi! Don't speak like that Whatever I'm doingis for your own good Who else do you have? Every time I see your face.

you remind me of our late mother.

If you leave me then I'llmiss our mother even more.

The main reason I hate you is becauseof such emotional dialogues you speak.

What's the big deal ifyou cleared your exam? I'll show you that I can bemore successful than you! Listen, don't talk like a fool.

They'll break your limbs and make you beg in streets Many youngsters likehave gone missing! Listen, I won't confrontor question you hereafter.

Sounds good? I swear on our mom.


[train honks] Ravi! [train honking] [vehicles honking]HYDERABAD L B Nagar clock tower stopping Time is 6 A.

M The time is 6 A.

M Whatever you wish it should happen.

and everything should become good for you Welcome everyone here.

[blade cuts]Ah! Hey! Ah! [chaos] Ah! Ah! [infant sobbing][groans] [chaos]What happened to you? [vehicle honks] [indistinctive voices] [ambulance siren][siren] This is the eighthmurder this month! Victims die and make our lives a hell! All of you move! Chase them away! I don't want anyone here.

You! Who are you?Do you need special instructions? Leave! News: Today morning around6 A.

M at Hyderabad Circle park.

News: an RT Officer was brutallymurdered by a youngster, using a blade News: Since,people who witnessed the murder.

News: aren't ready tostep up and give a statement.

News: The corn vendor outside the parkpromised the police to identify the killer News: The charges for this murder ispressed at West Zone police station News: The police are stillon the hunt for more clues.

[clock strikes] "Daring corn vendor readyto identify the killer" He murdered the RT officer.

Murdering cornvendor will be a walk in the park for him! So dear, looks like youare a new vendor here.

Well, guess I'll have tointroduce myself to you then.

My name is Potti Satti, this area'scouncilor is my brother-in-law.

To run a business here, you mustpay us a bribe of Rs.

100 every day.


I already paid the necessary fee at thecorporation to run this business here.

Why should I pay you?[laughing] Hey! Hey! Listen up.

We are the experts whooperate the corporation! So, stop showing off.

Looks like you still don't get it.

Your time's good.

I think I forgot my toy at home.

-Or did I miss it?-Are you searching for this toy? You took it literally? Don't you understandthe thug's language Toy means weapon By weapon I mean knife!So, mind you.

He doesn't seem to budge at all Ouch! That hurt me.

I should have worn my vest Wondering why I beat myself up? To show you theimpact of my beating.

Even I can't bear thepain of my own beating.

How will you bearthe pain, dear? Please, pay me Rs.


Hey! Don't you have a heart? Don't you make a thug beg formoney! Don't you get it.

Let go of my hands!It hurts! Please! Hey, leave me![tires screeching] Madam! Why did you hit me? What? Madam, don't you raise handson the public unnecessarily.

Will you spare me if Icatch hold of you like this? Damn you! He turned in as a witness withouteven fearing for his life How dare you threatenhim to pay bribe? Madam, stop thrashing me.

This area's councilor is my uncle He is nothing and you, hisside kick, good-for-nothing! Why should people bribe youto run a shop here? Get lost! -Hey, come here.

-Yes, madam? -My money!-Get lost! -Madam, can you give money for auto?-Damn! Get lost.

Alright, I'll go by walk.


Corn vendor,stop paying anyone who demands bribe.

How can you be so innocent? I heard you have been runningbusiness for past one week.

But only now I got hold of you.

7 * 20.

How much is it? It's 140, madam I have Rs.

100 here.

Pay the remaining 40 rupees.

For what, madam? Why did you pay him?The same reason.

Now, pay up I just opened the shop earlier.

I'm yet to make some money.

Maybe in the evening.


Corn vendor, you are aneyewitness for two murders.

It's really doubtful ifyou'll make it till evening.

How much for the corn? Rs.

20 per piece.

See you! Mr.

Corn vendor, you are aneyewitness for two murders.

It's really doubtful ifyou'll make it till evening.

Ravi! Don't stop Keep riding I love the breeze -Ra.

-I said keep riding You keep advising everyone justlike the way you did to me And now you are a pauper! Look at you, sellingcorn for a livelihood! Still you haven't changed.

Isn't it? Even after knowing the killer is yourbrother, you still agreed to identify me? Ravi! Don't turn! I'm very irritated.

Keep riding! Ravi.

you are the killer? I didn't know it until you revealed it.

How many of youcommitted the murder? How many? Huh! I did it all by myself I slit him in 13 places all over his body.

Didn't you get to readthe autopsy report? Who turned you so evil? A policeman like you.

After I ran away from home, I was sleepingin the side-walk in this very place.

He hit me and woke me up.

I was scared to death.

I told him that mybrother is a police constable.

It was after that he thrashed me real bad.

There was another guy next to me.

He just uttered a thug's name.

The police gave him aroyal treatment and let him go.

That's when I made up mymind that police has no value.

And thugs are the real deal! So, I also wielded the gun and became one.

So far I have committed nine murders! I searched nook and corner for you.

I regret meeting you now.

Did we meet again to see youget arrested and rot in prison? No matter how dangerous criminal I am.

I am still not eighteen years old.

Even if the police catch me,they can put me only in a juvenile prison.

They cannot hang me.

I'll be out in ten days and thenmove to Delhi, Bombay or Calcutta.


even if I don't identify you.

-the police won't let go of you so easy.

-Huh! Your so called 'prestigious'police! Look what they are up to.

You haven't paid us anybribe for the past few days.

Fine, how much do youhave in your purse? I have nothing, sir.

Check your purse.

I'm sure you'll have.

The officer is askinga hooker to pay bribe.

You are going to make themarrest me and ensure justice prevails? Remember this.

When everyone isrunning naked in the city.

the whole city will make fun ofthe one who is running in his boxer.

You better follow my path.

Come, stay with me Take left and the pathwill lead to my home.

Take right and it'lllead to police station.

Decide for yourself.

[keys clinks][door creaks] What is it? Does my home look scary? Go upstairs.

I'll bring you food.

'Worries and concerns areall I have right now' 'As I keep walkingwith unbearable pain' 'I hope the sunrise will put an end toall these and bring a new beginning' 'I go to sleep with the scarsthat are still fresh and painful' 'I have a lot to saybut whom do I trust?' 'I will punish the God ifI ever catch hold of one' 'I am struggling! I'm strugglingfor some peaceful sleep' 'I regret my mistakes.

I refuse to beat my hunger' 'I am worrying! Worryingabout the future' 'I weep inside and fakelike everything is alright' 'Worries and concerns areall I have right now' 'As I keep walkingwith unbearable pain' HAPPY SANKRANTI -Here you go.

Eat it!-"The tears.

" 'All my days are filledwith nothing but tears' 'Wonder what tomorrow'ssunrise has in store for me' 'Life is a war!' 'I am unable to control my emotions.

I haven't done it so far' 'It's a struggle between controllingmy emotions or letting it go' 'This world is a confusing place.

Everything is a chaos here' 'I am fighting myselfand beating myself up' [song] [cicadas chirping] [dog barks] Here you go, Ravi.

Food for your brother.

I'll go hand over the booze tochief Babji and then join you guys.

Bro, how about poisoningyour brother? Dude, that's the problem here.

Looks like he hasn't eaten or sleptsince yesterday! Crazy fellow! Then how will he poison him? Do you guys think I'm dummy like you all? I can pound him to death! I am just showingsome sympathy on him.

He cries at my plight as if I'm dead.

If he eats and goes to sleeptonight, then good for him.

Else, even I am notsure what I'll do to him.

Ravi, it's been six months sinceyou introduced us to chief Babji.

We are yet to commit a murder.

How about I murder your brother? Wait.

Let me talk to himfirst and see how it goes.

Until then, shut upand stay quiet! Ok? Did someone die here?Why aren't you eating or sleeping? I too felt the same waywhen I was new here.

People began fearing me.

Now I got my own swag here in this area.

That's when I knew that Ihave chosen the right path.

Come out and I'll show whatan impact I have on people.

Come with me.

[singing telugu song] [singing telugu song] [singing telugu song] See that? The wholepark has gone silent! I want to experience this kick! Instead you take me on aguilt trip and advice me.

See the impact I haveon the people here? Now go and have your food When I have a brother like you.

my conscience doesn't let me eat But how? How can you eat and sleep inpeace after doing all this? It is to eat and sleepin peace, I am doing all this.

Even now,I have received an order from my boss.

To murder two of them by tonight.

Bhai, two special Biryani.

Whom are you going to kill? A pregnant lady and a five year old girl.

Just slash them! Sir.

Witness Kumaraswamy speaking.

It's regarding the murderthat took place at the park.

I know who did it.

It's none other than.

my brother, whom I was searching for.

[shot fired] We will never get along.

You follow your path and I'll follow mine.

Hey! Stop! [panting]Hey! Hey.


[tires screeching] [pistol fires] [panting] [grunts][pistol fires] [groans] [vehicle honks] Hey.

[tires screeching] [grunts] [groans]Ravi.

[pistol cocking][panting] [sighs] Look at that! Mybrother has a gun! Are you also a rogue like me? I am not a roguewho commit crimes! I am the Sub Inspector of Police! I joined recently At least, surrender now You can save yourself You can't do anything to mewith your department gun Because I'm still under eighteenyears old; still a minor So, stop showing off! Time is 12 AM And from this second you aren't a minor.

You are a major! You complete eighteen years andstep in to your nineteenth year I can shoot you now! Remember, you always say thatI remind you of our mother Can you shoot our mother? Commit a crime then I don'tcare if it's our mother.

I will shoot even ifit's the God himself You will shoot the God, I know.

But you'll never shoot me.

You better turn yourself in You can't shoot me brother Stop! Turn yourself in.

Listen to me, Ravi! -I'm getting late for work.

-I am telling you, -Stop there.

-I got to finish off two people, brother.

Hey![pistol fires] [groans] [indistinctive voices] Give me some Biryani.


[singing telugu song] [singing telugu song] [singing telugu song] -Madam.

-Pay up! I don't have money, madam.

-I just have the ATM card.

[groans] I have seen many show offslike you in my experience.

We have also advancedourselves along with digital India.


-Coming ma'am.

Piggy bank, please.

How many times will youescape saying you don't have cash.

-Did you kept machine?-Tell me the pin number.

[wireless device beeps]-8211 At Gandhi Park, an undercover copposed as corn vendor, Mr.


shot down murderer Ravi.

Police force pleaseassemble at once.

Over! Oh god! Did you hear that? The corn vendor is anundercover cop and is the new SI? We are dead.

Did you also try tocollect bribe from him? Hmm.

Next time you see him,salute him and calm him down.

Why should I salute him? He is also an SI like me.

A handshake would suffice.

He just murdered his brother andlook how he is gobbling the food If he gets posted in our station.

[camera captures] -we will have a tough time for sure.

-Hmm? I can understand your feelings.

[camera captures] Sir! No way! Get lost! [wireless device beeps]Message from comissoner office, message from comissoner office.

SI Kumaraswamy who was posted as SI.

lived up to his duty and shot the murderereven after knowing it's his brother.

Hence, he's been promoted as theInspector in the same police station! Sir! [wireless device beeps] [siren] Sir, a mole in the left hand.

Please, take your hands off.

A mole here.

A mole on his leg.

A scar on the right leg.

Who are you? A relative? His elder brother.

Shot right on the forehead.

Who shot him? It was him.

Autopsy will be completed today.

You may collect the body tomorrow.

He never did any gooddeeds when he was alive.

At least, let his body.

be of some good use to people.

Donate his body to the medical college.

Then, please sign this form.

-Bring the corpse inside.

-Ok, sir.


here is your key.

Sir, you live in the B blockand I live in the A block.

There'll be lot of streetdogs on the way home Come, I'll drop you No, thanks I'm not scared of dogs.

I'll walk home.

Sir, I am scared of dogs, come on.

[vehicle honks] Come on, I'm your husband But not in the open and under this light!Move away! [indistinctive chatter] [dog barks] Why did you turn off the engine? Poor people, they live in the streetsbecause they don't have a home.

We can't help them, so atleast, let's not disturb them.

Adjust the mirror towards you.

Please don't mistake me.

Your brother died and you're depressed.

Yet, you want to adjustthe mirror and ogle at me? Please stop the bike, I'll get down here.

Whatever you said.

sounds correct to me.

I must not travel with you I'm leaving.


But, why? Why? [cicadas chirping]You showed.

pity on the people sleepingon the streets, right? Yes? -After seeing that.


I'm afraid I mightfall in love with you.

I'll walk from here.


Inspector sir,just a minute come here once.

You are a different kind altogether.

Any mental problem? Well, I don't see any happyexpression when you expressed your love.

I don't see you feelingsad for your brother's death too.

Please don't mistake me.

don't you even regret a bit forshooting down your brother in anger? One who died.

was a criminal.

"One who died was a criminal!" Sounds like a perfect title for a movie![vehicle honks] [thunders rumbling] You finished me off.

And now? You think you cansleep peacefully? Or.

Like I am going tolet you sleep peacefully.

There are many youngsterslike me in this profession.

They will keep coming in young and fresh.

You might run out of bullets but.

criminals will keep comingone after the another forever.

Only if they want to change themselves.

Try your best and just turn oneyoungster like me into a good person.

I'll let you sleep peacefully.

Dear Lord, the park that is in the region under thepolice station where my daughter works.

witnessed an encounter May Kumaraswamy's brother Ravi,sins be ignored.

And let his soul rest in peace.

Kumaraswamy, who shot as per law'sorder, may he not bear any sins.

Save my daughter, Madonna from becomingan honest officer who won't accept bribe.

In the name of Lord Jesus Christ Amen.

[vehicles honking] [birds chirping]Sir.

Good morning, sir.

-I've come to give joining report, sir.

-What? I thought you would be depressedafter killing your brother But you have come early for work.

An honest police officerdoesn't reveal his pain You're talking likeNTR in Kondaveeti Simham? Which generation are you in? Watch a movie in theater If a hero says something good forthe society, people make fun of it Even top stars playgangster these days What are you going toachieve for being good? I was perfect asyou when I joined But people and circumstancesaround changed me They will change you too.

If you don't change When you were in mufti,you were selling corn.

I am afraid it will become a reality [water bubbling]Greetings.

My name is Poti Satti,I am a social activist.

I am a rebel.

The localscall me a social worker.

You may call me as you wish.

But, please keep our society clean.

Last night, a septic tank broke andsewage was overflowing over the road Isn't there anyone to clean? I know there is politics involved Excuse me! What's the problem? Problem? Sewage is overflowing People are caught in traffic Due to this, everyonegets late to work Do you know this is a bigproblem for the Government? -Why are you anxious?-Sir, I am a social activist.

I should be the one gettinganxious over this issue Come.

Let's fix thesewage and clean it This is the problem.

Unfortunately,I am wearing a white shirt today It will get dirty.

A minute, please Janaki, get my dress [vehicle honks] [vehicle honks] [metal rod clanks] [vehicle honks] Give me the matchbox [vehicle honks] [wireless device beeps] Walkie-talkie: West Zone PoliceStation, Inspector Kumaraswamy, Walkie-talkie: seeing an overflown sewageand as it is inconvenient to passerby.

Walkie-talkie: He is cleaning the sewage.

Walkie-talkie: He has summonedthe other officers in the station Walkie-talkie: Over.

Argh! -What is he?-I don't know.

Yuck! Let's go! [vehicle honking] What's happening here? -Sub-Inspector.

-Sir? Throw these garbage in the dust bin.


Two men from this place,have proposed to me for marriage Really? Congratulations! Your groom's sewage is also mixed up here.

Sweep it off! Sir.


If I.

I am seen sweeping, they willreject me thinking I am a scavenger Please, sir Why should we do thework of a Corporation? Corporation workers are cleaning on theother street.

They will be here tomorrow If we wait, it will start stinking And then there will be traffic In the traffic, there will bepickpocketing and chain snatching This is the reason Come here I'll tell something.

People have gota bad image on us If we clean this, we can wipeaway the image.

Please understand Let's get back to work Who is he? What is he? He must be mad Sir.


Can I get some water? Why do you have to call me Madam? Why not? You wake up at 4.

Clean the boiler Boil the milk.

Clean the glassesand make tea It's from the tax you pay fortea powder, sugar, milk, we get our salary You are one of theowners in someway You work hard Why don't you wear a necklace? I lost it two days back Lost? Did you file a complaintat the police station? He lost his cap Will he find my necklace? You are new here Though he forgets his cap,he doesn't fail to get 20 rupees They take bribe every day Sir.

Don't overlook us What do we get out of their 20 and30 rupees? A car or a bungalow? We get to eat Is it wrong? You greedily ate.

That's wrong Don't move Look down and tell meif it's head or tail Sir.

People look uponbribers as villains But the ones like you,are seen as comedians I wouldn't ask you to work.

Don't get on the jeep untilyou reduce your tummy Sir, I have been aconstable for 25 years Even school studentsmake fun of me Sir, I will not change.

Do whatever you want As if he cares Be a constable,you will understand Come.


All of us are wearing half-sleeves,you are wearing full-sleeve and folded it Don't try to change everythinglike you did to your uniform Sir, people don't respect us That's why there isstill crime in the area Nobody complainsabout the accused We can't arrestwithout any witness Accused have become heroes andpolice have become dummies Sir, your brother who issupposed to be a police officer Worked with an accused and passed away.

I think that's why you are insulting us Why are you blaming him? He might feel bad That's what I thought You are right If people have to complainabout the accused Then, be a police officerwhom people respect Come.



I am Latha, a transgender I am an S.

I at your station I am the first transgenderpolice in our state Thank you, sir Sir.

If not like you, we dowhatever we can to help people Police officers from other stationget Rs.

100 from a shop Are we unfair? Yes! They shouldn't suffer andwe shouldn't go under loss You wouldn't believe.

But we get only 20 rupees from a shop We can't reduce any further You won't believe it People are affectionate towards us Yes She did not open her shop for four days She gave me 80 rupees.

I genuinelydeclined and returned her money Tell him Yes.

She is good Look.

You suspected me So, if anything happens to you,people come forward to help? They weep, sir -Really?-Definitely -Yes, sir-Shall we test it? Let's do it Okay.

Do this Put on the standand ride the bike If anyone is concerned,they will stop you If they don't, then I am right.

What do you think? -What if they?-No.

They will not If they do so,then you are right Sir.

Don't embarrass yourself Sister.

She is driving with the stand on.

Let her fall How are you? How will I be happyif you are here What is it? Hi! Hi! Please save me! Oh God! Now, do you understandwhat people think of you? At least, change now.

Go pick up the garbage That was an insult What happened? What? Get lost!As if she cares! Hello.

My name is Kumaraswamy I am the new inspector here If you want to stop crimes There should be a good friendshipbetween police and public If you are hesitant or afraidto come to the police station You may contact that number I'll come home and get the complaint You do not have to fear policeor thugs and give your money If you or yourfamily is in trouble.

Why is he making a scene? Soon he is going to get caughtwith Babji and be finished They give 20 rupeesfearing his mustache Kumaraswamy is insisting on shave it off.

If he does so, he isn't worth 5 rupees too We are already sloggingand begging for 6 lakhs And you get commission for 2 lakhs What if officer Kumaraswamy spoils it? What about your dreams ofmaking your daughter a doctor? Only a nurse I can refer you to a college Commissioner has a goodimpression on Kumaraswamy I am helpless.

Get a complaint about him from the public I will forward it tocommissioner and transfer him Whose kid is that? She is my daughter, sir Is she your daughter? What's her name? Arundhathi, sir Arundathi.


Take it Madam.

File a complaint onInspector Kumaraswamy Leave right now.

I will throw it on your face Take it.

He serves us like a God and hewants me to sign a petition against him! God? Hey.

Come here.

Yesterday, the arrogantguy chased you We saw it.

What did he say? Did he threaten you? He might have advisedyou to leave your job He is like that.

We will help you Tell her Give a complaint saying he threatenedyou and made out without paying And if you get caught nexttime, we will not bribe you Not even a rupee Sign here Tell me your name Last night, at 12 PM, Kumaraswamysir was here on rounds Oh no! Stop! Why are you running? You chased me that's why I ran To find out chain snatchersin the crowd I run In case, if there is an accused He would run seeing me You ran seeing me now Did you snatch a chain? -No.

I did not-Then, why did you run? I am not a chain snatcher I'm into flesh trade sir.

You would file a case againstme and get me in court I ran fearing that Look behind A girl walking alone Here.

Two girls are riding a scooty It's only because you destroyyourself and become a prey Women are safe evenin the midnight In some way, whatever you dois a service to the society But, this is notallowed in our country I will get you a joband you can leave this Until then, if anyonemesses up with you Even if it's a police officer You complain it to me I will break their nerves When she walked boldly, I realizedhe might have covered this area Tell me, sir.

What's the problem? It's been ten days since I slept I am unable to sleep Is there anything bothering you? My brother passed away Whenever I go to sleep.

I get reminded of him How did your brother die? I.

Killed him There is a senior doctorupstairs, you may visit there Did I ask you for your money? I asked you to give a complaint.

Why do you fear? Give.

Let me takecare of the rest Hello.


This inspector.

We shoulddefinitely give him a fierce send off We beg for money,should we beg for this too? I have got an idea This accused over here Kumaraswamy caught him, isn't it? Yes Is he escapes Kumaraswamy, not onlywill get a suspension But he will be fired Superb! I felt guilty for raisingmy brother a criminal I couldn't even eat Only after I shot him My guilt was gone And I was peaceful The accused whochanged my brother Is somewhere happy and peaceful.

Thinking about it.

I lost my sleep Every second.

It feels as though someonenailing my head with a hammer It pains This disease is called.

Insomnia When I am furious,my BP shoots up And when I am worried,my BP gets down I will die soon, it seems Doctor said so This is a specialwatch for Insomniacs It reveals my blood pressure Careful, sir I thought of doing somethinggood having you all as a team What to do? I am forced to do it alone now Hey.

What are you looking at? Escape from here.


Make others' lives miserable Go.


If anyone gets marriedin this locality Staff from Grocerystore, Milk vendor Even a beggar gets invited Any day.

Have you seen a police officergetting an invitation here? Do you understand? How people treat you I am also a straight-forwardpolice like you It's not enough if you arethe only one being honest You should have changed them They are all my senior officers I get scared seeing them When I am afraid I think of transgenders Do you know why? Respecting their feminine natureand not bothering about others It needs courage todress like a woman And thinking aboutyour brave life My fear goes off If I fear next time I wonder whom couldI possibly think about He killed a lot of people With much difficulty, I caughthim, now let me let go of him Be happy.

Be happy.

Be happy.

Don't run.

Stop Listen to me He will lose his job How dare you! Quick.

Come over Let him go.

Let him go.

Let him go.

He will lose his job Are you concerned about him? We don't need him in our station He will make our lifemiserable if he stays here Let him go.

We don't have any otherchance to get him out of this place Listen to me.

Let him go Let him go Don't run! Stop.

Don't run.

Stop How dare you! Scoundrel.

Stop! How dare you mess with a police! If anyone gets the gun,you will lose your job Go, get the gun I don't care if I lose my job,but my boss should stay in the job No, SI! Won't you listen to me? Stop! Come.

Henceforth, like you, I will be.

A brave police officer Thank you! Sir.

A minute, please Whenever you are afraid You can think of ourtransgenders for our strength I am very proud to beunder your control, sir How is it going on? Looks like your wallet is full Mutton Briyani? Yes.

Here What are you doing?Please take it I came here to return your money I saved all the bribemoney for buying necklace I sold it andI am returning all the money Only nine thousand is left.

Please take it For the rest of the money, I will workpart-time and return it.

Don't worry You have changed a lot I want to become like thepolice officer, Kumaraswamy Cordially accepting ourinvitation, our guest I request the Collector to hoist the flag Sir, my hand is injured Can we request someone to hoist? What about your wife? -Excuse me, Madam?-Yes? -If you don't mind, can I say something?-Okay You are all senior officers.

You travel by car You are all respectedby the Government and public But constables like him are poor They go by cycles.

Generally, they are not respected Students as well asthe public make fun They are beingcalled by odd names In reality, theystruggle for the society Only on such occasions, if we treatthem well, they will be respected If you are fine with it,could we let him hoist the flag? "Be the change you wantto see in this world" "Change the way you think andyou can reach greater heights" "Just breathing and wanderingaround isn't life" "Try your best, forsky is your limit!" "Never ever forget to doeverything with conscience" "Beauty lies in the gooddeed we do for others" "Be the change you wantto see in this world" "Change the way you think andyou can reach greater heights" I am going to the booth I buy groceries for thecommissioner's family I help IAS officer'swife in shopping I drop AC's kid at school I go to SP's home togive his pet dog a bath This is what we havebeen doing for long.

You aren't paid to do thehousehold chores for higher officials Have some conscience andserve the people! If anyone still forces you,tell me and I'll handle it Ok? -Yes sir!-Yes sir! "You can make the world abetter place with love" "Help and you will earna good reputation" "Don't belittle others tomake yourself above them" "Never blame fatefor your plight" "Your work is your worship" "Failures are the steppingstone to success" "Always trust your dedication" "And that will make help youclimb the ladder of success" Watch out, the stand! "Be the change you wantto see in this world" "Change the way you think andyou can reach greater heights" [no audio] It's heads, the Lion, sir! Check his attendance.

He doesn'tturn up half of the time I am sure he won't be regular in thefuture too.

I can't let him re-join Poor boy He lost his father Started working in a cycleshop to support his family He will be regularto school hereafter -I take the responsibility-Well, let's see Give it in a written format.

Come on Thank you, sir Sir, don't look at me.

and just hear me out Your brother didn'tbecome a thug on his own Someone turned him into a thug The one turned your brother intoa murderer is 'Thuppu' Babji Many guys like your brother.

are under his control Even my son is under his control Where is he? Sir.

below the feet of his cutout is your police booth Hail our leader! My brother's murderer! Seenu! Attach the silencer Buddy, make sure you splashit's brain this time! Do not miss! Damn it! Missed it! Finish it! It escaped -Where is it?-Told you, let me do it! There is it! Give that to me Hands off the gun! Govindan sir.

Govindan sir.

What is it? Did you see my son? That's why I told youto give it to me At least now give it to him![dog howls] There! I can hear it [shot fired] A street dog has been making yourrun for the past half an hour! Your hands are tremblingto shoot a street dog When will you go to next level andlearn to hide the blade under gums? Chief.

it's easier to killthat dog with stones We are not used to gun, chief We already learned the trickof placing blade in the gums Really? Whoa! Babji, the guys are getting better If you keep training them likethis for one more month.

they will over take you Babji.

my son can't even staya day away from me But now? It's been aweek since he came home -Please send him along with me-Mom, just leave! I am scared to death He is shooting dogs today andtomorrow he'll shoot people That's what thetraining is all about Only then he'll get rid of his fearand start finishing off humans Please Babji, no.

Please return my son to me Ask me and I shallpay you some money How much can you afford? I have 10,000 rupees that I savedfor my pilgrimage to Tirupathi I'll give you that money.

Along with that.

I'll take the money from my chitfund and pay you Rs.

35,000 altogether Without knowingyour son's value.

you just want to pay a mereRs.

35,000? He is one of Babji's men now Your son will earn me 4 croresif he murders four people Can you pay me that much? Never in a lifetime I can makethat much or earn that much Then what's the useof you being alive? Seenu.

I am ordering you Slit your mother's throat! See that? I'll finish you off withthe help of your own son You better leave now Babji! Our police officersaren't the same -They have turned good-Is it? I have been talking to youto save my son from danger Or else what can you do? I'll call up that number in that boardand complaint against you to the police Oh my God! Make it fast! Call them up Let me see, who hasgot guts to face me You! Come here What's this on your neck? It's a token of offeringfor Lord Murugan If you do the offeringwill Lord Murugan pay you? No.

But me? I train you to stabothers and pay you really well Now, tell me.

Who is your God? That idol or me? Of course, you Your parents have deceived youpreaching, that God will punish you In this society.

only if you do wrong thing in theright way, you can grow like me If you believe andfear the God.

then you can never stepout and finish anyone off There exists no God.

and no demons! Remove and throw that Right away! Some tea shop vendor has pressedcharges against 'Thuppu' Babji And you file an FIR andwant to arrest him? Sir.

I think you.

fear 'Thuppu' Babji Yes! Of course! Go complaint to the I.

G thatI threw this file on you He will ask you for evidence.

Now,that's law and that's the rule! It's like I'm talking to a wall! Do you understand or not? I understood, sir You can't even complaintthis to the I.

G Because you have no evidence Do you understandthat I understood? Not in uniform anda cover in hand Are you resigning your job? Of course! You're going to take actionagainst Babji without knowing his power I can't join that operation Fear is like conjunctivitis! It'll spread fromone's reaction to another You resign and otherswill follow you I just turned everyone atthe station responsible Listen to me Why should I? What if Babji'smen attack me with acid? Already, it's hard to find a groom for mebecause I'm a police and a little tough Don't you know your valueand how beautiful you are? See the guy coming in thebike in opposite direction? He is ogling at you Come on, sir! Everything looks beautifulto the eyes that fears to ogle Let's wait.

He'll come backbefore we cross this street For what? To ogle at you!Stop acting innocent You're right, sir See that balcony? A guy will step outhearing your bike's sound H.

How do you know all this? I know it -The butterflies.


Like how it can't see thecolors of it's wings.

similarly you aren't able to seehow beautiful and graceful you are Correct! When so manyhave fallen for me.

I wonder how many of themlove me without my knowledge Remember, even I told you.

When I see the goodqualities in you.

I'm afraid I mightfall in love with you Argh, sir! Do you love me or not? I do Really? So, you were speaking the truth? Very good.

Thanks But you must wait What if I get someonebetter than you? Don't think thatI'm avoiding you You're confirmed inmy waiting list! Bye Madam, please sign inmy medical certificate I shall, but willyou get admitted? Do you think the department pays me tosign fake certificate, so you can go vacation? Go, mind your work! Kumaraswamy, did you sleep well? I couldn't sleep, ma'am You couldn't sleep?! If you still can't sleep after so many days,that means you're in next phase of Insomnia Are you taking the medicinesI prescribed, on time? Yes, I have beentaking them properly But I'm unable to sleep Either change the medicine.

Else I'll consulta better doctor How dare you? Do you think this is a petty issuelike headache or stomachache? To cure immediately assoon as you take medicine This is a mental illness Only you can help yourself You better apply for medicalleave tonight and get admitted! You must sleep at least tonight! Else it'll be confirmed thatyou have Chronic Insomnia Then one by one all your organswill fail and you'll die! Go and do whatever isnecessary to get admitted You heard me! Kumaraswamy! Your pressure will drop if you becomeemotional before getting admitted Get upset andyour pressure will raise Then you'll lose your memoryand forget everything! If something of that sorts happen,then press your pulse with the thumb.

Ok? I don't have the patience, madam Then buy yourself a handgripper and press it like this -Ok?-Okay madam.

Now leave! Phew! He raised my pressure andturned me into a patient! Sir.

I am Ismail I have only a son His name is Mujeeb He has gone rogue afterjoining under Babji Two years ago, rightin front of my shop.

Babji murdered a boy It was caught in the CCTV Here is the footagefrom the camera Please, somehow get Babji arrestedand save my son from him Change the Tyre Come here, guys Chief.

What is it? My father has got a transfer So, I must move along with him Chief.

Let me go So, who is the girl? Her name is.

Gayathri She smiles everytime I cross her I asked her.

if she is in love with me Hence.

she said if I quit working for you.

then she shall acceptmy love proposal Chief, I joinedyou when I was 16 I finished off everyoneyou asked me to Now, I am a major If I commit any murder now,then I'll be in prison for life So, please let me go Ok Thanks Listen.

if you leave.

you think the policewill spare you? Huh? They will ask you tobecome an informer You just cannot escape from this If you still want to leave.

then, either I must die.

Or you must die Chief.

You want to leave everythingjust for a girl? Tell me Remember, you finished off Kumartwo years ago, in the streets? Yes The incident got recorded in acamera from one of the shops That's not the issue The issue is that Kumaraswamyhas got his hands on it He is on his way to meet you.

Deal him with caution This is your last meal! Countless crimes and murders Still no evidence against you " 'Thuppu' Babji.

" "passes away.

" "in a police shoot out" Tomorrow's headlines! Before you die.

do you have any last wish? A chicken sacrificedit's life for me Can I have it and then die? Please.

[Babji laughs] Inspector sir.

do you have any idea howmuch this drink cost? It costs your six months' salary 100 years old.

A normal, local thug.

has grown rich and powerful enoughto afford a 1.

5 lakhs worth drink Imagine how many murders I wouldhave committed to reach this stage? And you want to finish me offeasily in an encounter? Here you are, sitting in frontof me thinking it's easy Now, that you havemade up your mind.

hear my story beforefinishing me off There are only two typesof people in India #1.

People who starveand yearn for a smoke #2.

People who eat theirheart out and smoke to burp I requested for a cigar from a person,who was smoking after his meal He slapped me and said 'You want tosmoke at such a young age?' Starved to the core, yetego still gets better of us I stabbed him with a pieceof bottle I got hands on The police caught me I thought it was all overand I'll be hanged to death Instead, they gave me a good hair cut,made me smart and released me in two years When I inquired.

they said I was ajuvenile criminal It seems the law won't punish anymurderers below the age of 18 I stepped out and was confusedthinking what to do next? But I was hailed for murdering Big shots started inviting mefor settling local disputes People whom I supportedbecame a group.

and made me famous so that they can showoff.

They even erected a cutout of mine Suddenly I grew up to the skies Life was just awesome! Then came an offer A killing contract A huge ransom But I should be hereto enjoy all that If I commit the murder,I'll go to prison for sure Because I was nolonger 18 years old That's when an idea struck me To take guys below 18years old under me and.

I started this business Youngsters who hate theirparents for punishing them.

Youngsters who run away from home andsurvive in the streets as orphans Youngsters who hate the world because theycan't express their love and failed in it I pay them more than they need I send them to bars and getthem girls to spend that money That will jam their brainand thinking capacity My orders are all they obey And they follow itwithout any glitch Every cell in their brain.

has my name, 'Babji'written all over it I explain that law won't punish criminalsbelow 18 years, with my flashback That's when they step upand work without fear I am a henchman turned big shot drugdealer with the help of such youngsters I had only one guy under mewhen I started this business And now? I have youngstersworking for me all over All the juvenile crimes thatyou read in the news.

I am the mastermind behind it Once they're over 18 years I'll finish off the guysI don't need anymore This will upset you I was waiting to finishoff your brother But then, you did itat the right time Well, let me tell you this.

out of all guys under me,your brother was a masterpiece You know.

the dogs.

The street dogs.

Throw them a piece of bone and theystart biting and chewing it vigorously The bones hurt theirteeth and they bleed But the dogs bite it more vigorously,thinking the blood is from the bone They don't realize ituntil they faint and die These youngsters are similar.

They can't afford one time meal butI have bought them Dragon chicken I touch their sentiments andthey stay so loyal to me that.

they live and die for me Enough of killing suchyoungsters, Babji Time's up for you Kumaraswamy.

You think I'll die ifyou shoot me? Of course, I will But I will continue tolive through my boys All of them under me areexact photocopy of mine There are 1000s ofJunior Babji's out there.

Do you think you canshoot them all down? Will your law allowyou to do so? Hence, be a responsibleofficer.

have a taste of this and.

leave! Meet me tomorrow and handover the evidence to me Do you think I'll die if you shoot me?[device beeps] Of course, I will But I will continue tolive through my boys All of them under me areexact photocopy of mine There are 1000s of juniorBabji's over here Do you think you canshoot them all down? Will your law allowyou to do so? Try your best and just turn oneyoungster like me into a good person I promise I'll letyou sleep peacefully My boys are a complete photocopy of me.

There are thousands ofyoungsters like me in these two states.

Will you be able toshoot every one of them? Is it legal to do so? Please sign What's your problem? Why are you all upset? Because I did not arrest Babji.

Is it why? Will the problems be solved ifwe arrest or shoot him down? There are hundreds of histrained boys in Hyderabad itself.

Then, what about them? 'Leading a thug life rocks,' is what 'Thuppu' Babji hadpitched in all the youngsters.

Police are dummies, Rowdies rock! We have live like Babji brotherto whom the entire town fears.

Babji bro rocks! He is a swag! And any idea what we aresupposed to be doing? Rowdies are dummies.

Police rock! We will have to make them understand that.

And we'll instill that idea in their mindsby coming up with a greater strategy.

And by spreading that idea, we needto gradually tarnish Babji's image.

By seeing that Babji should be trembled.

insulted and be afraid.

Nobody should suffer like my brother.

Call up to this number [dials] Hello.

Mr Kumaraswamy is onthe line.

Just a minute.

-Who is it?-'Thuppu' Babji Sir.


-Put it on the speaker.

Just be carefulon what you speak.

I have been waiting for your phone call.

Everyone here thinks youare a swag and are afraid I am feeling jealous for that.

Because I am an egoist I.

I don't like someone superior than me.

Really? If you satisfy my ego.

You killed Kumar, right? I will destroy the videoevidence in your presence.


I swear on my ego.

I won't show that to anyone.

What do you say? What do you want me to do? You are a.


Do you want me toannounce that to the entire village? Or, do you need aspecial treatment? Oh no! That's too much to ask.

Just a small favor.

I will meet you at home and tell you.

Ouch! If you are this slow, a police likeKumaraswamy would shoot you down easily.

Just aim and shoot him.

That's it.

[music] Boss, Inspector Kumaraswamy has arrived.

Talk with him carefully.

[snaps] A cup of hot tea.

What's up, Kumaraswamy? Before coming here.

'I am going to meet Babji.

If anythinghappens to me, he is responsible.

' You would have given astatement at the police station? No, Babji 'My stomach is upset.

' 'I am going to the toilet'.

That's what I wrote.

I heard about you that you are a little proud.

A little proud? Hey!Someone told you wrong.

I am insanely proud.

If you think you are proud for committingcrime by training the school children, Think of me who works with a team of 72policemen at West Zone police station.


You are insanely proud.

I agree.

Now, tell me what should I do? If I take action against you withthe video proof of killing Kumar, You'd roam around the court for atleast 3 to 4 months and return home.

When you return home, there won't beany youngster who worked with you.

Do you know why? They would be scared of you thinking that they'd be killed by youjust like how you killed Kumar.

And they will leave this placeand does some work of their own.

Then, you will have to doscrap business with your father.

If you don't want this to happen.

-What should I do?-Huh! Very simple.

-Tie my shoe lace, that's enough.

-Hey! Do you know whom areyou messing up with? If I tie your shoe lace, would your ego gets satisfied?Would you give me the video? Definitely.

There shouldn't be any problem inthe future because of the video.

Oh Babji.

You are a criminal, You may go back on your word.

I am a cop I keep up with my promise.

You won't get any problem from this video.

I don't know what mighthappen after I tie your lace.

Hey! Whatever it is,do it tomorrow.

Now, tie my shoe lace.

[bludgeoning] [snaps] Here is the tea, sir.

You tied his shoe lace, and he made that small video viralon Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc That video garnered 5 lakhs 'likes'.

Two guys who are under our controlare not picking calls since morning.

And three other guys are missing.

What will you do if all the guys under ourcontrol go away after watching that video? Listen.

I'm talking to you.

The people of neighbouring towns wouldfear us only if the localites fear us.

It seems Kumaraswamyis happy over this.

Right! Kumaraswamy is going tohave a peaceful sleep tonight.

He bothers us when his BP is 150, -If it goes down normal to 120.

-Shut up! Within 24 hours, -I'll show him my power.

-Get lost, you incapable fool! -Can I see the Inspector?-He is inside.

Sir, the video was the onlyproof, you have burnt the pen-drive.

You let down my hope ofsaving my son from Babji.

Enough, sir.

You've betrayed me for relying on you.

How will you protect the society? Please don't be furious.

Get inside.

Please sit down.

Please sit down.



This is your son.

And this is Babji.

Babji has taken over your son.

How? He told him that 'Police aredummies and Rowdies rock'.

He kept telling this to your son and is all over his mind.

Let's consider this as police.

What am I going to do? I don't know, sir.

I'll tell your son that 'Policerock and Rowdies are dummies', And also, I'll keep tellinghim that Babji is a douchebag and get your son out of Babji's control.

I need your cooperation, sir.


Sir, what do you mean?Am I here to listen to your tales? You'll throw stonesand the water comes out.

I thought you would save my son.

But never expected to let me down.

If they get to know that I gave youthe pen-drive, his life will be at stake.

I will make sure that does not happen.

What will you do? I knowthat you too fear Babji.

Why don't you agree to it? Damn! I am not afraid of Babji.

I am not afraid of Babji.

I did not kill Babjifearing your son's life.

I want to wipe off my brother's sins.

I want to wipe off my brother's sins.

For you, it's only about your son.

There are thousands likehim under Babji's control.

If your son changes, manywill change.

Do you know that? Your son is possessed by a ghost.

Yourson is possessed by a ghost called Babji.

We will be the one whowill get rid of that ghost.

Filing a case willnot make any difference.

That's why I'll have to tarnish his image, ensure Police are respectedand reform those youngsters.

I will prove them whatpolice are capable of.

I will get these guys back.


[watch beeps] This is the photo of my mom.

This is the only photo of hers I have got.

Not even a day goes by without seeing it.

Please take it with you.

The day when your son returnshome safe, give it to me.

In case, if your son doesn't turn up, Then, throw it in the bin.


[phone rings] Hey Kumaraswamy.

You will be finished! You are an egoistand I am a sadist.

I will not kill you very easily.

I'll strip you and makeyou run on the roads.

You will not be able to bear my torture, you are going to beg me to kill you.

Let's see.

Before you do that,I will break your limbs Make you beg on the streets and afteryou die, I'll place a memorial statue Next to the statue, an inscription that reads,'Do not live a disgusting life' and I'll sign it If any one of this happens Any one.

I'll clad a saree.

Worse, I'll kneel before you Oh, Ok.

I'll send you a saree Media, which he used as a tool to embarrassyou, will have the news of his death Inspector, take a look at this Look, how the public isstoning on police officers These people deserveto be thrashed I have already watched the video Oh God! People are furiousover corrupt politicians So, they attack police officers So? Do you want us to getbeaten up and be dead? I did not mean that Defeat yourself Sir, I was thrilled to seeyou giving orders to Babji I had goose bumps Police rock! We realized, being goodmakes us live with respect And so, we've left Babji Yes.

Please take us as 'friends of police',it will be easy for us to become police To become 'friends of police',there are certain rules You should become a memberat the police station Seek permission from the Inspectorand become 'friends of police' First, you all should be fit.

Ok? Do something, -Pick up a stone-Ah! What? Go, get a stone Why is he askingus to pick stones? I don't know.

Brothers, each of youthrow stones at me If any of the stones hit me,you will be friends of police When public throw stones at us,this is how we block and defend Sir, we understand.

But don't getbeaten up by these youngsters You are mocking at me? Dude, get a bigger stone You may get hurt.

Move It is a crime toslit with a blade He is sure going tobe stoned to death Forget it.

At his own risk You too.

Move Hey! He thinks we are goingto throw it together Let's hit him at once I'll target his head I'll target his heart.

And I'll target his face Hey! You guys are throwingat the same time instead Sorry.

We did not decideon who should throw first Sorry sir.

You said he would die Madam? No response? Are you blushing? You have failed in the test Take it sportively.

Boss, Kumaraswamy trusts us now We are going to thestation with him We will finish him off there Good morning, sir What about your uniform? Sir, today is my birthday Oh! Go, get Babji's files You are supposedto be wishing me Kumaraswamy! Why did you shoot? Sir, I was cleaning it.

Madamscreamed all of a sudden I got scared andpulled the trigger -Why did you scream?-If you hug me, I'll obviously scream I hugged you? When was that? -In my dream.

A tight hug.

-Dream? I fell for you when youfought with the stick Congrats! -You dreamt of me hugging you-Yes You call it love Silly! That isn't love It's lust Inspector, if a girl dreamsabout a guy, it's love Have you not watchedTelugu cinema? Sub-Inspector.

Falling for a guy, seeinga him fight, isn't love I fell for your character That's called sincere love Hear him, guys Whatever.

You love me, right?Let's get married Argh! If this one-sidedlove gets successful Only the person who lovesshould adjust throughout life Getting married becauseyou have got crush Out of sympathy.

It does not last longer You may feel likeshooting me down now At least, you understood that If you feel so, it isn't love.

Please understand Mr.

Kumaraswamy Don't call me by my name,until you truly love me Get back to work -Leave-Ok, sir Am I in love with a psycho? Boss.

We planned to kill theinspector at the station That lady S.

I ruined it.

He escaped Rani! You stole myrooster and ate it! I'll cast evil spell onyou and finish you off! You think I can't do that?I'll cast an evil spell and paralyze you! Do you get it?Don't mess with me.

You glutton! How many times have I warned you notto hand him the gun when he is drunk? What if he shootsand kills someone? -Go, die!-You go and die! The fight for rooster startedearly in the morning.

Why hasn't it ended, yet? Didn't anyone the localitytry stopping them? They are foul mouthed Try talking to them andyou'll get ashamed Is it so? There is a cop in thatarea who shows off, right? Drive him to them Let them insult him! Let him get ashamed and die! Tell me, Babji There is a hugefight for rooster Send that Inspector to solve it Let him solve it We won't even send constableofficers for such petty issues How can I send theInspector, Babji? He deserves it.

He must be sentto solve such filthy cases How about explaining theParotta incident and.

Madam, Assistant Comissioner wants ourboss to solve a petty fight for rooster He is listening to songs tocontrol his blood pressure If you talk about theParotta incident now he'll get shaken uplike a beer bottle You should be faithful.

Sir! Sir! Stop! What is it? We have come to a conclusion What conclusion?!Regarding what?! Sir, I'll miss the flowif you talk like that What conclusion? Regarding what? Hope you know Bhai's restaurant I can eat 6-8 parottasin that restaurant But today? I couldn'teat more than two We discussed about it and our colleaguesconfirmed that I have fallen in love with you Uh-oh! Do you believe me now thatmy love for you is true? Sir! 'Love you! Love you!Love you, baby!' Madonna.

you were able to eatat least two parottas I couldn't eat more than one I inquired at the shop It seems there is a newchef in Bhai's restaurant Hence, a change in the taste -Shut up-This is not love It's change of chefs Sir, why do you keepmessing with me? I love you sincerely Give me a chanceand I'll prove it Ok.

I'll give you a chance Everyone here knowsyou're shameless! How dare you?! -Shut up!-You shut up! Here's an excellent chance foryou to prove your love for me Do you see them fighting over a rooster? If you go there andsolve it in my style.

I'll accept that yourlove for me is true Sir, it's an easy task.

Give me two minutes Keep the jeep ready to leave Daddy, I have my aim set on Kumaraswamy'sforehead.

What shall I do now? Don't believe those dummies Press the triggerand kill Kumaraswamy! No daddy! Even if he dies.

I won't earn back my reputation! I am like the Python! I'll swallow him nice and slow You have eaten the chickenthat I've been waiting to sacrifice to God if my soncomes back as a reformed person.

-Srinu-Sir? Is that your mom? Yes, sir You stole it and I curse that everyone inyour family will die of chicken Guinea! Hey!You better mind your tongue! I curse that your familywill die of dengue! Hold on! What's going on? Look here, she is a wretch! You won't get yourrooster back in any case I shall buy you two roosters.

Now, get inside.

I don't need your roosters! I need the rooster thatI had promised to God.

Are you showing off that yougot police on your side? If I can hit you with a small rockthen she'll get the bigger one! How dare you threaten to kill the police? So, what if you are a cop?Do you think I get scared? So stop showing off!We've seen many like you! Hey slim lady! Just because you are a cop,does it make you a hero? Yes, the police are great heros.

The police are great heros.

While you're sleepingpeacefully under a fan, we're having sleepless nights on theroads protecting the society like dogs.

Yes, we're heroes! We're heroes! To prevent your drunken husband fallingoff from the bike and save him from death We've been conducting drunken drivingchecks and sending them safely to your home.

Yes, we're heroes.

We're heroes.

Come here Just come here Is she your daughter? How old is she? I'm 10 years old A young girl Soon, she'll become an adolescent.

Whom will you approach herewhen you need help for her? Of course, your neighbor! How will you faceher after a fight? How will you face her after a fight? You are fighting with her! When you fix bride for your son, Seenu, thebride's family will inquire about him around What will happen if she picturesthem a bad image about your son? Will he ever get married? So you want me to let go of theperson who stole my rooster? That's why West Zone policestation is working 24 by 7.

Lodge a complaint aboutyour missing rooster! Press charges for a rooster? Not just for a rooster.

File a complaint even if the bucketin your restroom goes missing It's our duty to find out!Got it? And if we refuse then you all maypress charge for not doing our duty Remember it.

108! Yes sir! Go man.

Go now.

I asked you to solvethis issue in my style Instead, you solve it in your style,blow it up and make it even worse Argh! Did you understand nowthat your love is not real? I got scared when she saidshe'll throw the stone at me Since when? Past two days? Oh my God! Your idea doesn't seem to work Go, take a shower.

then eat and go to sleep At least, do that right You go, check the headlinesbefore you go to sleep "Inspector Kumaraswamy hacked to death bythree youngsters, inside a running train" If he is steady,it means his BP is normal Now let me make him unstable Sir.

I got to ask you something You are all the sameage as my brother When I look at you all,I see my brother Don't call me 'sir'.

Considerme as your brother Ok, brother Before dying, what wasRavi's last words? Hey! Brother.

Usually when peopleget hurt real bad.

they shout out for their mother But my brother.

when I shot him.

he shouted out my name I was his mother, father.

I was his world I got an information that Babji's men aregoing to kill our sir in the train.

Save him! -Why is the train slowing down?-Latha sent a video message on Whatsapp -Why is the train slowing down?-Sir! Your pressure is going down.

Latha got an information on Watsappthat someone is going to kill you No matter what happens to me.

these guys must be safe -Take care of them-Sir! Did you bring the gun? No sir, I didn't bring it Sir, don't take me wrong.

This is a good old traditional method.

Sir, I don't have any otheroption to save you.

Sorry sir! You used a healing techniqueand regulated my pressure Thanks for saving my life What? Healing technique? You! Sorry.

Sir! If a girl kisses someone to savehis life, what does it mean? It means she loves him! If it was the constable insteadof you, I would have not done it Get lost.

Such kiss at emergency hour to savea life cannot be a kiss of love I guess you havesome serious issue I get it I am too beautifuland you look average You are afraid that people will mock yousaying, 'garland in the hands of a monkey' It's common.

-Look here.

Don't mistake me-What? Tell me You are just an average looking girl.

That's it Got it? Be confident but overconfidence is not good It'll put you down I would have killedyou if I had the gun What did you say? That your traineeswill rip him off Time is now 9 'O clock! Vijaywada MLA callsme up and mocks at me! He asks me if youare indeed my son! We are not the rulers anymore! 'We are not the rulers anymore' 'My son is nothing but a dummy' You are, indeed, a dummy! Eat your food He is drunk.

Don't mind him You aren't a dummy Once he is back to normal.

he will appreciate you hearing the storyof our boys ripping off the inspector Go ahead.

Eat What happened? Are you upset that I made fishgravy instead of fish fry? Oh, come on, mom! Inspector Kumaraswamy says thatmy love for him isn't true What's the discussion here? When two ladies discuss,it will end up in some issue I'll pray for your love The Lord will show you the path Where did you find him? Coming up next is egg dosai.

Stay there, I'll get it Here Is that how you eat half-boil? What happened? Remembered him Looks like dosaiis getting burnt Ok, you guys eat.

Listen to me Venkat.

Let's not harm him He looks so innocent Let's join under him andbecome friends of police We don't need this -We don't need it-Shut up and eat What's the discussionwhile eating? Nothing Eat properly Stop being sentimental!Shut up and eat! Last year Diwali.

expecting my brother will return home.

I bought this for him You may have it Bought this expecting he'llturn up during Pongal You may have it Got this for his birthday If you guys wear it.

It's more like mybrother wearing it Buddy.

please don't harm him He has done a lot for us Spare a thought and have mercy Ok, dude Promise me you guyswon't harm him If I go home this late,my dad would yell at me I'll stay at Seenu's house.

You leave -Ok, take care.

Bye-Bye Come on! Why did you send off Mujeep? He changed teams.

If we take him,he'll be a spoilsport Just come! What is it? We failed in the testsyou gave us today We can't sleep peacefully Mujeep is lazy.

He left homeand will doze off right away Let's run till the police booth If we beat you then makeus friends of police Give us a chance, please Fine, wait I'll come You guys don't run like youngsters Run hard! We asked you to run withus not like a police How can we catch you? If you want to win in life.

run like you want to overtakeand catch the enemy It's then, you'll havethe urge to win! Yes, that's how we have fixed.

A little slow, please Make it a bit easy for us Fine, I'll slow down.

Ok? Come on! Sir! Madonna! What happened? I had a nightmare as though someone attackingKumaraswamy sir near the police booth Super! You've picked up well.

From today.

you both are Friends of Police How dare you make chiefBabji tie your shoe lace? You can not even touchhis moustache! Stop guys! Lately.

the law states that, murderersover 14 years of age.

They will arrest in juvenile prisonand lock up in the adult section Go, save yourself Please get me admittedin a hospital Sir.

Sir! How dare they slit your stomach? -Those guys will never prosper! I curse them!-Don't scream! It's hospital Please don't curse them I am fine I'll be back in two days -How dare you come home?-Mom, come on! What! Looks like Kumaraswamy hasinstilled a lot of courage in you If Babji finds out aboutthis, imagine Kumaraswamy's plight Get this! He spared Babji's life so that he canchange minds of youngsters like you Else he would havefinished him off right away! Look at you, carryinga knife all the time You could have slit his throat and kill himon the spot instead of slitting his stomach But you didn't do it You are not like your father You do have a good heartsomewhere inside you That's what he askedme to convey you My son's a roguelike his father! You can't change my sonlike you changed Mujeep Enough trying to help those kids.

Just forget it, sir You better get a transferand move from here Mother.

if you want your son to change.

stop repeatedly telling him thathe is a rogue like his father Try telling him that heis a good person like you He'll change And how can you even think ofkilling such a pure hearted person? The blood that he shed isstill fresh on the road Please, for God's sake leaveBabji and come back home! -Madam, I'll go clean the room-Okay The guys have justslit the flesh No damage to your intestine So.

the doctor said you can beshifted to general ward from ICU The doctor said nothing to worry How did you know theguys slit my stomach? I had a nightmare, sir You are always thinking about me It is because you arealways thinking about me.

you are alerted whensomething happens to me I now believe that yourlove for me is true Hey! What happened? Why did you wear the coolers? I am all teared up, sir You don't have to.

address me as 'sir' henceforth You can call me Kumaraswamy.

You have all the rights on me I wish I could scream out, sir! This is hospital You can't scream in here Go to the terrace and scream Ok "Feels like I am dispersing into thethin air like millions of molecules" "I am the prisoner ofyour love" "I can't stop looking at you.

I am unable to sleep" "I see a new me and I'mloving it, thanks to you" "In a blink you madeyour way into my heart" "You melted me withyour warm love" "Love you! Love you! Love you, baby!Love you! Love you! Love you, bae!" "Love you! Love you! Love you, baby!Love you! Love you! Love you, bae!" "Love you! Love you! Love you, baby!Love you! Love you! Love you, bae!" "Love you! Love you! Love you, baby!Love you! Love you! Love you, bae!" "If you find yourself lost in time, whatwill you do to get to me, oh dear?" "If I get lost in time, I will live my lifewith the memories of our love, oh my love" "My life is now in yourhands, oh my love" "Be my side forever andeverything will fall in place" "Love you! Love you! Love you, baby!Love you! Love you! Love you, bae!" "Love you! Love you! Love you, baby!Love you! Love you! Love you, bae!" -Hail Lord Kumaraswamy!-Hail Lord Kumaraswamy! -Hail Lord Subbramanyam!-Hail Lord Kumaraswamy! -Hail Lord Shanmuka!-Hail Lord Kumaraswamy! -Hail Lord Shanmuka!-Hail Lord Kumaraswamy! -Hail Lord Subbramanyam!-Hail Lord Kumaraswamy! -Hail Lord Shanmuka!-Hail Lord Kumaraswamy! Sir! Are you going to do anoffering for Lord Kumaraswamy? Yes, swami Is this necessary now? Why do you ask? You cannot indulge in violenceonce you start fasting In fact you can't even raisehands if someone attacks you Babji is waitingto finish you off If you go into this austerityphase, he'll finish you off Our God.

will safeguard me, swami Even if a single guy underBabji changes for good.

I promised to fast for Lord Kumaraswamy Mujeep has changed I hope this fasting will bring moregood news, like your son might change He doesn't obey his father,how will he listen to you? I disowned him long back I just said it for your welfare Rest to Lord Kumaraswamyn! Give it to me -Swami.

-What is it? Babji's men are waiting outsideto attack me with acid I shall cover my face.

Can youhelp me cross the temple street? Inspector Kumaraswamy is going todo the offering.

Let's go soon Ok This area MLA's sonis stalking me He tried misbehaving with me I refused and now he is waiting outsidewith Babji's men to attack me with acid I have no idea, what to do? I am really sacred Where are you parents and relatives? I am not from here.

I am from Nuziveeduwhich is neighbouring town of Vijaywada.

Dear, he has alreadybegan his fasting He cannot indulge in violence If he indulges in violencethen it'll become a sin Please, help me You must help me, please Please, come with me Swami.

Swami, you said to attackthis girl with acid it seems.

As I am fasting, I shouldn't harm you.

Else, by now, I would have bashedyou up and buried you! You go ahead.

But, in seven days.

My offering will be completed.

I will find you, no matter whereyou are and cut of your limbs, and throw it to the stray dogs.

I swear it on my God, Lord Kumaraswamy.

See you! Come.

-Chandu Swami.


Do you remember the councilor whoinsulted your son in public? If you had punished him that day, todayyour son wouldn't be working for Babji.

Think about it.

[ritualistic bell rings] [devotional songs] Stab with this and theintestine will fall out.

This is my new weapon.

It's nice.

The intestinewill fall out upon stabbing.

Hello! Sir, I get terrified at thesight of that counselor.

Sir, please stand somewherefar from this place.

I'll feel courageous.

[ritualistic bell rings] What is it? Why aren't you answering? [groans] Hey! How dare you? How dare you raise hands! [groans] [groans] [shouts] -Embarrasing! Isn't it?-Stop it.

Stop it.

-My son would have felt the same!-Forgive me! Did you understand? -Get me my son's pant and shirt! Now!-I will! Jaya! Jaya! -Dad.

-Go and get venkat's dress, -under the bureau.


Please! Let go of me.

Huh![Knife clunks] [birds chirping] Dear Lord, despitewater scarcity and the hottest sun, Thanks to rain that helpsthis rice grow and for it's journey from the fields to my plate We are praying you with a loyal heart.










Here is the fish fry.

No, mom.

Sir is offeringto God.

I will not to eat.

Mwah! Wow!Did Mastan send the stuff? We must somehow smuggle it.

Already, Kumaraswamy is observing us.

He wouldn't stop if we get caught.

Son,the worth of the stuff is 40 crores.

We must somehow smuggle it elsesomeone will run away with the deal.

Look, money isn't a big deal herebut you shouldn't become dummy! Hey!What are the trending issue? Looks like some heroine waskidnapped and molested in Kerala.

Everyone is talking about it.

There are just rape news everywhere.

We want justice!We want justice! We want justice!We want justice! Justice for the actress! We want justice!We want justice! Tea.

Why are you bringing the tea? Please don't send himto buy tea hereafter -Don't go.


We want justice!We want justice! Justice for the actress! We want justice!We want justice! Justice for the actress! Arrest the culprit! Arrest him! Arrest the culprit! Aren't they Babji's men? Sir, don't fry your braintoo much, it will get burnt It's been long sincethey left Babji If they are paradingwith their cycles Why aren't theyriding, but dragging Something is fishy Excuse me, give me that Hey! Stop.

Hold on Stop! What the hell! Hold on, don't run behind them They will come back to us anyway You carry on It must be Babji.

Put the phone on speaker Kumaraswamy, I want thestuff that you seized Tell me, what should I do to get it back? Please wait on the line I'll discuss with myteam and tell you Sir, I have an idea There are separate restroomsfor men and women But transgenders? Let's ask him to sponsor for buildingtoilets for them all over our state Then he shall have his stuff -How was that?-Stop it! Did we ask you for aseparate restroom? We choose our gender.

I have beenliving the life of a woman for long Do you guys have any problemwith us using women's restroom? No way! Not at all! Then why do you seclude us? Forget that, sir What did those young guys tellyou when they slit your stomach? Didn't they challenge you that you can'teven touch Babji's mustache hair? Ask them to shave off that mustacheand take the stuff! Let's see if he'll do it Superb! Awesome idea! Listen.

Did you hear us? Shave off that mustache tomorrowand get your stuff He is an ordinary inspector.

and he is insulting us real bad! I am all riled up andfurious even at this age! Why are you sittinglike a corpse? You aren't my son! I wonder if someoneelse sired you! -You ba.

-Father! Get lost! As if he is going toshave his mustache That will never happen Well.

Don't return the stuff.

You will lose your reputation Well, he is an accused When he can liveup to his word.

We are cops! What will happen to our imageif we don't live up to our word? Will they not mistake usfor not following the ethics My aim.

is not to capture his stuff It's to break his imageamongst youngsters.

and turn him into nothing! You carry on! -Seenu, Venkat go get our stuff-Ok chief Greetings If I had shaved off mymustache on your orders.

you will make a video out of it, makeit viral in social media and insult me You'll make me a joker in front ofall the youngsters who work for me So, guess what I did to shave offmy mustache and still be a hero Dad.

you are my hero In order to live like a king.

you would have killed many.

Isn't it? I am your son, Dad I am going to followyour footsteps Do not doubt my mother I was sired by you Yes, Dad I was sired by you, Dad! Now shave that mustache off! The whole area now believes that I shavedmy mustache to mourn my father's death Let me get hold of the stuff.

the real hunt will begin after that You, blue shirt! Come here Where is Babji's house? Go straight, take left andall the houses belong to him Fine.

Take a hike! Dude, did you recognize the curlyhaired baboon inside the car? If henchmen like him are going to Babji'shouse, then guess what's going to happen Someone's going to getkilled today here I had prayed to offer rituals for LordMuruga if my son's leg gets cured His leg got cured hence I'mperforming the rituals What about you? I prayed to offer rituals ifmy daughter gets a nice groom Please make way for thedevotees with piercings If you are done praying,please keep moving Please do not crowd here Ladies, please takecare and stay alert Kumaraswamy sir hasentered the temple Beware of chain snatchers The Lord has possessed him! Yes! Come on, do the ritual Hail Lord Muruga! Move! Make way! Move! Hey, you heard me! Make way! Hey, watch out.

Make way! Our boss is on his way!Make way! You, move aside! If Kumaraswamy comes from the topof the tower, we'll handle him Indeed! If he comes from the other side,Kumar's gang will deal him -Who's that?-Who is disturbing us? Will your Lord Muruga kill me? Kumaraswamy sir has nowpassed the temple flag Don't you worry! Who is giving therunning commentary? Kumaraswamy can't do athing if he shows up! Ask him to show up at once! Kumaraswamy sir is offering his prayerto the final set of nine Gods -Do you have the weapon?-No! We don't have any When we have sucha huge weapon.

and you say we don't have any? There is some problem happening outside.

Please come soon and take a look Please forgive me, God!I am going to break my fast God doesn't exist.

Not even spirits Remove your garland If I break my offering,they would believe you don't exist.

Please prove yourexistence, God! Dear Lord! I beg toreveal yourself! To protect us,I call upon you, Lord Velan! I call upon you, Lord Muruga! Hey, Kumaraswamy has beenpossessed by the Lord himself Hail Lord Kandhan! Hail Lord Velan!Hail Lord Murugan! "An arrogant fellow!Arrogance runs in his blood!" "An arrogant fellow!Arrogance runs in his blood!" "An arrogant fellow!Arrogance runs all over him!" "An arrogant fellow!Arrogance runs in his blood!" "Oh dear Lord,you are our hero!" "Please rush and help us" "Demolish all the demonsand sacrifice them" "Put an end to the evil andfree us from it's clutches" "An arrogant fellow!Arrogance runs in his blood!" "An arrogant fellow!Arrogance runs in his blood!" Don't let Lord calm down! Look over there! Lord Muruga! "Oh dear Lord! Oh dear Lord!" "Please hear our criesand come down dancing" "Come down andget rid of the evil" "Come downand put an end to our misery' "Keep bashing the demonsuntil they stop coming" "Bust them up and dispersethem all around!" "You are a one man armythat the demons fear" "Rip them apart andput an end to them" "Erase all the sins" "Please end the ghosts of ourpast for once and for all!" "Oh dear Lord,you are our hero!" "Please rush and help us" "Demolish all the demonsand sacrifice them" "Put an end to the evil andfree us from its clutches" "An arrogant fellow!Arrogance runs in his blood!" "An arrogant fellow!Arrogance runs in his blood!" -Hail Lord Kandhan!-Hail Lord Muruga! -Hail Lord Muruga!-Hail Lord Muruga! -Hail Lord Velan!-Hail Lord Muruga! -Hail Lord Kadamban!-Hail Lord Muruga! Let's go! How about making her run naked onthe streets in front of the public? No one would notice thesekind of genders-less naked How dare you talk ill of me! You are gender-less, who like a cowardmixed drug in my tea to kidnap me Even after Kumaraswamy sirinsulted him so bad.

why do you guys still want to work underhim.

I warn you, it's time to leave him! Mind it you gender-less guys! What bad times are we living in? A lady kills her husbandto elope with her lover! Every day starts withsuch crappy incidents! I hate this policeprofession, Kumaraswamy! Babji! Listen, you brave heart! You caught an evidenceagainst me, the stuff Instead of pressing charges on'Thuppu' Babji for smuggling drugs.

and throwing me inside prison.

You showed off! Now, look what all you haveto see and go through! Here, watch this Now, it's turn for the publicto watch it and have a laugh If you don't want me to record thisand make it viral in Youtube.

then you must tie myshoe lace in the public! Sir, I have facedworse in this society I'll just considerthis as one among them My own brothers haveinsulted me many times You are the only personwho respected me, sir! Sir, I don't want youto lose your respect Shut up! If Kumaraswamy doesn'ttie my shoe lace.

make her run on thestreets naked You better finish himoff in an encounter We'll face the issues later We don't have any evidence, sir If I wanted to kill him, Iwould have done it long back So, are you going totie his shoe lace? It'll be a sin if Idon't do this for her My dear people! Your inspector Kumaraswamy, whomyou think has a brave heart! In sometime,he'll come here and.

tie my shoe lace! It will be an awesome sight Are you ready to witness it? No ticket fee.

It's absolutely free! Wear your cap and.

tie my shoe lace! Sir, Seenu's mother's roosterthat went missing.

is recovered from Babji's car! I am going to arrest Babji under thecharges of stealing the rooster! Babji! Wear that cooler! I said, wear it! Move! Take it! All hail Lord Muruga! According to IPC section 309.

under the charges of stealingKanagadurga's rooster.

'Thuppu' Babji alias Babji.

is subjected to a jail sentence ofseven days and a fine of 100 rupees Latha.

Yes sir? -Did you read the news?-No, what is it, sir? 'Famous thug Babji, arrested underthe charges of stealing a rooster' 'He has taken oath to grow mustache onlyafter taking revenge on Kumaraswamy' 'This case is being fought at the RangaReddy district court in Hyderabad' 'It seems using the money he gotfrom selling the rooster.

' ' he bought landsand many bungalows' 'People are not just gossiping aboutit, but cursing him too' Really? He is provoking you Let's leave You abused a police onduty using profance words I arrest you for insulting thepolice and the department You can't arrest himjust like that! We need evidence We do have.

Shall I show you? Dear.

come out with the evidence! Evidence! We haveeverything recorded! What does he mean?The law sucks! Come on! Do something! Under the charges ofinsulting a government servant and abusing using profane words and under IPC section 294.

the accused is subjected toa jail sentence of 30 days and a fine of 500 rupees No! Maintain silence here We'll handle themafter going out of here Babji, they will tryto provoke you! They will frame you again Just eat this beedaand keep chewing it Come on! Don't look at them -Will the case get over today?-Look, it's the rooster thief Oh yeah! Sir.

your shoe lace is undone Ask someone to tie it No Babji! Uh-oh! Bloody nonsense! Who did that? Go, find out! Under the charges of takingrevenge on the Judge Sebastia for sentencing you to prison by spitting beeda all over him, I punish Babji with a penaltyof seven days in prison What are you fillingup my jeep with? Babji.

why did you challenge Kumaraswamy sir that you'll tie a Saree ifyou lose your reputation? You forgot about that but the people in your locality They have sent 1500sarees to jail I heard you couldn't sleepat night and were lamenting? The jailor told me I haven't slept forthe past 28 days My head is aching! Kumaraswamy had this disease.

and now he gave it to me Obviously, instead of finishinghim off in the beginning.

you wanted to match neck to neck withhim and now you have become a dummy! Stop the car! Get down! I know you've done nothing so far!I have been noticing Don't mess things up in anger You are already provoked.

See that? You can't win over anyonewith so much anger! Mujeep.

I didn't come in the jeep today Can you drop me in your cycle? Ok.

Sure I got hold of 10 vehicleswithout license at the junction Including dad's bike I came by to inform that Why aren't you lookingat me while talking? Your are doing some mistake What happened? What did I do? Why should I be afraid tolook at you and speak? Then look at me I said, look at me Forgive me I cannot be a fakeperson in front of you I met my friends on my way here I couldn't prevent myselffrom talking to them Oh, come on.

Is thatwhy you're crying? Crazy fellow.

They are your friends andyou can talk to them whenever you wish I never stopped you They have also changed They had Babji's photo as theirwhatsapp display picture Guess, whose photo theyhave as their display? Their mother's photo You don't get it They are deceiving you by changingtheir whatsapp display photo They haven't changed yet You are too honest and genuine They are bad butthey are my friends Babji has ordered to finishyou off before morning The guys have askedme to join them They threatened to cut myfriendship if I don't go Brother.

I am not abiding byBabji's words.

but just obeying my friends I'm going Please forgive me You must shed tearsonly after my death! Here, it's for you I will torture youevery single day Try your best and just turn oneyoungster like me into a good person I promise I'll letyou sleep peacefully Happy Diwali! Turn one youngster into a good person andI promise I'll let you sleep peacefully Everyone here sent me sarees andasked me to dress up like a woman Let's fight eachother one on one I'll finish you off and.

prove that I am the real man! Your BP is dropping below 40! You will easilyforget everything now Answer me now, what'syour mother's name? Unable to say it? In sometime, you'llforget your name too! But you shouldn't forget my name Now, watch me! Go, die! What happened? Is it paining Open your eyes and look! Do you see me? I am going to finish offsomeone with my bare hands those who want to see hisface for the last time, go ahead! You people may starthis final rites A bulb, what are yougonna do with it? I told you.

that I'll strip youand insult you! Nobody should close their eyes Here, watch yourInspector Kumaraswamy Let's check if heis, indeed, a male Check it out! How dare you raise hands on him? We won't let anyonetouch our brother! What's wrong with you guys? Is he your brother? My dear, he isnothing but a dummy! He is the real man! You are nothing! They shut down theirshops fearing you But when we slit hisstomach on your orders.

everyone here shut down theirshops out of love, to meet him! If these idiots and fools shutdown their shops for him.

then that makes himthe real man here? Why are you guys supportingsomeone who's going to die soon? Now, that's a blunder, my dear Your Kumaraswamy is a dummy! You are going to die with him! Our brother hadchallenged you.

that he'll break your limbs andmake you beg in the streets Which is why we aresparing your head! NEWS: 16 youngsters, who worked as arogue under Babji, have surrendered Corrupt people have beenleading a successful life.

but a good person faces failures That's why, today's youngsters,lead a corrupt life Next generation is travelingon a dangerous path To stop this, if you notice anygood person, please make him win This is, not just a good deedfor us but also our nation From now on, you guysaren't just my brothers.

but Friends of Police! Sir, here is their uniform As you promised, my son has reformed Here, sir My mother.

Hername is Shakuntala Brother.

You are great Forgive me, brother I am the one at fault I won't trouble you henceforth! You may sleep peacefully The department appreciates Mr.

Kumaraswamy for arresting Babji and controlling the crime rate in the city and promotes him as the newassistant commissioner of police I am going to sleep.

Lower the volume259602:33:21,904 –> 00:00:00,000You all leave.

Go to sleep.