Hi, my name is Luz Luis, and I'm here to tellyou how to donate your old car to charity.

There's probably no better way to get ridof an old car than give it to a charitable organization.

It's a socially responsibleway of recycling, and also benefiting a local charitable mission in your area with a carthat you don't know what to do with.

It's really easy to donate a car, but the firststep is actually choosing the charity that you'd like to benefit.

You're going to needto find that charity, call em' on the phone, and ask em' if they accept old cars.

You haveto give em' the year, make, and model of the car, and make sure that that old car is acceptableto their organization.

Usually, that charity will have a special 1-800 number or a website,but again, you want to get that phone number and the website from the charity itself.

Inchecking out the charity you want to make sure that at least seventy five percent ofthe sales proceeds of your vehicle go directly to that organization.

Never donate to a charitythat is accepting less than seventy five percent of the sales proceeds.

There's a lot of forprofit lookalike charity organizations who will take your car, especially your old car,but they're not really benefiting the charities more than five and ten percent.

You want tomake sure that the charity's receiving less than, no less than seventy five percent ofyour car donation.

They'll probably want you to find a title.

Sometimes, vehicles olderthan twenty five years old may not have titles in the state where you're wanting to donateyour car, so again, contact the charity and ask if the year, make, and model of your vehiclerequires a title for donation.

But, in most cases you will need to find the title evenfor an old car that doesn't run.

So, call the charity that you'd like to donate yourcar to, get the phone number and the website from them, ask if they'll accept a car olderthan whatever the year of your vehicle is, and go through the donation process by submittingyour name, address, year, make, and model of the car, and the contact name and addressof where the vehicle is located.

And then, they'll give you instructions about how tohandle the title.

But, the most important thing is make sure to sign the title on theback side; excuse me, or on the title to release your ownership of the car, and then make surethat the buyer or the new owner section is filled out with the name of the charity youintend to donate.

So again, to donate an old car just make sure that the charity acceptsa car of your make, and the the particular year, make, and model you're intending todonate.

Make sure that you like that charity, and you believe in their charitable program,and that they're accepting at least seventy five percent of the proceeds of the sale ofyour vehicle.

And then, go through their donation process by submitting your donation informationand submitting your title.