Hi, my name is Luz Luis and I'm here to tellyou how to donate a car a non running vehicle to a charity.

The most important thing isyou need to call the charity on the telephone and ask if they take cars that don't run.

There are some organizations that only take running vehicles.

So, usually contacting themby phone or if they have on their websites a place for you to submit a question, youmight ask them right off that if they take a car that doesn't run.

Then from there, thedonation process is generally the same.

If they do take your car whether it runs or not,they're probably going to give you a phone number a 1-800 phone or a website of whereto submit your donation information and that includes who's going to get the tax receipt,the address where they're going to mail the receipt.

They want to know the year, makeand model of the car anything about the car's condition including the fact of whether ornot it runs.

If it has wheels, they'll need to know the contact information of who tocall to go out and pick up the vehicle and the location of where to get the car.

Thenthey will ask you to sign over the title.

Generally, running or not, charities willneed the title to accept a vehicle donation.

The charity will ask you to sign your nameand date your signature and they will ask you to put the charities name in the buyerof the new owner section.

So, again call your charity of choose.

Make sure that they acceptnon running vehicles if your car doesn't run.

You'll still need a title for the vehicleand then call to get the details about how to donate either 1-800 number or their website.