Hi, my name is Luz Luis, and I'm here to tellyou how to donate your car, to Habitat for Humanity, building affordable housing forlow income families.

The most important step in donating your car, to Habitat for Humanity,is to find your title.

Then, you need to call 1-877-277-4344, or go online to carsforhomes.

Com,that's carsforhomes.


With your title, you'll need to sign, to release your ownershipof the car, and make sure to write Habitat for Humanity in, as the buyer or the new owner.

Never leave this section on the title blank.

Once you've contacted Habitat for Humanity,at carsforhomes.

Com, they'll ask you a series of questions.

Whose name goes on the tax receipt?What kind of vehicle is it? Year? Make? Model? Condition of the vehicle? They'll want toknow where to go and pick up the car, and if the contact number is different, than theperson who is going to receive the tax receipt, so simply find your title.

Call 1-877-277-4344,or go online at carsforhomes.

Com, with your title in your hand, and answer the questions.

They'll ask you the questions, you'll donate the car, you'll get a tax receipt, and theHabitat for Humanity, will sell your vehicle for funding, to build affordable housing,for low income families.