Hi my name is Luz Luis and I'm here to tellyou how to donate a car to charity.

The first thing you'd like to do is pick the charitythat you'd like to receive your car donation, call the charity yourself, make sure thatthe charity benefits a mission, a charitable mission that you'd like to donate to.

Askthat charity what percent of their proceeds go directly to fund their programs and whatpercent pays for administrative cost.

You really do not want to donate to any organizationthat has an administrative cost more than 25 percent.

Once you've established that that'syour charity of choice then you'll want to ask if they accept your car donation.

You'llalso want to ask what percent of the sale of your donated vehicle will actually benefitthe charity.

Again, never donate your car to a charity that does not give more than75 percent of the proceeds of the sale of your car to that charity.

There are a lotof organizations that look like charities that are not, they're for profit organizationsaccepting your car donation and giving 5 to 10 percent of your car donation to a charity.

So make sure to call a charity that you want to donate, make sure that that car goes directlyto the organization that you choose to donate to.

That charity will probably give you a1800 number or a website.

You'll want to get your title of ownership for your vehicle andthen go to the website or call the phone number that that charity gave you to submit yourdonation information.

They'll ask you information like, whose name goes on the tax receipt,what kind of car is it, year, make and model, they might ask you the VIN number for thevehicle, they'll ask you the condition of the vehicle, and also contact informationso that they can go get the car.

They'll need to know the contact phone number and the contactaddress.

Once they have the information, generally it's about 2 to 4 days to go out and pickupthe vehicle.

They'll want you to sign the title over directly to the charity.

Neverleave the title blank.

Sign to release your ownership of the car, date your signatureand make sure that the buyer section or the new owner section of the title says the nameof the charity that you're choosing to donate your car to, never leave this blank.

So again,find your charity, call the charity directly, ask them questions about their charitablemission and how much goes to their charitable mission.

Get the phone number for the cardonation agency directly from that charity, and then follow their instructions.

Make sureto stay close to the charity and keep in contact with them until you have your receipt in yourhand for your tax deduction.

If you itemize on your taxes, generally you can use thatas a charitable donation.