Hi my name is Luz Luis I work for the NationalKidney Foundation providing funding for dialysis and transplant patient services, medical researchand community education to promote organ donation and prevent further instances of kidney failure.

I'm here to tell you today about how to donate your car to the National Kidney Foundationfor a tax deduction.

The most important thing to do is find the title to the vehicle.

You'llneed to have the title to be able to transfer ownership of your car to the Kidney Foundation.

So find the title and then simply go to kidneycars.

Org on-line or you can call the Kidney Foundationat 1-800-488-Cars, but you're going to submit some information to the Kidney Foundation,like whose name will go on the tax receipt, the year, make and model of the vehicle, thecondition of the vehicle, pickup information so that we know where to go to get the car,and then they're going to give you instructions about how to sign the title.

It's very importantto make sure that you sign the title with your signature, date your signature and tofill National Kidney Foundation out in the buyer or the new owner section of the title.

Never leave this portion of the title blank.

This year celebrates Kidney Cars 25th anniversary.

And Kidney Cars is the countries largest most substantive program for car donations, it'sAmericas number one choice.

So to donate your car to the Kidney Foundation you can donateon-line at Kidneycars.

Org or call 1-800-488-Cars.