Hi, my name is Luz Luis and I am with theNational Kidney Foundation and I'm going to be giving you a few tips about how to donatea car in New York.

The first most important step is to choose a charity.

Call the charityon the phone, ask them what their charitable mission is, find out how much money they spendon their programs, and how much goes to overhead.

You really shouldn't donate to any charitythat has more than a twenty-five percent overhead.

Also ask them if they take car donations,and then ask 'em what that process is for car donation.

Then you follow their instructions.

Usually they'll give you a one-eight-hundred number or a website where you can donate.

You go to the website that they refer you to.

You probably shouldn't get a website ora phone number out of the newspaper or off of the Internet without first confirming withyour charity of choice that that is in fact their car donation site or the car donationphone number.

The next step is probably to get your title.

You will need a title to donatea vehicle.

If you don't have a title, most of the time you can go to the DMV in yourarea, or even the DMV website and apply for a duplicate title.

When signing over a titleto the charity, you'll need to make sure that you sign your name and date your signatureto release ownership, and very importantly, you'll need to make sure that the buyers sectionor the new owner section of the title has the name of the charity that you're goingto donate to.

Never leave that portion of the title blank.

Then simply follow the directionsthat they give you.

Usually you're going to have to give the name of the person who'sgoing to get the tax receipt, give some information about the vehicle like the year, make andmodel of the vehicle, what's wrong with the car, and then once the information's submitted,they're going to call you back and make arrangements to come out and pick up the vehicle.

Dependingon the charity, it's usually two to four days to go out and pick up the vehicle.

If youchoose to donate your car to the National Kidney Foundation which is the country's oldestand most substantiated car donation program, all you need to do is call 1 (800) 488 CARS,or you can donate on-line which is actually very simple.

It's kidneycars.


And again,you get out your title, you submit the information, they'll come out and get the car and thenyou can get a receipt that you can use for your tax purposes, if you itemize on yourtaxes, you can use it as a tax deduction.

So again, to donate your car to the KidneyFoundation, you could call 1 (800) 488 CARS or donate on-line at kidneycars.