Hi, my name is Luz Luis, and I'm here to tellyou how to donate a car to charity in Michigan.

The first and most important step is to decidewhich charity you're going to donate to.

Make sure to call that charity on the phone, andyou want to ask questions like, "What is your charitable mission? What percentage of yourproceeds actually benefit your charitable mission?" You never want to donate to a charitywho has an administrative overhead of more than twenty five percent.

So you need to makesure that at least seventy five percent of all of their funding goes to fund their charitablemission.

Then ask if they take cars as charitable gifts, as charitable donations.

Then, findout from them if they have a different phone number or a website that you need to visitin order to submit your car donation.

The second most important thing is to find yourvehicle title.

They're going to ask you to sign the title over, to release your ownershipof the car, and make sure to put the name of that charity here in the buyer's sectionor the new owner's section.

You should never leave the buyer or the new owner section blank,it should always have the name of the charity that you're going to be donating to righthere.

Then you go to the phone number or the website that the charity has instructed youto submit your information to.

They're going to ask you questions like, "Whose name goeson the tax receipt?" The year, make and model of the vehicle.

And whether or not the carruns.

They're going to ask you who to call to go and pick up the vehicle, and the vehicle'slocation.

Once they have that information, then they'll call you to come and get thevehicle, and they'll write you a receipt for your tax purposes.

To donate to the NationalKidney Foundation, the country's largest and most substantive car donation program in thecountry, celebrating this years twenty fifth anniversary of the Kidney Kars Program, it'svery simple.

You can call 1-800-488-KARS, or donate on line at kidneycars.


And thenjust be sure to stay in contact with the charity that you're donating to throughout the donationprocess until you have your tax receipt.