Hi, my name is Luz Luis.

I work for the NationalKidney Foundation and I'm.

Would like to give you some tips about how to donate yourcar in the Dallas area.

The most important thing is to choose your charity.

Make surethat if you find their phone number in the phone book or on the Internet that you callthem before you donate.

Make sure that they do accept car donations, and then you canask questions like what percent of the proceeds fund their programs.

Ask what their programsare.

You should never donate to a charity that spends less than seventy-five percentof all of their money on their programs.

Overhead for a charity should never be more than twenty-fivepercent.

Then ask that charity how to donate the car.

They'll either take the vehicle donationon the phone or on from their website, or they might have a donation processing center.

But make sure to get the phone number and the website for that charity's processingcenter from the charity.

If you're donating to the National Kidney Foundation, which isthe countries largest donation, car donation program, all you need to do is call 1 (800)488 CARS or you can donate on-line at kidneycars.


You need to make sure that you do have a titlefor a vehicle, and if you don't, you can either go to the DMV, or go on-line and apply fora duplicate title, usually for a few dollars, and within a week, any state can produce aduplicate title.

Once you do have the title, you need to sign your name on to release yourownership of the vehicle and make sure that the buyer section, or the new owner sectionof the, of the title has the name of the charity.

Never leave the title blank.

Make sure thatthe charity that you wish to benefit's name is on the title at the time of donation.

Again,if you'd like to donate your car to the Kidney Foundation, call 1 (800) 488 CARS or go todonate on line, very simply, kidneycars.


They'll take thee information.

They'll comeout and get the car and you'll get a receipt that you can use for your tax deduction.