Hi, my name is Luz Luis.

I work for the NationalKidney Foundation and I'd like to give you some tips about how to donate your car inColorado.

The most important thing about donating your car is making sure that the charity thatyou select is a legitimate charity in your area.

If you find the phone number for thatcharity in the phone book or on the Internet, make sure to call before you donate.

Get thelocation.

Ask questions of the charity like how much money of all the proceeds of thedonation of your vehicle go to benefit to that charity.

You shouldn't choose any charitythat will take less than seventy-five percent of the proceeds to directly fund their ownprograms.

Overhead of a charitable organization should not be more than twenty-five percent,so make sure to ask that question.

Ask how they spend the money, what charitable missionsthey are funding.

Once you have decided on the charity, then find your title to the vehicle.

That's the most important step.

Every state has a title.

You want to make sure that yousign the title to release your ownership of the car, and put as the buyer section of thenew owner, the actual charity that you have selected.

Never leave the title blank, andthen call the phone number or go to the website that the charity itself gave to you, and submitthee information.

They'll ask you whose name goes on the tax receipt.

They'll ask the yearmake and model about the car, and some general information about the vehicles condition.

And then they'll call you to come and get the car and once the vehicle has been pickedup, they'll issue you a tax receipt that you can use for your taxes.

If you itemize onyour taxes then you can use this as a tax deduction.

Make sure that you stay in contactwith your, with the charity that you've selected throughout the process until you actuallyhave a tax receipt in your hand.

If you choose to donate to the Kidney Foundation, whichis the country's largest car donation program, simply call 1 (800) 488 CARS, or donate on-line,at kidneycars.

Org, and again that's kidneycars.

Org or 1 (800) 488 CARS.