Hi, my name is Luz Luis, I work for the NationalKidney Foundation and I'd like to give you some tips about how to donate a car in Brooklyn.

The first, most important thing to consider when your donating a vehicle is which charityyou'd like to choose.

Make sure that the charity is in your area, benefits your local areaand call that charity directly.

Try not to get car donation programs out of the newspaper,on the internet without calling the charity itself to make sure that those are legitimatefacilities to donate your vehicle to.

The second thing is to ask the charity how muchof the money that they get from car donations go directly to their programs.

You shouldnever donate a car to an organization that accepts less than seventy-five percent ofthe sales proceeds.

Also, ask the charity what percent of their money goes directlyto their own programs and how much is overhead.

So just be sure to donate to a charity thatis local, that is a charity that you'd like to benefit and that no less than twenty-fivepercent of their overhead goes to pay for their administrative costs.

The second mostimportant thing is to find the title to the vehicle, you'll need to sign the title overdirectly to the charity, never leave the title blank.

So when you sign your title, make sureto release your ownership of the car with your own signature and date your signatureand then make sure that the buyer section or the new owner section of the title hasthe charity's name in there.

If you don't have a title you can go to your local DMVeither on the DMV website, the New York website for the DMV or you can go to your local DMVoffice.

Then you call the phone number that the charity has given you if it's not thecharity itself to give the information about your vehicle, whose name goes on the receipt,what kind of car it is, where that car is located.

And then once they have your information,whether you've submitted it over the phone, by mail or on the internet, they will comeout and get your car and issue you a tax receipt.

Generally, if you itemize on your taxes youcan use the deduction as a tax deduction.

So make sure to contact the charity and stayin direct contact with the charity during the car donation process and make sure thatyour contact with them is good.

As for donating your car to the Kidney Foundation, it's avery simple process.

You can go online to Kidneycars.

Org, to donate online is the fastestand the simplest way to do it but you can also call 1-800-488-CARS.

Those are the KidneyFoundation's numbers, they'll take the information from you over the phone or if you submit itonline and within a couple of days they'll go out pick up the car, write your tax receiptand you can us that deduction on your taxes if you itemize.