Hi! My name is Letizia and this "LAL talked to the world" My God, I feel I was at university just yesterday I thought about continuing my studies abroad, but what English test should I choose? There are a number of English language tests, each with its objectives and structure Which one is best suited to applying for university? Keep watching If you want to study in the United States, the UK or Australia or even some countries that do not speak English.

You will need to prove that your English skills are good enough to keep up with graduate studies There is a wide variety of English tests that demonstrate your competence, but the following tests are the most popular How good are you in reading, listening, speaking and writing in English? The IELTS test will test your abilities and give you a score of 0 to 9 This test has two copies, one public and one academic, so be sure to choose the academic version of your application for admission to the university Uh! You must remember that the IELTS test is widely accepted in the UK, Australia and other Commonwealth countries,.

but there are some universities in the United States that only accept the following tests The TOEFL test is somewhat the opposite of the IELTS test, but it also evaluates the skills of speaking, writing, reading and listening You will find 3 options for the TOEFL test: ITP, IBT and PBT To study abroad, you will need to provide an IBT version, which means "online testing" Although the TOEFL test is widely accepted in US universities, it is not the case in the UK However, if you are considering studying in other countries, such as Canada or New Zealand, it will not be a problem There are 3 Cambridge tests for the English language, different B2, advanced C1 and C2 for efficiency These tests differ from other tests, as described in their names, You choose the appropriate test according to your English language skills and according to the requirements of the university you intend to apply for For example, you know that you have level C1, but you need to level C2 to enter the program you want You will need to prepare for the C2 test.

You will be assigned A, B or C when passing, D, E or U if you fail to test.

The good feature of the Cambridge tests is that they are acceptable in virtually all universities, regardless of their location Once you receive the certificate, you will remain valid for life So what tests do I choose? Well, it all depends on the university's requirements and location If you study in the United States, the TOEFL test may be the right option for you On the other hand, if the university you intend to enter in the UK, you should test the IELTS If you are very confident in your skills and would prefer not to take the English test again, you can pass the Cambridge tests What do you think? Have you conducted any of these tests before? What is the easiest in your opinion? Type it in the comments section Thank you very much for watching this video and do not forget to visit our site and our pages on social networking sites.