Before you choose a university, check ithas everything a university should have.

Was it founded in a year of incomparableprogress when humanity went to space and hatchbacks hit the streets? Is it simultaneously nine minutes from the buzziness of Brighton and zero minutes from the serenity of the South Downs? Does it have the world's most photogenicconcrete sign? Does its Future Technologies Lab program robots to feel the rhythm? Do its students have an always wonderful belief in standing up for what's right? Unlike this 60-year-old-bear, does its 60- year-old-architecture remain as beautiful as it did on day one? Does it have its very own arts centrenamed after Lord Richard Attenborough brother of David, star of Jurassic and former Chancellor of Sussex? Is it in a National Park where you can frolic with the real-life cast of The Wind in the Willows? Does its Students' Union have anever-growing list of societies including this K-pop one? Daebak! Has its staff included three Nobel prize winners, a stoolball champion and the world's best dad? Apparently.

And do its students, staff and lecturers do everything in their power to change things? If a university has all these things then wow.

Just wow.