Half Windsor Necktie Knot[0:00:00] [Music]Start by draping the tie over your neck, adjusting it until the wide end is longer than the narrowend.

Cross the wide end of the tie over the narrowend and then bring it around and behind the narrow end.

Now, you’ll take the wide end over and throughthe opening near your neck.

[Music]Wrap the wide end across the front, then under and through the neck opening.

[Music]Now, pull the wide end of the knot through the loop formed in the front.

Tighten the knot by pulling on the wide endwhile holding the knot until you’re satisfied with the look.

Bring the knot up to your neck by holdingthe narrow end of the tie while pushing the knot up with your other hand.

Your tie should rest between the top and middleof your beltline.

If it’s too short, start over making thenarrow end higher.

If it’s too long, start with narrow endlower.

[Music][0:01:48] End of Audio.