hi Tommy Olsson hey we're profit withTommy how are you in this tutorial I will show you how to set up aweber broadcast abroadcast step by step so here is one of my aweber accounts and to get started setting up a aweber broadcastwe're going to click on create message and I usually use dragon rock in abuilder but you can choose plain text message or if you do thatHTML code and use the HTML editor then create your aweber broadcast that cool and easy to use so I'm gonnause that now as well so now I read the short test message this is not that'sgoing to go out to all my subscriber but just to show you how to set it all upand when he shoves in the headline right Richard down you have two options youcan save it if you continue writing on it later or save and exit so I'm gonnaclick on save and exit the aweber broadcast message I've saved and you can alsofind it there and if you want to eat it it you click there and then you have tosave it again then go to this page but now we're gonna go shion's you can choose to send a testament toyourself to see how it look and you can also choose to add it to a follow-upseries but here we gonna shoes scheduled broadcast to show you how to moveforward so here you see different options for your broadcast if you haveconnected your Facebook and Twitter you can eat it there if you want to share onTwitter and fit and you just choose like this for instance it's my fan page so Ican choose that but I'm not gonna post it there now so I'm going to change itback to do not close but you can choose your own profile the woman shows thisand here I have my Twitter profile and you can tell me also for you it's minebut I'm not gonna post it so I can see it but if you want to add your profilesyou just simply click on apply and the settings for this one is immediately butyou can click on here to choose the time zone that the day and you wanna send itout and everything you can shoot stay in time so long he asyou can see but I'm gonna use and immediately so I'm gonna close this automations where you set up can set upnumerous broadcast I'm not gonna use that but then you just click on yeah Iforgot that's alright here you can choose if you have multiplelists that you want to send it down to or you want to send out to just one andit's like I do now my test list you just click this button here and then you markthe list you want to send it out to or you can click exclude subscribers onthis list you can choose what you wanna what settings you wanna have but anywaylet's go back to sending this out yes unless it's now and here I asked if I'm sure to send itnow if you are sure then just click concern now and then I will go to my page the startpage you can see it's in progress of sending out and when it's it's sent outto everyone you will see the stats Oh many have opened it how many I click anylink inside and so on and you can see the percentage choose to see thepercentage of all subscribers I clicked or open or you can see the actualnumbers now if you want to learn how to make money as soon as you sending out anemail through a step-by-step blueprint done by a six-figure honor then I highlyrecommend that you click the link below thanks so much for watching make sure tosubscribe to my channel and thanks again for watching bye bye.