According to a new story in the WashingtonPost where the author of this story spoke to at least 15 people close to Donald Trump,including current white house aides and some of his top outside advisors.

These 15 people all said the same thing, andthat is the Donald Trump is telling them he is going to sue the Democrats if they pursueimpeachment.

See what's happening right now as the DonaldTrump is absolutely terrified.

He's terrified that the Democrats are actuallygoing to start an impeachment inquiry for the life of me.

I can't understand why Nancy Pelosi didn'tstart at a month ago, but it is what it is, and here we are and everybody's pushing herand she's acting like she can't hear them.

So we're going to have to talk a little bitlouder to Nancy Pelosi because Trump only gets scared when he knows he's screwed up.

Trump only threatens to sue people to shutthem up because he knows they're going to expose something bad.

Look back at the man's history.

You know the people who have accused him ofsexual assault, oh, he's trying to sue them.

Well, those lawsuits are getting thrown outand he's losing.

Donald Trump always resorts to lawsuits whenhe has nothing else to go on.

You know, forget for a minute that any courtin this country would immediately throw this lawsuit out cause he has no standing.

Just the fact that he is even consideringit, that he's threatening it shows you how terrified he is.

And that gives us even more reason to tryto push speaker Pelosi even further to make these impeachment inquiries start now.

I mean how he admitted to George Stephanopoulosthat he's totally down for some light treason.

What more do you need? All right, we have the obstruction evidence.

We have some of the bank fraud evidence.

You start the inquiry, we can get the restof it as we go in.

The financial crimes alone are worthy of impeachmentand Trump understands that.

He knows this wouldn't end well for him.

And that's why he's threatening a lawsuitthat has no chance of survival.

Now, as I mentioned a second ago, Trump, thelawsuit would get thrown out because he has no standing.

And what I mean is that he has no groundsto file any kind of, you know, legal complaint against Democrats for doing something theyare constitutionally allowed, able and willing to do.

You simply can't do that.

There's no remedy in the constitution fora president to sue a party that runs the house, that opens an impeachment inquiry that itdoesn't exist.

You can't do that.

You would file the suit and it would likelyimmediately get tossed out probably even by your sick offense on the US Supreme Court.

In fact, the only legal mind who seems tothink this is a good idea is Donald Trump's good buddy Alan Dershowitz, and we all knowDershowitz's history and the fact that this man has zero credibility to speak of.

So by all means, Mr President, go ahead andfile your lawsuit, but just be prepared for that thing to get thrown back in your facebecause it will be one of the dumbest law suits the court system in the United Stateshas ever seen.