-President Trump used his tripto Europe to enrich himself as callsfor his impeachment grew louder.

For more on this,it's time for "A Closer Look.

" [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ President Trumpis back in the U.


fresh off his European tour of doing and saying dumb thingsin important places.

[ Laughter ] Whenever Trump goes abroad,it's like seeing all the worst habits of Americantourists rolled into one person.

The only thing he didn't do was show up to the Louvrein sandals and Mickey earsholding a McFlurry.

[ Laughter ] This trip was no exception.

Trump once again broughthis signature weirdness to some of the world'smost famous landmarks.

He gave the Queen another oneof his clammy handshakes.

He went to Buckingham Palaceto re-enact a scene from the movie "Tommy Boy.

" [ Laughter ] And he tried on aWinston Churchill-style bowler hat during an interviewon British television.

[ Laughter ] You know, it's pretty obviousthat British reporters just like to make him do thingsto make him look silly.

[ British accent ] Like,"Right, now, try on this hat.

And now dance,dance with the hat on.

And now give us a little twirl.

Give us a little twirl.

Now you look fancy!" [ Laughter ] You know, I never thought I'dsay this, but your hair looks betterthan you in a hat.

[ Laughter ] You don't look likeWinston Churchill.

You look like Dick Tracyminus the Tracy.

[ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Of course,one of the biggest highlights — One of the biggest highlightsof Trump's trip was his stop at Normandy to commemoratethe 75th anniversary of D-Day.

Now during his prepared remarks, Trump stayed on script and itwas a moving and solemn tribute.

Afterwards however,in an unscripted meeting with French President EmmanuelMacron, Trump tried to describein his own terms the historical significanceof Normandy and he was a littleless specific.

-This was a very special day.

And I want to thank youfor inviting me.

This was something that was — We read about it all our lives,Normandy.

And there were those that sayit was the most important ever.

Not just at that time, but ever.

But it's a very special place.

It's an amazing place.

And it's somewherewhen you think of those places of great importance, this iscertainly one of the top.

In the eyes of summits,the top because of what it meantin terms of the turn-around of a very, very bad situation.

That was the big turn.

-I love how the camera pullsback like it's trying to see if there's someone else in theroom who knows what the [bleep] is going on.

[ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] I mean, he sounds likehe's doing voiceover for the History Channel, but then he spilled coffeeon his script.

[ Laughter ] And then there was Trump's tripto Ireland where he met withthe Irish Prime Minister and discussed the impactof Brexit on the border between Ireland and the independent republic inNorthern Ireland, which is part of the U.


Right now, there'san open border there.

The absolute last thinganyone wants there is a wall.

So naturally,Trump said something about having a wall there.

A comment that was so dumb, the prime minister of Irelandhad to correct him.

-I think it will all work out,it will all work out very well.

And also for you with your wall,your border.

I mean,we have a border situation in the United Statesand you have one over here.

But I hear it's goingto work out very well.

I think it is supposedto work out well.

It's going to work outvery well here.

-The main thing we want toavoid, of course, is been to border our wall between —No.

I think you do.

I think you do.

The way it works now is good.

You want to try to keep itthat way.

-I love when Trump pretends he knew the right answerthe whole time.

[ As Trump ] You need a wall.

[ Irish accent ]We don't want a wall.

[ As Trump ]No, yeah, you don't, no.

No, I knew that.

I was testing you.

You pass.


[ Laughter ] You passed.

I'm smart, and you passed.

[ Normal voice ] Seriously,this guy is unbelievable.

These countries are in themiddle of an extremely delicate diplomatic situation involvinga landmark peace accord that ended decadesof sectarian conflict.

And Trump just bursts inand immediately says the wrong thing.

He's the Kramerof international diplomacy.

[ Laughter ] But Trump didn't just goto Ireland — [ Applause ] Trump didn't just go to Irelandto make Brexit bloopers.

He also went there to enrichhimself on the taxpayers' dime by staking yet another oneof his personal properties, a golf course he owns in Irelandcalled Doonbeg.

In fact, "Huffington Post"reported that the trip to his golf course in Ireland added at least another $3.

6million to a taxpayer-funded golf tab that totals nearly $106 millionfrom just two and a half years.

And the resort in Ireland evenbegan posting video of Trump's arrivalaboard Marine One and of him teeing offthe first green in its promotional material.

And on top of that,they charged us for the hat.

[ Laughter ] Trump also toted his weird adultsons around him even though.

[ Laughter ].

They don't workfor the government and they runthe family business, which is supposed to beindependent from the White House.

They were even posting Instagramphotos from the trip like this shot Don Jr.

postedfrom Buckingham Palace.

Once again, why do these guysstand like such weirdos? [ Laughter ] Did he forget to take the hangerout of his jacket? He's like an alienwho crash-landed on Earth and learned how to stand upstraight by looking at a Ken doll.

[ Laughter ] I've seen dogsthat look more natural standing on their hind legs.

[ Laughter ] [ Applause ] Even if you put asidethe 400 page Mueller report and the mountains of evidencethat Trump obstructed justice, Trump's self-dealingshould be a huge scandal.

The president is enrichinghimself on the taxpayers' dime and mixing his personal businesswith the government.

Compare that to previouspresidents who went to great lengths to separatethemselves from their businesses in order to avoid eventhe appearance of a conflict of interest.

-Jimmy Carter famously put hispeanut farm into a blind trust to avoid any suggestionthat he might ever implement a policy that would benefithimself financially.

-Jimmy Carter put his peanutfarm in a blind trust.

Could you imagine if Trumphad a peanut farm? He'd be holding rallies there and selling jarsof peanut butter with the presidential sealon them.

I mean, he already looks likea peanut company mascot.

[ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] If you ask Trump if the borderwall would be made of steel or concrete, he'd say we'remaking the wall out of.

-Peanuts! -In many ways, this is all partof the same story with Trump.

Whether it's his self-dealing or the 400 pages of evidencein the Mueller report, Trump's main interestis always enriching himself.

And now, there's increasingpressure from Democrats in Congress in runningfor President to begin impeachment hearings.

Massachusetts Senator ElizabethWarren made her case for impeachment againduring a town hall last week.

-Do you believe still thatimpeachment is the right path forward and why or why not?-Yes, I do.

[ Cheers and applause ] The Mueller report came out and the afternoon it came out, Isat down and started reading it.

And I read it all afternoon, I read it all night, I read itinto the next morning — All 448 pages.

Donald Trump as Presidentdelayed, deflected, moved, fired, and did everythinghe could to obstruct justice.

If he were any other personin the United States, based on what's documentedin that report, he would be carried outin handcuffs.

Now –[ Applause ] -I love that she said Trumpwould be carried out because you know that's how theywould have to do it.

[ Laughter ] If the feds ever came for Trump, he would lie down on the floorlike a kid who doesn't wantto go to school.

And they'd have to lift him outwith a crane like when they transferbeluga whales at SeaWorld.

[ Laughter ] [ As Trump ] Where are yougoing to set me down? [ Normal voice ] And yet in theface of these increasing calls for impeachment, some Democraticleaders in the House, and in particular,House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have been resistant.

Last week, Pelosi tried to mollify calls for impeachment by saying she would rathersee Trump in jail.

-House Speaker Nancy Pelosiescalating her war of words against the president.

"Politico" reporting that duringa meeting Tuesday, she was pressed by JudiciaryCommittee Chairman Jerry Nadler to start impeachmentproceedings.

NBC News has learned froma congressional source in the room, Pelosi then saidabout the president, "I don't want to see himimpeached.

I want to see him in prison.

"-What does that mean? If you think there's enoughevidence to put him in jail, then there is enough evidencefor him to lose his job.

If you caught an employeestealing cash from the register, you wouldn't say,"You'll go to jail for this! But until that day, I'll see youat the company picnic!" [ Laughter ] Now it will not shock you tolearn that after that comment, Trump and his allies lashed outat Pelosi.

First, Trump himself attackedher in a series of tweets and an interview on Fox News.

-"Nervous Nancy Pelosiis a disgrace to herself and her family for having madesuch a disgusting statement, especially since I was withforeign leaders overseas.

" -I think she's a disgrace.

I actually don't thinkshe's a talented person.

She is a nasty, vindictive,horrible person.

But Nancy Pelosi,I call her Nervous Nancy.

Nancy Pelosi is a disaster.

And she made a statement.

It was a horrible, nasty,vicious statement.

-When you were overseas.

-While I'm overseas.

Now if I made any statementabout anybody, it would be like a — why wouldhe do that when he's overseas? -You're doing it right now![ Laughter ] You just did it.

Trump does this weird thingwhere he predicts headlines as he's making those headlines.

It's like a local news reporterholding a match and a bottle of keroseneover a graphic that says "House fire inthe Bronx.

More at 11:00.

" [ Laughter ] Also, you call her"Nervous Nancy?" You sweat likea high school sophomore who crapped his pantsin math class and just got calledto the chalkboard.

Then there was Trump boosterSean Hannity who without a hint of ironyclaimed Pelosi had gone too far by calling for Trumpto be jailed.

-Speaker Pelosi now apparentlytelling senior Democrats she would like to seeTrump behind bars.

Based on no actual crime, she wants a political opponentlocked up in prison? That happens in bananarepublics.

Beyond despicable behavior.

-Hey, man, where were you during all those"Lock her up" chants? Oh, right, you wereat those rallies! [ Laughter ]I mean, look at these two.

This looks like the endof one of those fundraisers where they auction off a datewith two bachelors nobody wants to bid on.

-[ As Trump ] $10, $5.

I'll wear my tiny tuxedo.

[ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ]Impeachment will give Democrats the opportunity to marshalall the evidence against Trump in public and tell a storyabout his corruption that ties everything together.

Because right now, Trump isobstructing and stonewalling Congress on almost every front.

All he's giving them is — -Peanuts! [ Laughter ]-This has been "A Closer Look.

" [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪.