Donald Trump is still furious.

That RepublicanRepresentative Justin Amash is still saying Donald Trump should be impeached.

So Trumphas reached out to some friends of his first and foremost, vice president, Mike Pence,also representative Mark Meadows from North Carolina, the guy who actually cofounded thehouse freedom caucus with Justin Amash.

And of course Amash announced this past Mondaythat he is leaving the freedom caucus because let's face it, the freedom caucus is basicallynuts.

Amash has had his eyes opened a at least a little bit at least enough to see that,wow, you guys really need to get your act together.

So I'm out.

And Trump has also beentalking with GOP chairwoman, Ronna Romney McDaniel, and here's the thing, they're alltalking about ways to support a primary challenger for Representative Amash head of the 2020election.

Although they're not even certain at this point that Justin, a representativeimage is going to run again.

In fact, they're actually more concerned aboutthe fact that he may run as some kind of a spoiler against Donald Trump for president.

Maybe he would primary him in the Republican primary.

Maybe he's gonna run as a libertarian.

Something that Amash himself has not ruled out.

In fact, he said, I have not ruled itout, but all he knows is that yeah, Donald Trump should be impeached because unlike mostother folks, Justin Amash actually read the Mueller report.

Now that is something I do100% agree with representative Amash on what is laid out right there in that Mueller report,those instances of obstruction of justice, that is almost impossible to overlook, right?Democrats in the House of Representatives are likely getting their hands on some ofthat evidence this week.

The DOJ did agree to start turning over some of it, so maybethat is one route for the future, but what I don't agree with here is representativeof Bosh using these calls from peach meant to further his own career.

And right now it does appear that that might be his only goal.

After all, you know, weekor so ago, what was, he went back to Michigan.

He gave a a little rally and he did his, DonaldTrump should be impeached speech.

He got a standing ovation for it.

Even from Republicanswho went in there saying, I don't support impeachment, but left there saying let's impeachhim today.

That's good.


I guess that's kind of what you want in a politician, beingable to change people's minds after a 30 minute rally, getting standing ovations for standingup to your own party.

But the question is this representative of Marsh, where were youfor all these other issues that you should have been standing up to the president on?Not just on the issue of impeachment, not just waiting until the Mueller report cameout.

What about the terrace? What about locking children down on the border in cages?What about his insulting nicknames that he's using for every single person that he dislikeshis on sitting members of Congress, calling them low Iq individuals is saying that theprotestors in Charlottesville, some of them were very fine people were were you on thoseissues? You can't just stand up to somebody when it's politically convenient for you todo so.

And that's what's pissing me off about this.

There have been plenty of times thatany republican could have stood up to.

Donald Trump had said, what you're doing here iswrong and I'm not going to support it.

But instead, all too often, you know, whetherit's your Jeff flakes, are you Susan Collins, even you're John Mccain, God rest his soul.

They would talk a big game.

But when they had the opportunity to actually stand up tothis jackass, every one of them back down and Amash knows that impeachment can't succeedright now.

So why not go out there and call Ford? Youknow, it's not going to happen.

It makes you look like a hero and you don't ever have toface any of the actual consequences for it unless of course, Trump and pence and meadowsand a McDaniel are successful in finding somebody to primary you in 2020 something that McDanieltechnically by, uh, her party's own rules is forbidden from doing.

But Donald Trumpdoesn't really care about rules.

So he's still allegedly talking to McDaniel about how toget you out of the House of Representatives.

And I gotta be honest, man.

I know any Republicanthat replaces you would be even worse.

But if you're not going to stand up to DonaldTrump and all these other issues, and if you're only going to say, oh, Mueller report saysbad, so Trump bad.

Now everything this man has done since coming in the office has beenbad.

Americans are suffering, migrants are suffering here on American soil.

That's allhim too.

So if you're going to stand up to him, stand up to him for all the issues, notjust the one that you think is going to earn you a few extra political points.