Hi boys and girls Peppa pig goes camping Hey Dino pals, this is toy rexs here.

Let's see what toy surprise we have today Hello Peppa Pig.

I have a special Surprise for you.

What's the surprise daddy pig, haha, let's all go camping with the Peppa Pig camping car It's a Peppa Pig transforming camper van Peppa's camper van is so awesome.

You can open and go inside and this is where daddy pig sits to drive the van Let's open this camper van Wow the camper van is so awesome and here are the parts Cheers Peppa Pig she's wearing a red shirt with a yellow handkerchief Let's see who's going camping with Peppa This is George, he's wearing a blue shirt And it's daddy pig, haha, he's got a camera He's ready to take some really nice photograph And this is mama pig she has an orange dress with flowers Here are some shares And here is a fire so we can make marshmallows yum yummy Let's look at Peppa pig's camping, then it's yellow and red and it can open Wow So pretty The floor is purple and inside is a kitchen and this is where peppa pig keeps all her toys There is George's dinosaur Peppa Pig teddy bear There's a teacup so Peppa can make Tea and there's a yummy yummy strawberry cake Wow, there's a pizza too awesome And we can even eat corn Pepper can do the dishes Let's open the door with Papa Awesome to get up here.

We need to use a ladder Here's a ladder Peppa.

It goes right here Awesome now Peppa I can go upstairs This is the top of the Camper Van the floor it is Blue and we can build a tent up here for Peppa and George George is inside the tent.

That's awesome It's daddy pig.

Peppa time to go make marshmallows Here are the blue chairs Daddy Pig mommy pig And here is the fire to make marshmallows Okay, Peppa.

Let's make some marshmallows and After here is a swing full so Peppa can go swimming wait we need a slide to jump in the pool, let's go boys and girls Here's the pool.

It'll go right here and This is the purple slide Well, it goes on the top Okay, Peppa, let's go on the slide one two three go papa Wow Now, it's George's trying to go in the water slide Let's go George one two, three go Good job, George now.

It's daddy One two three job and then we have mommy pig one two, three two Awesome that was sound fun.

Whoa Well, the slide on the camper van was super fun.

Good job Peppa Dinosaur dinosaur.

Oh no boys and girls George lost his dinosaur Can you help Peppa Pig look for George's dinosaur? You will you guys are the best boys and girls.

Let's go, Peppa Pig Well, this is gonna be super duper fun look we can help Peppa Pig Look at George's dinosaur and there's so many awesome cool surprise toys Daddy pig and even Paw Patrol.

Let's open one of these Peppa Pig surprise doors I like spider-man Cool there.

It's spider-man Wow, so cool.

Spider-man is the adventure and this is the green door Okay, Peppa.

Let's open the door.

One, two three Open Sesame Cool Wow We got an awesome Surprise toy, this is spider-man Look, there's Iron Spider man and even Venom wow, so cool.

Let's see what's inside three It's Venom Cool he is wearing a black suit He has white spider.

Venom is really strong and he will he up with spider-man to make a super spider-man team So don't worry.

Peppa venom can be nice too.

Cool Ok, Peppa, let's keep looking One of the members of The Incredibles he wears a red suit With the eye for Incredibles and he wears a mask Because he's a superhero and do you know what – a super ability is – can run really fast Wow Wow – is so fast, he can even run on water.

That's awesome.

Ok, Peppa Let's open this door with – 1 2 3 open super duper fun – and Peppa Pig got a trolls Surprise toy and look here all the trolls.

There's princess Poppy and even Guy Diamond? Let's see which troll we get Here we go Wow, this is so awesome.

We have a pink troll Long pink hair and then this troll is really really shiny That's so awesome boys and girls.

Good job We have to help Peppa look for George's dinosaur.

Which Door should we open up next let's see look here is Mommy pig she's wearing an orange dress This is the orange door Peppa Let's open the door 1 2 3 open Wow What's this It's a crown with diamonds.

It's a crown for Peppa Pig.

Peppa is the princess and look Wow You got another surprise toy.

This is the paw patrol chase chase blue Paw patrol let's go chase one, two, three open.

What's that? Well awesome Golden trophy and Peppa gets the golden trophy because Peppa is the winner just like you boys and girls awesome Ok, let's keep looking for George's dinosaur with Peppa Pig.

This is super duper fun.

Here is Batman This is the Red Door, it's red just like Peppa pig's dress one two, three, go Peppa pig Wow This color is blue It's the Thomas the Train surprise toy.

That's awesome There are so many super cool trains to collect.

Here we go What how there's one and two trains awesome This train is Blue and it's Thomas.

Thomas is dressed up like Batman Batman has a blue mask and he's yellow with blue wheels So cool, and this train is red Harlequin.

Harlequin Let's go Wow Okay, you have to keep looking for George's dinosaur here is the paw patrol and here is a cool sticker of Peppa Pig and George Peppa, and George are using yellow red and blue to draw that looks so fun.

Let's open up this door with Peppa.

One, two three We got a Peppa Pig toys surprise egg super fun one two three Oh Who's this It's Marshall.

He is a Paw Patrol pup.

awesome, Marshall Dalmatian and he wears a red hat.

Cool Paw Patrol is on the roll and here it the paw patrol door Let's open door with Marshall one, two three open Wow Peppa! look Peppa Pig we found George's dinosaur.

You guys are the best Thank you for your help.

Thanks for watching.

Dino pals.

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