How much does Amazon charge sellers To sell on the Amazon platform a lot of you are asking I want to jump into the entire selling on Amazon But I want to know how much do I have to pay in seller fees? How much does Amazon take when the answer is very simple when to answer in this video? Now before we begin make sure to subscribe to the channel because I constantly publish videos like this helping you guys out Giving you tips and tricks.

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I've been selling for years.

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But after that you're going to have to pay $40 per month That's for a professional seller account which most of you are going to take There's another method that's like one dollar per product, which I wouldn't recommend at all because if you sell over 40 products Then you're actually losing money.

So you have to pay $40 per month Wrap the back why because you get a professional selling account That gives you access to a sponsored products just a bunch of other things that regular sellers don't have So it's a constant 40 left for a month.

Nothing more nothing less.

You have to pay that as a Ticket to get into the door to be part of the team if you want to see it that way the second fee involved It's actually three fees.

There's three different kinds of fees at Amazon charges Obviously the first one I just covered the $40 per month or a professional selling account and then second one being selling fees Middleman, whatever you guys want to call it for selling your product on their work on their platform So I did a video on this before but just to summarize real quick Selling fees involves anywhere from about $3 per transaction to probably up to like 50 bucks depending on the product that you're selling because Think about it packaging an item that weighs only a pound is only going to I'm not gonna cost much small.

It's tiny It's lightweight.

It's easy to ship patchy packaging and shipping on an entire swimming pool For example, it's going to be extremely heavy extremely base that's going to cost a lot more.

So that's a fee it's a Really based off your price the weight They show your price it in the price of the item the weight of the item from the size So that's the second famous.

First be like we said, it's the foil s per month.

The second fee is the Selling from the selling fee for your item depending on item.

It's going to vary but it's obviously reasonable because They don't want to discourage sellers from not selling there and going to like Walmart or like some other some other Us Website to sell so that's it's a third fee that you're going to encounter which Naadam a lot of you might not depending On how fast your inventory moves its warehouse fees? So if you have a product in the Amazon warehouse bernal for six months They start charging you fees for storing that item if you have it for over a year.

They start talking even more fees Now recently.

I think it's like an $8.

Yeah a 25 $8.

25 per cubic foot so basically a small area Yes, those feets add up if you have a lot of inventory that's just stale and not moving now if you pick a decent product You should not have that issue because it's going to constantly be moving So you're going to have to ship new inventory in and it resets that limit Okay, so you have to worry about that, but that's just three fees that I miss Eltham charges for sellers Now after covering all these fees, you're probably asking yourself Is there any money left for me at the end of the day the answer is yes, because one think about it $40 Per month is not a lot.

It's like a dollar in something cents per day now Once you started selling you're going to obviously Be profiting way more than a dollar twenty-five cents per day so that gets eliminated off the bat set number two, it's the Fees that they charge you for shipping your item and doing all that Obviously you want to pay that because you don't want to be packaging your item We're having to ship out to the store rushing in the mailbox, you know all that nonsense You don't want to do that You want them to handle that and also that feels a lot of a lot of people don't know this but that theme it directly includes the traffic that Amazon generates So Amazon pays for traffic they pay for advertising this and that to get customers to the website So they're charging you a middleman fee because you're that feet covers the traffic that they're paying for so when you see an Amazon commercial you might be tempted to buy on Amazon and You didn't pay for that as a seller Amazon did what they're doing is they're pushing a wave of customers to the Amazon platform and They're one click away from buying your product.

So not only does that feed cover package packaging shipping the box that they use the Amazon box of tape Obviously and like I said a big one that people don't realize is the traffic you're paying for freight traffic Paying for free traffic.

It kind of doesn't make sense, but you're getting very cheap traffic.

So technically it's free So all you get like six things for like a couple bucks Which it's obviously a great thing because you do not want to do any of that You do not want to buy your own traffic You do not want to package your own items because we want to establish a residual passive income generating business you do not want to be Doing all that when you can have somebody else do it and take care of all the hard grunt work for you Know the last fee.

Like I said, it's warehouse fees True.

Do you worry about that? Not really because say for example, you do have a slow selling product you do manage one of your products is selling very slowly and you have a couple units in the warehouse and then Six-month deadlines coming up with her about a charge.

It's like a cleanup fee that they charge every six months now You have the ability of just living there and taking the hit with the fee or you can get those units sent back to you Which is actually very cheap.

It's like 50 cents per item Compared to how much you're getting charged so you have the ability of taking and paying to get all that shit back to you and then just sending it back in and resetting the limit so it's really up to you You wanna do with that what that's just in case you have a slow selling item if you look at the videos I'm going to teach you guys how to avoid the hello avoid getting slow selling products now in the video on how to avoid getting stuck with slow moving items on Amazon I give you tips on how to take products that are going to sell Constantly so you don't have to worry about that dirt feet, which is warehouse fees.

No Those are the three main fees that Amazon charges now after all these fees are taken into consideration You're thinking oh All my money's gonna go to fees.

I'm not going to sell that doesn't happen because there's still profit to be made after all those fees You're still profiting because you just hiked up your prices a little bit more.

You passed that fee to the customer which It's what Amazon is doing Amazon striking you Passing it to yourself and then you from you as a seller you pass on to your customer and then problem solved you don't have To worry about it.

You're still earning the Profit that you wanted to earn per item So if you're brand new and wondering about all these fees, don't worry about it.

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I've been doing this for years like I said I know everything from the basic stuff to the very advanced like Texas sponsored products Manual campaigns this and that I know every single thing about the Amazon business Amazon and every single thing up to now because there's constantly things being published like Recently there wasn't much long ago.

There's different advertising methods.

There's different enhanced Brent content There's all kinds of different features that Amazon constantly updates.

So I'm gonna top of that I'm here to answer any of your guys's questions.

I hope this video helped you guys out And so with that being said stay tuned till next time.

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