good morning we had an awesome campsitelast night except it was super hot we didn't expect it to be so hot and themoisture level is really high too but overall it was a great camp spot it'sreally quiet as we were going to bed it was after dark a truck pulled up just onthe other side of us over there and as a family of four and they got out and theystarted setting up their tent and everything and we're like tucked backhere in the trees and so they didn't really see us and so I figured if I wasout here and someone else was camping close to me I would rather know who theywere than to just have this mystery personout there and so I got out of the tent and I walked over there and introducedmyself and said hi and everything so in fact that's a good piece of advice isthat if you're out camping you see somebody else just say hi introduceyourself a lot of people just like don't sayanything and it's just kind of awkward so be friendlyI think it'll help you in the long run and I was able to tell him like hey ifyou need anything let me know I feel like if we needed anything now we couldgo to them and ask him but some of you have asked to see more of like our campsites and I can't be in experiences and stuff so this is basically it you cansee the other guys truck over there then we're camp right here this is like thisroad like Anne's right here and tailors hanging out hiChiefs been watching the spiders crawl around there's a bunch of spiders andthen that is actually water so we're right on the edge of a lake come a chief last night we threw the ball for alittle bit and let chief go swimming and you went out quite a ways out into thewater kind of murky so we didn't go swimming but it's actually the start ofhunting season here archery hunting and so we've seen quite a few like huntersgo by in boats and then there's a guy over here that is actuallyhunting and he assumed that we were hunting but I told him that we're not 19I am a hunter but not in Georgia what do you see chieffish big fish just jumped right up there see that yeah it's really pretty here I almost walked right into that spiderweb there's so many spider webs out here spiders on that one wasn't too big but Ijust saw one down by the water just like the body was like that big it was blackand yellow there's another one here if you add the right angle you cansee him fine but if you're at the wrong angle now that I'm looking this way Ican see like a bunch I'm looking into the Sun so there's a bunch of spiderwebsKeith give me your best jump chief come here chief come here sit chiefyeah that was a nice one my time I feel a little better with someone elsecamping here we're talking about that last night I feel a little safer withsomeone else being here I think I get scared of being a host when we're alonebut Co you'd rather happening yeah I was telling Taylor that I I'm more scared ofa human than of an animal like the predator here that would probablydisturb us they probably wouldn't disturb us but if they did it wouldprobably be a bear I think I'm not sure if they have mountain lions here buthumans are more dangerous than animals I feel like so knowing that there's afamily over there that's close by put Taylor at ease a little bit more in factthat we went over in and met them mr.

cool so I might tell them about ouryoutube-channel before we leave and then you guys can check out this video somaybe they're watching so comment down below if you guys are watching and thenmy subscribers you guys can go say hi to them so I'm thinking about doing a videolike top ten truck camping tips that we've learned from you know the lastseven months of camping a lot more than than normal and so these are the thingsthat I've come up with so far so I might do a whole nother video about the youknow top ten tips but I wanted to share with you guys see what you think so onewould be turning the mirror on the side of your truck like turning it out a lotof people know that it turns in but turn it out and use it for a mirror you knowshaving or whatever if you need to having like a micro towel like a reallysmall towel to use using the ice-chest for like a bench for working out or forsitting on like you know using the things you have for multiple purposesthat we just put a bar in the backseat of the truck for a coat rack we haveblocks of wood with us that we use to level the truck if we have to so we'lljust stick the blocks of wood under one tire and then that'll level the trucksat the tents level I could talk about the like the drawer system we set up inthe canopy with all of our storage stuff that time we got stuck in the rain andwe just had the tarp so one thing I learned from that was the park closer totree so this time we parked closer to the trees and it did rain last night butI ended up not using the the tarp at all let's see having a battery backup so ifyou guys saw the video our battery died that was before we got the battery backup and so now we have a jump starter but it would also be nice having anaccessory battery you could just run all your accessories off of and then on thatnote of the battery turning the light in the cab to off because we like open andshut the doors a lot and tonight we'll just leave the doors open and whilewe're walking around and so that'll keep that light from being on the whole timesave some battery installing those lights underneath the truck and LEDsthat we have it just lights up all the ground at night when we're trying to setup camp or or do anything so that's been really nice and then Taylor said have ahappy wife so her it's coffee the ability to make coffee in the morning ishuge for her and then also like we put memory foam in the tent so it's likemore comfortable stuff like that and then the last one I had was having thatair compressor on board I've used their compressor very lotta different thingsnot just for the tires but just like when I was cleaning the brakes or justblowing out different things you can pump up like an air mattress so a lot ofdifferent things so yeah let me know what you think about that we might dolike a top 10 truck camping video when we get some more time and try to pull inclips from like the last eight months so I feel like that'd bekind of cool and that video might do do well we aregetting to the point where we're gonna start cleaning up campwe're headed to Athens Georgia to meet up with Nick and his wife and Nickactually used to live out on the ranch with us and so it'll be really good tosee Nick and get to know him a little bit more cuz I feel like I know a goodamount but this is like his territory you know and then you get to see someonein their natural environment you get to know them a little bit better so excitedfor that so that's what we're doing todayanything else Taylor yeah I think it covered it so you can use the channelpush the subscribe button all the way in and click the bell so you get notifiedwhen we post new videos you guys haven't checked out the ax family hats there's alink down below if you want to buy one and support us we're gonna talk about alittle bit more in the next few videos about just the future of the channel andsupporting us and I told some of you that the job that I have now is endingnext month so I'm trying to figure out what am I gonna do after that happenedso we might set up a patreon account I'm not sure if you're familiar with that goahead and comment down below what you guys think should I set up a patreonaccount should I not let me know what would be the best way for you to supportus to help us keep going so I'll leave you with that hats off to you thank youguys so much for watching.