Hi, and welcome to hoppa's top 10 cheapest destinations of 2017 we have researched over 80 destinations from around the world and gathered prices for typical activities including food, drink and accommodation.

Here we'll be looking at prices per person for the sum of those items.

So without further ado let's dive into the top 10 cheapest destinations of 2017.

Starting off the top ten with Sliema in Malta which averages out at just 51 pounds sixty four pence per day.

The Maltese harbour town boasts one the cheapest places in the world to grab food.

A meal two costing just a little less than eight pounds fifty.

Next stop in 9th we're headed down to south america and mexico city which can cost just 50 pounds 62 per day for a slice of equatorial sunshine consistently cheap prices across the board here but most notable is probably the price of a pint of beer at just one pound 22.

In eighth we're over to East Asia and landing in Manila in the Philippines.

Whilst this island paradise may cost you a bit to get there, once you're there it's really cheap at just 46 pounds 90 per day on average.

If we thought the Mexican pints cheap then the Manilan beer is basically free and just 38 pence a pint.

For number 7 on our list we are up to Europe and stopping off in Kiev Ukraine for just 46 pounds 73 a day with a meal for two coming in at just 9 pounds and a coffee a very modest 94 pence you can have a very civilized and cost-effective time in the Ukrainian capital.

Down to number six and we're back over to East Asia at Siem Reap in Cambodia at only 44 pounds and 89 pounds per day cheap and cheerful across-the-board this beautiful ancient town where the pick of the prices come in the form it's beer again matching Manila for just 38 pence per pint.

We're at the halfway mark in our countdown now and we're at the popular tourist attraction of an Antalya in Turkey for a commendable 43 pounds 97 / day again, equally cheap and cheerful in all areas but it's the alcoholic beverages which do the town the best with a bottle of wine and cocktail averaging out at under a fiver each.

In at four on our penultimate European trip and this time stopping at the capital of Romania, Bucharest, for modest 43 pounds and 87 pence per day which beats antalya by a meagre 6 pence.

Taxi fares some of the cheapest around here for just two pounds sixty five for a five kilometre trip meaning you can see more of the country for less.

Into the business end of the list at number three and it's our final trip in South America down to Cartagena Colombia which can cause just 39 pounds 70 for an average day drinks are where the values sits in Colombia with coffees at one pound 33 beer at one pound 38 and cocktails at just three pounds 98.

At number two we're up to Cairo in Egypt North Africa, again, cheap across the board for one of the hottest destinations our list.

At only 39 pounds and nine pence per person per day, all areas of cost are incredibly good value here meaning you can pick up a decent two course meal for just over 10 pounds, get a taxi back to the hotel for just 89 pence and sleep easy from just 22 pounds 92 pence per person.

Cairo is a great escape for the cost-conscious sunseeker.

And, the cheapest destination on the planet is Sofia, Bulgaria which takes hoppa's number one spot both the largest city in the capital of Bulgaria it's situated on the foot of the Vitosha mountain.

Sofia doesn't actually have any beaches or shorelines to boast about, but instead offers a temperate climate with summers reaching highs of 35 degrees celsius and ample amounts of history and culture.

Whilst learning about the bulgarian empire might not be everyone's cup of tea you can grab a coffee for just one pound fifty four and relax knowing that you're possibly on the most cost-effective break in the world and that wraps hoppa's cheapest destinations for 2017.

See you next time!.