He may be the GOAT — but Tom Brady is no “Tom Terrific.

”  That’s at least according to Mets fans, who were appalled to learn the New England Patriots’ quarterback had recently requested to trademark the nickname that was bestowed upon the ‘Amazins pitcher Tom Seaver long before Brady was alive  The filing, first brought to light by a Philadelphia law firm, was torn to shreds by ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser  “‘Tom Terrific’ is Tom Seaver,” the Long Island native yelled during “Pardon the Interruption” on Friday “Get your hands off that nickname, Brady, get out of here!” see also Mets legend Tom Seaver has dementia WEST PALM BEACH, Fla — Tom Seaver, the Hall of.

 If granted, the trademark application made by Brady’s company, TEB Capital, would be for use on trading cards, posters and apparel  Seaver earned the nickname — which came from a late 1950s animated TV series — as he became the face of the Mets, with the club’s 1969 World Series triumph leading many accolades over a 19-year career The 74-year-old retired from public life after being diagnosed with dementia in March  Two decades after Seaver lit up the mound, the same moniker began being tossed around as Brady emerged as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time “Tom Terrific” is listed among Brady’s nicknames on ProFootballReference.


 Though the name was never trademarked by the Seaver family, as one Twitter user put it: “Tom Terrific will always be Tom Seaver, to me ”.