Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Event is going strong, and every single day our excitement is growing while the space on our vanity is shrinking We’re only on day three, so this might be a problem.

But that’s the way we want it! With deals this hot, we can’t let even one day pass by without checking them out or we’re sure to miss out on something we really would’ve loved It’s truly the most beautiful time of the year!  Today’s beauty deals are all about the face We’re talking both skincare and makeup products for a no-joke glow.

For today only, these three products are 50% off, so if there ever were a time to try them out, there’s no disputing that it’s right now!        This scrub is all about deep-cleansing It claims to gently exfoliate our face and slough away dead skin cells to reveal a “smoother, more radiant complexion ” It’s formulated with Ecuadorian ivory palm seeds and nourishing botanicals, as its name suggests, including a few calming skincare favorites like aloe and green tea Mario Badescu also claims that by using this scrub one to three times a week, we may be able to prevent breakouts, too, since our pores will be unclogged! This could ultimately lead to a more youthful look and a happier mood, too!   Everyone knows all about Mario Badescu’s cult-favorite facial mists, but this scrub is rightfully taking its place up at the top, too We love the baby-soft feeling of our face after exfoliating, and we love how it helps our makeup sit better on our face, too, allowing it to absorb beautifully for flawless application Same goes for the rest of our skincare products!   Beauty lovers say they feel an “instant cleanliness” when they rinse this scrub off their face, noting that our skin will thank us for using it They’re also saying how it leaves their skin hydrated and isn’t rough or painful like other exfoliators!  See it: Get the (originally $26) for just $13 TODAY ONLY at ! Want something else? Check out more Mario Badescu here and other exfoliators and scrubs here!        bareMinerals Mineral Veil Finishing Powder   This long-time favorite is beloved as a finishing step in our makeup routine It’s entirely translucent, so anyone with any skin tone can use it, and it claims to give our complexion a “soft, airbrushed” smoothness when brushed and buffed on top of makeup or just bare skin! It also claims to absorb oils, prolong the wear time of our other makeup and minimize pores and fine lines It also claims to keep our skin clear of preservatives, waxes, talc and binders!   This “veil” it what takes us from cute to high-fashion photo shoot A light finishing powder like this is amazing because it blurs without adding any extra pigmentation or cakiness We also love a product that can work for all skin tones because we all want that natural looking glow!   Shoppers love how beautifully this veil blends into their skin, giving them a “polished finish” without any pores poking through Many use it to set their foundation and one even said they “can’t live without it ” Looks like we’ve got a holy grail on our hands.

         bareMinerals Perfecting Veil   Did the Mineral Veil sound great but maybe not like the absolute best fit? This finishing powder may be the answer It has four color options for different skin tones to offer us pigmentation, while still claiming to absorb excess oil and blur out wrinkles It’s formulated with vitamin C and light-reflecting optics, which may leave us looking bright and smooth This powder comes with a puff for application, but we can also experiment using a brush! Whatever our skin likes best   We refuse to leave the house without powder, and this one is perfect for helping to further even out our skin tone when our foundation and concealer aren’t quite cutting it alone We also love how this comes in a compact case with a puff so we can keep it in our bag for any emergency touch-ups (or if we just need a mirror)!   One reviewer said this powder is “like magic,” while another loved how it gave them a “barely there look” when worn on bare skin Others love how it doesn’t settle into wrinkles or crease and how it’s so lightweight!         Check out more of our picks and deals here!    .