Taraaa! We are now in Muara Angke Harbor It's crazy! So crowded here.

And there are the boats There are boats to Pari Island There are boats to Harapan Island And there are boats to Pramuka Island The ticket price is IDR 45.

000 for one way/person Let's enjoy the journey! Yeay! Finally we are on holiday After waiting a long time Now we are in Pari Island Pari Island located in Kepulauan Seribu Pari Island is one of 342 islands in this archipelago This is so cool! We are in.

Look! It is like a tiny island right there And we are heading there Let's go there! Deep enough! Haha Shucks! Look! It is so cool! The sky are so blue Indonesia are sooo beautiful And one more that makes this Pasir Perawan Beach so cool, there is a swing like (one of the beach) in Lombok So, this is the perfect place for taking a picture for your Instagram Can you swing it?-No, I can't.

Help me to push it, please.

Okay, wait a minute-Wait, wait I am sure I can do it by myself There are two swings on this beach The second one is right there! Here is I am zooming it Can you see it? There, there, there.

Here is the mangroves zone The mangroves are still small This place is in front of the beach The mangroves here are still small, and if there is certain event.

visitors can plant a mangrove here And if the mangroves grow up, they will be like that tree There, the tree is already dense Did you ever plant a mangrove here before?-Yes Right here or where? Right there.

-Oh, right there There, there, there.

With whom did you plant the tree?Did you pay for that? For free-Ooh, for free Okay, see you on snorkeling spot soon!.