Currently these children are with theirfamilies in a shelter dealing with homelessness but when they are within our program they are just typical children.

There’s children that havedifficulty socializing and feeling confident and once they come to ourprogram, dance is not something that’s scary.

They’re not worried about someonesaying that they don’t do it right like everyone else.

They understand thatthey can freely express themselves and and move.

I’ve seen the impact thathomelessness has on children and I get a chance to really see them bloom, feelvery confident, feel a sense of security and safety in our programs.

I see the confidence and theempowerment from when they first walk in to when they leave.

I think that themain focus is to just let them know that they’re no different from any otherkids out there.

What any other kids can do they do.

they can do just because you have acertain background doesn’t mean you can’t do certain things, you know, as longas you have that motivation, you know, that will all keep you going.

This is a really good place to come anddance show other people your skills.

I love that we all do everything together as a team.

I enjoyed it a lot because I got to like get moving and like have some fun withmy friends and I love to dance too.