(music) (Gary V) Boom, I sold the $650,000in used books on Amazon in 2015.

You see that? That's hustle.

Reezy Resells, follow the hustle.

My god, it’s so hot in here.

Hiding outin my car right now in the shade, waiting for Luna to getout of dance class.

So today, I want to talk about asubject that is pretty important.

I want to talk about the loneliness ofreselling and the depression that can come along with being afull time entrepreneur or a reseller or someone thatyou just do your own thing.

And it's outside of the norm, outsideof 9 to 5 standard that everyone else does and just the stress that can buildup over time of working for yourself, by yourself, maybe your spouse workswith you, maybe they don't, maybe they have a 9 to 5 as well.

But honestly if you come from a lifeof 9 to 5 and having those co-workers and having that water-cooler talk, beinga reseller or a full time entrepreneur, it can be kind of depressing likereally depressing and you have to understand how to not get depressed.

How to build circles of people aroundyou that will help bring you up and and really just how to deal with thestress because I think as we get older, and I don't know how old like most ofyou guys are, YouTube tells me that my audience is like 18 to 55, heavilyin the 25 to 45 year old range.

And for me anyways, is like I'm on myown thing I'm doing my thing I have some friends but I don't reallyhang out with a lot of friends.

It's mostly, I'm doing my own thing, Igot my family, my wife and my kids and that's it, that's us.

And like thatmakes me extremely happy but working like just grinding it out, and I might not be making shipments, Imight be grinding it out on the YouTube grind or whatever butit's just lonely guys.

There's not like a lot of YouTubers Ican talk to in town and like I don't have a lot of people that are on thesame journey that I'm on locally, right.

And I see civil engineer on heresaying f… friends but I disagree.

Friends are very important but it'sjust certain kind of friends right.

Like do you have friends.

you shouldbe able to talk to your friends right like and they should support you andyour vision and your ideas in what you want to do.

If you have friends that are just likeenergy vampires meaning they just do their own thing and they'renot about supporting you like those aren't really friends and youneed to cut those out of your life.

Life is too short to be stressed outby all this dumb stuff and it's like every one of us has the battle insideof our own head.

I mean I think that's true for everyone that's how I am.

Inside my head somewhere, I have.

I need a pillow.

my neck, I'm doing mad cramps rightnow from doing sit-ups.

Inside my head I have a little voicethat basically tells me that's stupid, that's a bad idea, that's not going towork, it's not going to work Reezy.

You know just don't doit, just give up right.

And I don't I have to battle thatvoice that's in my head and tell it like no you're wrong, it will work.

I am going to do it andthat's how I hype myself up, that's how I get myself amped up.

The last thing I need is someone on theexternal, reinforcing that negative Nancy that lives inside ofmy head somewhere right like I have no time for that.

So if you are a negative Nancyreinforcer, energy vampire, I have no time for you in my life because thetruth is, is I already have enough struggle with myself inside myself.

I need people that support meand believe in what I do and I have to also just cut out all thenegativity as much as possible.

And I want you guys to do the samething too because, like I said in the beginning being a full timea reseller, entrepreneur, goal getter person thingy guy, isstressful, especially when you have no one to talk to on your journey.

Like I can talk to my wife and I cantalk to my older kids but aside from that like I don't want to burden them withmy insecurities or my struggles you know.

I need an accountability partner,you need an accountability partner.

And that's why I really suggest for allof you to be part of some kind of mastermind group, some kind of group ofpeople that meet together regularly, accountability group likejust something right.

Like even if it's just someone you cancall to vent to and just to talk about ideas like big picture, small picture.

Everyone needs that because we don'thave those coworkers and I think as we get older, a lot of us don'treally have time for friends, so the only friends we end up havingare the ones we work with right.

Like let me know if that's true foryou guys right, so pretty much the only friends we have are theones we work with.

And as a reseller entrepreneur, youdon't really have a lot of friends that you work with you have likeyour Instagram community, right.

I would say that as a reseller, yourcommunity is going to be entirely Instagram and Facebook groups.

And I recommend you to find a groupor a circle of friends that you can resonate with, that you can share yourups with, that you can share your downs with because honestly, reselling can bequite depresseing and I don't want anyone to be depressed.

Like let's start a community likeresellers against depression (RAD), that's a sick acronym.

But for real guys if you know anyonethat's feeling down like offer your ear to them and your time to themand just like console them and just like boost them up because oneof those days you're going to need a boost right.

Like therapy's great, having apsychologist is great but like I feel like we should keep it in the familyand we should all you know rely on each other to vent like equally for whatever kind of struggles thatwe're having because it's just too short of a life tojust live in a depression.

Just because you have no one to talk toright like you might be depressed over something that's super stupid and assoon as you get to talk to someone else, you know that can putyou into perspective.

And it needs to be someone that workslike for you specifically because everyone's different right like for mewhat I need, what motivates me is someone I respect, looking me dead in the eye andtelling me Reezy quit being a p… Reezy you're being a b…right now and then I’ll go, wait oh yeah I am but thatdoesn't work for everybody that might not work for you.

That will not work for my wife, thatwill not work for my older daughter, it certainly wouldn't work for Luna.

Everyone is different, so find like one,two, three people that you can like count.

like I'm legit serious likeI want every one of you to find someone that you can call and cry to.

like literally cry on the phone withactual tears someone that you can call and cry.

Not a text message,not an Instagram DM, not Skype, not Facebook Messenger, audio.

Actual phone number call andcry if you don't have someone that you can call and cry to, your life is going to be a lot morestressful guys like you just you need someone that will take it all in andit's helped you overcome it like without putting in theirtheir opinion right.

Like just there to help you out becausehonestly the whole, just calling someone and crying and letting itout thing, that might be enough.

That might be what cures you and justallows you to keep going to the next thing right.

Like because it's just super stressfuland on top of that guys like the the non emotional aspect from having someonethat you can talk to is amazing.

You guys can just push each other or agroup of people to keep going, to keep growing.

Reezy got a warehouse,I got to get a warehouse now.

Like whatever it is that motivatesand inspires you to keep going, that's what you need but also someonethat can help you emotionally and I do not advise that to be yourwife or your husband, for many of you.

It has to come outside of yourrelationship.

It has to be someone that can like just literally tell youwhen you're being a piece of sh.

like am I being a piece of sh…? Like what's wrong with me? Why am I notdoing it right? That's what you guys need like trust me because it's.

And it can't be your relationship.

That's not a true objective opinion youknow.

Your wife will always take it easy on you, your husband willalways take it easy on you.

You need someone that will be warm toyou when you need it but also be cold as f.

and like heartless andjust let you know the cold truth, when you need to know the cold truthbecause it's extremely hard to see these things from inside of ourselves.

And I just want you guys to know thatif you're struggling with depression or loneliness that there is others outthere that would love to talk to you and help bring you up.

There might even be people around you,in the near vicinity that would like to do a meet up with you and talkshop or maybe not even talk shop, maybe like go get a beer and go bowlingor go to the amusement park or maybe they have kids and you have kids andnow you guys can do like family playdates or whatever like.

Just know guys that that life can bedepressing.

I suffer from it, everybody suffers from it.

If you meet someoneand they say they're never depressed, I think that's complete bull.

I don't believe in that butwe can learn from each other and we can help each other grow.

I just don't want you guys to be lonelyand depressed.

Seriously, call me, DM me if you need someoneto talk to, DM me.

Let me know, press the callbutton on Instagram that actually makes my phone ring, I would love to talk to you guys andjust help you get out of a funk because nobody deserves to be in a funk and I understand how lonelyreselling can be guys.

So just please resellers againstdepression RAD.

We ain't taking that, I love you guys.

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