The carnivore diet is a diet that containszero carbs and where you can only eat animal products.

It excludes grains, legumes, starches, vegetables,fruit, and nuts and seeds.

It has evolved from the keto and paleo diets.

The paleo diet is a less extreme version ofthis kind of diet as it consists of meat, fish eggs, vegetables and fruits.

Carnivore diet promoters believe this dietcan improve digestion and mood, increase energy levels and even help to reduce inflammationand reverse autoimmune disease.

However none of these claims have been provenor shown through studies or research.

Many paleo and carnivore diet enthusiastsbelieve that grains, legumes, and seeds contain “antinutrients” and that fruit and carbohydratesare toxic.

However there’s no science to support thoseclaims and in fact, in the case of antinutrients, the science shows that they’re not harmful,so all the “evidence” that the diet works comes from personal anecdotes.

Many medical professionals are raising concernswith the amount of meat fish and eggs that are consumed and the long term health effectsof being on this type of diet.

So let’s hear as the highly respected medicaldoctor Dr Michael Klaper explains more….

And as a physician I have grave reservations aboutthe reality of what this kind of meat based diet does to the human body.

We are not carnivorous apes and from the medicalpoint of view, pick an organ system, if someone asks me “Doc I want to cause a colon cancerhow should I do that?” Well simple pack your colon full of meat 3times a day and let all those carcinogens caused by the cooking of the meat and thebacterial degradation of the protein, let that rub on your colon wall for 10-15 yearsand watch what you set off in there.

Flesh eating unto that level is hard on thekidneys I think these folks are writing themselves a ticket to the dialysis machine.

I invite your viewers to go to Dr.

Greger’sexcellent website and click on his videos on protein and kidney health you’ll seewhat high protean diets do to the kidneys.

The food we eat determines the bacteria thatlive in our gut, the microbiome.

Well you drop animal flesh down your gullet 2-3 timesa day you’re going to summon up bacteria that eat a major constituent muscle moleculecalled carnitine you’re going to summon up carnitine eating bacteria.

Their names like clostridia and peptostreptococci-these are not friendly guys they don’t care about you.

They can’t wait for that next piece of beefor chicken or salmon to come down because they will turn the carnitine in that muscletissue into a molecule called trimethylamine which your liver turns into trimethylamineoxide, (TMAO) this is a molecule from hell, this will drive cholesterol into the arterywalls.

These folks may look all fit and buff, butthey’re the guy that drop dead on the treadmill at aged 49 “oh he looks so healthy”.

But when they look into his arteries he wasan old old man from the TMAO which was generated from the bacteria that a flesh based dietwill spawn.

All animal flesh comes from the slaughterhouseand consequently the slaughterhouse bacteria which are basically from the animals’ guts,are on the surface of every piece of chicken and beef that you buy and eat.

Well when these bacteria break apart, theircells walls release this molecule called endotoxin, it is heat stable and is not destroyed whenyou cook the meat and this is a nasty molecule it sets of inflammatory reactions throughoutthe body, we’ve seen that it makes the gut leaky it injures the intestinal membrane andmolecules that have no business leaking out into your bloodstream, undigested food proteinand the cell walls from these bacteria, start leaking out into your bloodstream, they flowthrough joint membranes, set off arthritis, go up into the immune tissues and set offautoimmune diseases, the list goes on and on.

The high fat diet will clog insulin receptorsthat lead to type 2 diabetes.

These folks are setting themselves up foran epidemic of clogged arteries, heart attacks, strokes, autoimmune diseases, colon cancerand diabetes, this is a diet of death! When I see the folks pushing the paleo diets,it’s going to fall on its own way, that pendulum is going to swing back hard! I’ve already seen my second patient on apaleo diet with colon cancer, I’ve seen one with a stroke already.

You’re going to start seeing it in the medicaljournals “paleo diets associated with kidney failure, paleo diets associated with higherheart attack rates!”.