everybody can do the little leaves ifyou have enough money and the market opens up which means you don't reallyhave a differentiator there to be able to scale if the zip code you want todominate in isn't available or let's say you really do have a limited budget howare you gonna scale because you're playing in the same pond as everybodyelse but if you're able to do things that people don't know they should bedoing yet that's where it gets really crazy so that's what I'm pitching youright now doing Facebook ads or boosted posts is something that you've tried inother agents know to try most of them but being able to do custom leadgeneration with Facebook and Instagram and putting them into automations anddoing CRM work so agents are spending time necessarily thinking on what to dobut just knowing what to do because we remind them pairing Google searches withYouTube ads and adding video content and allowing you guys to be everywhere allat once and to go into a market almost overnight and turn it on and startpopping up everywhere when people that have been there for years aren't gonnahave the exposure that you have and they're spending three to five thousanddollars a month on Zillow leads and they're non-exclusive understanding howthe hell you're out selling them like four to one that's what I'm talkingabout so let's hop on a call let's get something going here and you know seehow much money we can make see ya.