The Lakers are betting favorites to win the 2020 NBA title, somehow Less than 24 hours after the Thursday they beat the Golden State Warriors, 114 110 we cant help but look ahead to next season.

That, of course, includes tracking the odds for next years NBA champ.

Spoiler: Its a real shocker, but maybe the oddsmakers know something the rest of us dont.

The Los Angeles Lakers the LeBron James led team that did not make the NBA Playoffs this year and finished the regular season with a 37 45 record are currently the favorites to win the 2019 20 NBA championship,.

Not the newly reigning champs, not the Milwaukee Bucks, not the Warriors even though in recent memory following Game 6 on Thursday.

Nope, its the Lakers who have the best odds right now of winning a title next season.

Maybe the prognosticators believe the Lakers attempts to trade for Anthony Davis will work out.

, the Lakers need to do everything in their power to get Davis even if it means parting with Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball because it would be "a franchise saving move that pairs James with a superstar.

" Still, none of this has happened yet, and if the Lakers cant get it together and give someone close to LeBrons level to play with, they could end up with the same issues they had this year.

Looking back at the other teams 2019 20 championship odds, the back on May 30, but that has.

They now have the seventh best chance of winning, while the Raptors are at No.


Heres a complete look at the NBA championship odds for the 2019 20 season, : Los Angeles Lakers +400 Milwaukee Bucks +500 Los Angeles Clippers +700 Philadelphia 76ers +800 Toronto Raptors +900 Houston Rockets +1000 Golden State Warriors +1100 Boston Celtics +1400 Denver Nuggets +2000 Brooklyn Nets +2000 Oklahoma City Thunder +2200 Utah Jazz +2500 New York Knicks +3000 Portland Trail Blazers +3000 Dallas Mavericks +5000 San Antonio Spurs +6000 Indiana Pacers +6600 New Orleans Pelicans +10000 Orlando Magic +150000 Chicago Bulls +15000 Sacramento Kings +15000 Atlanta Hawks +20000 Detroit Pistons +20000 Miami Heat +20000 Washington Wizards +20000 Minnesota Timberwolves +20000 Memphis Grizzlies +20000 Charlotte Hornets +25000 Cleveland Cavaliers +25000 Phoenix Suns +50000 Related slideshow: The 2019 NBA Finals Provided by imagn   See Full Schedule.