Hi Andrea here and in this video, I'm gonna show you a model you can use to build up your online business now It doesn't matter if you are a Videographer, a Freelancer, a Consultant, an Entrepreneur.

if you have physicalproducts or digital products.

chances are that your business is online I mean you need to have an online presence today and in order to use that online presence to sell you need to have a very good model behind it otherwise, it will just fail.

Alright? So, I have this thing which is called "The Grand Model of Online Business Development" this is something I teach during my lecturesto Entrepreneurs and Startups and I'm gonna go through it with you right now.

So, The Grand Model of Online Business Development.

it starts like this:you spot a need so you think: people need this thing and you think: Okay! I can develop something that I can sell to them.

It solves the problem.

and this is your "product" product or service So when I say "product" I mean "product or service".


So you come out with this product and you think I will sell it and I will make money So with this small model here, are you able to make money? No, because you miss something.

So, as soon as you are ready with this product you realize that you don't have any Marketing channel to actually market the productand bring it in the front of people You also realize that this product appeals to a Niche, which is NOT the entire world so it's a subset of the entire world and this means that you greatly overestimated, the chances of selling the product Okay?.

The "demand" for the product.

And then you realize that you need a website to sell this thing Alright? So you really need to have a website.

Now when the website is up.

what happens? You understand that you need people to search for the product.

Okay? Search is important.

If people are not searching for the product you are not gonna sell any product at all.

Right? Because they won't find you.

So now I tell you what happened to me.

It was 2003 so we're talking about 16 years ago, right? This is something that I built myself and it's a product that I put on the market in 2003 I was just graduating from University and this was my thesis basically and so it was kind of robot thatcan do different tasks like educational robot I would say, right? So, today you can buy these things in the shops, they costs like a hundred bucks, But at the time this was a total novelty, right? So guess how many units of this we sold? None zero.

Alright, and why is that? Why we didn't sell anything? Because there was no need, there was no search, people weren't searching for it You see, probably the need was there because today people buy these things, but we were too much ahead of the market.

We were ahead of the curve and then nobody was looking for this stuff.

All right? So what I suggest that you do before embarking on any kind of business activity whatever is again, maybe you're making videos, maybe you are freelancing, consulting, entrepreneurial ventures.

whatever it is, you have to do your market research and you have to be very you have to mean it like it has to be a serious market research because if you research the market and you understand that your product has no place.

There is no need for that then you should change.

Right? You should do some other thing.

And also I would suggest if you want to have a very good success from the start you also do a keyword research.

Keyword research can actually give you some pretty good insight because if people are searching on Google about the thing you want to build or some aspects of the problems that you want to solve then chances are they're gonna land on your website if they're not searching for it they are never going to find you with organic search.

So what happens next.

You understand the search doesn't work because there are not yet all the things in place.

I mean your website right now has no content at all You are trying to sell on a landing page and there is nothing on the website So you cannot possibly have search traffic.

All right? So what do you think? You think: "all right, I switch to paid" and you start to send paid traffic to your pages Okay? So, this is a new model and you are right there.

you are sending traffic to the pages.

Does it sell? Nope, it doesn't.

And why it doesn't sell? because people don't just buy products people buy offers! So, if you want this to work You need to build an offer around your product.

Okay? So, you need to – like – your price, what is in the package, maybe you can make different packages, you can have more than one product for sale.

Maybe it's the same physical product or the same service, but the bundle is different, okay? You need to give people the possibility of choosing, not too much, maybe two choices or three choices.

This is what unlocks your sale.

And you need to make sure people see value in this thing you are selling.

okay So that that's why offers are important.

So what happens now is that, actually you start selling, okay? This thing works.


there is a problem: you are selling using paid traffic.

Depending on your service or product you might spend more in advertising than you make in revenues.

So, this model usually is not sustainable.

UNLESS this is a very high-paid product with a high margin or you're selling a service to high-ticket clients then, in that case, you caneffectively use paid strategies otherwise, it doesn't work.

Okay, so you need to switch back to search when you switch back to search you get traffic, search traffic, but in order to do that, you need to make content, alright? and this content needsSearch Engine Optimization So look, how long is this list? look how structured is this model.

alright? You remember that you started with these three things.

You see the need, you create a product, you think you are selling it but now you have all this long list of items that you have to put on your to-do list and to all of them.

All right? Now you are selling effectively but as soon as you start selling you need to start worrying about the customer retention, so customer retention especially if you have a subscription business is very important, because it means that you are selling to people and then you want these people to buy again from you So you want to create clients and keeping them for a long period of time So you need to focus on customer retention.

After that these people will start to like your business and will talk about it and they will make for you social proof This is a very good thing.

It's something you really really want to build up the social proof So you're gonna collect testimonials and do these kind of activities, to even encourage the social proof Once you have social proof on the internet, so people are talking about your product on forums, on groups then you start to get kind of flywheel effect and your brand, your name starts to mean something as a product as a service that you are delivering so when people are searching this brand comes up in search and it will bring more traffic.

okay Now, that's not all you see there is a lot of empty space here in between so.

one very important thing is retargeting.

Why retargeting is important? Because when people come to your website usually they never buy at the first visit so and chances are they will not come back so the the returning users on a website they are usually less than 30 percent so it means that 70 percent of people that come to your website will never come again So, how do you get them back on the website? By re-targeting them and you can re-target them on Facebook, on AdWords, yes on Google with Adwords you can use re-targeting on LinkedIn and so on so the different social media platforms to support re-targeting and you can go even back to them with email if you have their email.

so here comes the next part of the strategy which is to use content to create an audience, an audience which you can control this is not a social media audience.

This is like people that left you an email so you make content you deliver value to these people, these people will leave you their email and they will be the.

It's called "lead generation" So you get leads and this will be your audience now once you have your audience built up and you have hundreds, thousands, of emails.

Then you can start to segment them.

Send them email bring them to the website Alright and your audience will also create social proof.

All right, I think we are in the end and this was your first plan and You see you needed to put the time and the money just in creation of the product or the service.

Right? Now.

you have to put the money into all these green things.

You need to create the website, you need to make SEO, you need to create the content, you need to put together the offer, You still need to have a product and then you have to make lead generation, create the audience, segment the audience, send the emails, take care of the social proof and finally take care of the retargeting.

So these are all things you need to do because otherwise nobody will buy.


And if they buy they will never come back.

So, you need to take care of all these aspects of the business for your business to make money.

All right.

So remember, I want you to go from here.

To here.

Now, it doesn't take one week to build this thing.

It takes like months.

For me in – my business – it has been now two years I'm working on thisand I have to say I start to see it's picking up, but it really takes time Okay? so don't expect that tomorrow you: "oh, I've seen this video, I'm the king of the jungle.

And I will change everything".

No you won't, I can guarantee that you won't but if you watch this video over and over again and you understand this model chances are that, in a few weeks you can start making these changes that will give a different shape to your business and then you start to see that things are moving in the right direction.

So okay call to action! I have an assessment on my website It's just at this page here and you can go and take the assessment.

it's free, I'm not even asking you an email so just go there and do it and There are 21 questions that basically will evaluate how good is your business model right now So I have received a bunch of comments about this questionnaire, somebody said that this is great, somebody said that this is just a list of best practices and as a matter of fact, it is a list of best practices, but the point of this questionnaire is to put in your head the idea that you could be doing these things but probably you are were not.

Right? So, just go through these 21 questions and be honest with yourself don't reply what you wish you were doing just say what is that you are doing right now.

At the end of the Questionnaire you get this assessment, you get the score and you get a long page that tells you how you can improve your business based on the answers you gave.

All right, Remember! keep THIS thing in mind.

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