Set a media alarm for 2:57 PM.

Alrightand what would you like me to play? Foo Fighters.

You got it I'll play FooFighters music for 2:57 PM.

Okay now that what I just did there as I said amedia alarm for another minute from now and what happens is if your volume ishigher than 40% here and you can see mine is higher it won't actually set itdown but if I set it below the 40% mark what it does is it raises the volume to40% so this is a bug that Google has right now and they haven't beenable to clean up so let's go ahead and watch that alarm trigger and then I'mgoing to show you today how to fix this up.

Stop so what you just saw right there itdid set that volume up to the fourth level and that for a lot of people is alittle bit too much and there's been a lot of complaints on the Google forumsand so that's what I want to do I want to show you how to get around this issueuntil Google can fix this.

You can see that I'm inside the Googlehome application and is this is going to be a very quick demonstration now theroutines section here you can now tap on that new button and you can scroll allthe way down to the bottom basically and you'll see a manager routine so Iactually I think people are gonna struggle with that it's a little clunkyso I'm going to show you how to go there another wayhere's settings and you scroll all the way to the bottom and you go to moresettings and when you get to more settings you go to assistant and againyou scroll down to the bottom and here's routines now once you're inside routinesthis is where we're going to set up the process that is essentially going toplay the same music or media alarm that you would have asked for anyways and Ithink most people are going to be okay playing the same thing every day orplaying a radio station every day to wake up to so that's why I say thisroutines thing works for most people so the plus is where you're going to startat the bottom right corner and you're not going to add a command you're goingto set a time and day now what's nice about this is you can set which deviceyou'd like this to go on so I have what's called my kitchen display hereand we're just going to pick that today because it's the biggest screen I havein the room you're going to be able to see it the best and then I'm going tochoose which days this alarm is going to basically trigger so now I'm going tochoose all the different days of the week here and now I have to choose atime so let's say that I'm a horribly horribly early person you can tell I'm abit of a late night person but 7:00 a.


is when I need to get up on these workdays so now there you go at 7 a.


on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Fridaywe're going to do something and what the big bug is here that Google has withtheir routines is or with their media alarms and music alarms is it alwaysgoes to 40% so no matter what you do here it will go to 40% every time youtrigger a muse instead of triggering at 40% you'regoing to be able to figure out whatever percent you'd like basically for yourdevice to bait to be set at so let's say we're going to set the volume here andthis is the only command you really need to 20% and you hit add nowoh I've hit 29 sorry about that now that it's in there what you can do is you cango ahead and add that second action now what I'll tell you is that you could doit through the add media capability that's just fine you can go ahead andyou can choose add media you can choose music radio podcasts whatever you'd likeso let's go ahead choose radio and we'll choose 102.

9 here actually I have totype in Sonic 102.

9 here that's a local radio station that I like listening toand again I hit add after i've chosen that so you can see i'm just setting thevolume to 20% and then i'm playing that radio station i could do the same withmusic you can say a playlist an artist and it's going to use your default musicservice so you can go ahead and you can do that now what if you wanted to get alittle more complicated or you wanted to play something from say your thatsomething that wasn't your default music service you can actually add an actionand actually type in that action right here so you could go ahead and you couldchoose instead of playing that radio station I could say play The Beatles onSpotify and that would start the Beatles on that specific service so I wouldn'tI'm able to dictate a little more because this is essentially the samething that you can speak to your device so if you can say it to your device andhave it trigger that way it will work here now we're a setactually done the routine but what I'll say to you is that you always need acommand line or what is essentially used as the name so I'm going to call this myweekday alarm routine and if I was ever to say that to my Google home or Lenovosmart display or any of these devices then it would trigger that set volumeto 20% and trigger on the radio so you know you always have to keep that in mind butnow that you've put in a name here you can hit the Save button and that is nowgoing to start this at 7:00 a.


with that 20% volume all the time so now acouple of things you can see down here here's my weekday alarm routine andwhat's nice about managing it this way is if you want a weekend alarm routinewe'll just go ahead create another and put some different music in it if youwant different music every day have a Monday alarm routine a Tuesday atWednesday a Thursday you can create as many routines essentially as you'd likehere they're custom routines so you can go ahead and you can schedule indifferent times on different days and you can go ahead and schedule differentmusic to play on different days as well so now that I have that routine I couldwait till 7 a.


but instead what I'm going to do is I'm going to trigger thatalarm routine right now to show you that it does hold the volume essentially at20% so weekday alarm routine okay so there you go now it did actuallyset the volume down to that twenty percent you're not being blown away likemost people are right now as it jumps to forty percent obviously this is going tobe a help for a lot of people so I hope this helps you guys I hope this gets youset up with your media alarms now you can use them as much as you want youjust got to go through routines and wait for the patch here from Google so thanksagain everyone for watching make sure you hit that subscribe button so you canget more tips and tricks like this from us and we'll save you more time in yourlife so thanks for watching everyone and we'll see you next time.